Breaking: Robert Mueller Will Testify in Open Session, July 17th

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Stonekettle ‏ @Stonekettle Stonekettle Retweeted Darren Samuelsohn I hope the judge doesn't forget to remind Manafort, that it's not the government's responsibility to provide him with a toothbrush, soap, or showers during his incarceration. @dsamuelsohn BREAKING: Paul Manafort is scheduled ...

Just announced by Rep. Jerry Nadler:

Credits: Dust and magnetic fields: NASA/SOFIA; Star field image: NASA/Hubble Space Telescope

Amazing Image of the Day: NASA’s SOFIA Telescope Reveals the Magnetic Field Keeping Milky Way’s Black Hole Quiet

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re: #110 calochortus Your first one sounds like my second one, but it was worth it. I work at an ALF, and one of the residents has had shingles outbreaks twice..and I won't go through it