Ted Cruz Latest Republican To Fall for Loony Conspiracy Theory

Politics • Views: 2,330

Rand Paul, Abbot of Texas, now Ted Cruz. If they aren’t directly and blatantly pandering to the nutjob Base of their party, then they are all complete Idiots. With a capital I.

I bet Harvard wishes they could just erase this particular alumnus from their ranks. What a fucking embarrassment.

Speaking at the South Carolina Republican Party’s annual convention Saturday, the Texas senator told Bloomberg’s David Weigel that his office had contacted the Pentagon about the exercise, which officially consists of a series of training drills throughout the Southwest for about 1,200 special operations personnel, including Green Berets and Navy SEALs. Conspiracy theorists operating on the fringes of the conservative blogosphere, however, have other ideas about what the exercise, known as Jade Helm 15, is intended to do - such as implement martial law, seize Americans’ guns, and imprison political dissidents.

Rather than squash those theories outright, Cruz apparently decided it was better to be safe than sorry.

“My office has reached out to the Pentagon to inquire about this exercise,” he said. “We are assured it is a military training exercise. I have no reason to doubt those assurances, but I understand the reason for concern and uncertainty, because when the federal government has not demonstrated itself to be trustworthy in this administration, the natural consequence is that many citizens don’t trust what it is saying.”

Saturday Night Ballad: Mark Knopfler w/ Ruth Moody, “Wherever I Go”

Your star is fixed in my sky
Music • Views: 4,195


Wherever I Go from the album ‘Tracker’ by Mark Knopfler. Available now:
Official Store:

iTunes Deluxe:

This short film was made in association with Talenthouse. Mark Knopfler requested independent filmmakers create their own visual interpretations of the song.

Out of 66 entries, this video was the winner, shot and directed by Matthias Lebeer.

Two Versions of the Same Song: Regina Spektor and Sean Rowe, “Ode to Divorce”

Break me to small parts
Music • Views: 6,292



Here are two very different versions of the same great song; first by the writer, Regina Spektor, followed by Sean Rowe’s very different approach.

Apparently, Marriage Equality Is Going to Cause God to Send Asteroids to Destroy the Planet

Loony rant of the day
Wingnuts • Views: 7,967


The right wing homophobic fear-mongering over marriage equality is reaching an insane fever pitch these days. They’re all going batshit, but End Times loon Rick Wiles may be the nuttiest; he warned on his “Trunews” radio program yesterday that “a sweeping, consuming fire will come across the United States of America and this country will be charred and burned.”

“Now the communists rule this nation,” Wiles said in a monologue before his interview with Staver, “and everywhere communism takes control, they go after the churches and they kill the pastors and they demolish the church buildings and they reeducate the church children. That’s what’s coming to America. It’s already started.”

“We are at the end of the road as a nation,” he warned. “If the Supreme Court dares to defy Almighty God one more time, I’m telling you it will be the last time.”

“I believe I am speaking under the unction of the Holy Spirit,” he continued. “I’m telling you there will be swift, sudden and devastating consequences for the United States of America. America will be brought to its knees, there will be pain and suffering at a level we’ve never seen in this country. The word that I hear in my spirit is ‘fire.’ I do not know if it refers to riots or looting or war on American soil or a fireball from space. I simply know that a sweeping, consuming fire will come across the United States of America and this country will be charred and burned.”

He told his listeners to “prepare for the fire that will sweep across America if the United States Supreme Court dares to defy God one more time and rule that homosexual marriage is a constitutional right.”

Friday Night Jam: Laura Marling, “Sophia”

Where I’ve been lately is no concern of yours
Music • Views: 11,702


I can’t believe I never discovered Laura Marling’s music before this week, but now I can’t stop listening to her. This amazing song builds up from a solo acoustic guitar performance to a powerful full band with strings. Marling plays with the structures of her songs in a way that’s reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, but with her own appealing character. Just great stuff.

This is from the album titled: A Creature I Don’t Know.

Chuck C. Johnson’s Epic Drunken Racist Meltdown

Pure hate
Wingnuts • Views: 16,224

I kind of hate to write another article about this disgusting creep, but his descent into open racism marks another milestone on his journey to outright unemployable white supremacism, and it should be documented so that anyone considering an association with Chuck C. Johnson in the future will be aware of what sort of person he really is.

Last night’s Twitter extravaganza began with Chuck admitting he was drunk, and boasting about his drug use… and about Andrew Breitbart’s drug use.

From there, Chuck veered into blatant racial slurs. I’m posting screenshots of these tweets so that our page doesn’t contain a text version of the N-word, repeated over and over by this hateful moron.

