A Death Threat from Reuters (Bumped)

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See below for important updates…

Early yesterday morning at about 3:00 am on the West Coast, someone in Sweden Britain connected to the Internet and browsed over to this article at the Guardian by Inayat Bunglawala, media secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain: This code could open doors.

Bunglawala’s piece (about the Da Vinci Code) is in the section of the Guardian site where readers can comment, and someone posted a link to