And in the middle of this vile spewage, Chuck retweeted a white supremacist he follows, as he’s done many times before (check out @RealDoctorWhite’s timeline if you doubt my description):

Criminal Charges Filed Against 6 Baltimore Cops in Death of Freddie Gray

One officer charged with murder, 5 others charged with assault and manslaughter
US News • Views: 14,724

Huge news from Baltimore today, where the state’s attorney has announced criminal charges against six police officers in connection with the killing of Freddie Gray.

A Baltimore prosecutor announced criminal charges on Friday against six police officers in the arrest of Freddie Gray, whose death after suffering a spinal cord injury in police custody touched off riots.

One officer, the driver of the van that carted Gray away after his arrest, was charged with a count known as second-degree depraved heart murder. Other charges against the six officers included manslaughter, assault and misconduct. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said five of the six officers are in custody.

Marilyn Mosby, the state’s attorney for Baltimore, said that Gray’s arrest on April 12 was illegal and had been ruled a homicide.

She said officers failed to get medical help for him even though he repeatedly asked for it. She also said a switchblade that officers accused Gray of carrying illegally was a legal pocket knife.

Thursday Night Jam: Laura Marling, “False Hope”

My worst problem is I don’t sleep at night
Music • Views: 17,391


From the new album Short Movie, a terrific song by British songwriter Laura Marling.

Is it still okay that I don’t know how to be alone?
Would it be okay if I don’t come home tonight?
We shared an apartment on the upper west side
And my worst problem is I don’t sleep at night
Woman downstairs just lost her mind
And I don’t care how, I don’t care why
Why I know false hope
Why I know false hope

Storm hits the city and the lights go out
Before I can prepare
The whole downtown looks dark like no one lives there
Shared an apartment on the upper west side
My worst problem is I don’t sleep at night
Woman downstairs just lost her mind,
And I don’t care how, I don’t care why
Why I know false hope
Why I know false hope

She’ll be alright tomorrow
Neither of us is gonna sleep tonight
We’ve false hope
I hear you begging through the wall
Like a dying animal’s last call

Is it still okay that I don’t know how to be at all?
There’s a party uptown and I just don’t feel like I belong at all
Do I?
Shared an apartment on the upper west side
My worst problem is I don’t sleep at night
Woman downstairs just lost her mind,
And I don’t care how, I surely don’t care why
Why I know false hope
Why I know false hope

Jeb Bush Is a Fan of “Scientific Racist” Charles Murray

Jeb Bush and “scientific racism”
Politics • Views: 21,096


Jeb Bush, who’s currently being positioned as the “moderate” among the GOP’s 2016 Clown Car Full of Loons, said today he’s a big fan of white nationalist Charles Murray’s books.

Lowry asked Bush, “… is there any policy or anything public officials can do to help turn back what has been a rising tide of family breakdown crossing decades now?”

“Absolutely, there is,” Bush, a likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, said. “It’s not exactly the core. My views on this were shaped a lot on this by Charles Murray’s book, except I was reading the book and I was waiting for the last chapter with the really cool solutions — didn’t quite get there.”

Later in the interview, Lowry asked Bush what he likes to read. Again, he cited Murray.

“I like Charles Murray books to be honest with you, which means I’m a total nerd I guess,” Bush said.

In case you don’t know the name, Murray was responsible for “The Bell Curve,” an academically suspect book that argues blacks are less intelligent than whites for genetic reasons; a book that gave rise to the “scientific racism” movement increasingly popular on the right wing.

Murray is currently a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.


Stupidest Right Wing Conspiracy Fantasy of the Month: #JadeHelm

The idiocy boggles the mind
Wingnuts • Views: 23,321

Never in the history of the United States has there been a military exercise on American soil… oh wait, yes there has. Lots of times. But right wingers led by the King of All Idiots, Alex Jones, are having a massive freak-out session about an upcoming Army training exercise dubbed “Jade Helm 15,” concocting wild swivel-eyed fantasies about IMMINENT MARTIAL LAW and SECRET PRISON CAMPS for TRUE PATRIOTS like them.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is one of these loons, obviously, and he ordered the Texas State Guard to “monitor” the exercise to make sure no TRUE PATRIOT RIGHTS would be violated by the evil US Army — leading White House spokesman Josh Earnest to say today, “I have no idea what he’s thinking.”

That’s because he’s not actually “thinking.”

This man is an idiotOn Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he has ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the exercise, called Operation Jade Helm 15, to ensure that no Texans’ liberties or rights are infringed.

“I have no idea what he’s thinking,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest, when asked about Abbott’s move and the apparent mistrust behind it. “In no way will the constitutional rights or civil liberties of any American citizen be infringed upon while this exercise is being conducted.”

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 Frank says:

Star Wars won't work. Star Wars won't work. The gas still gets through; it could get right on you. And what about those germs, now? Star Wars won't work.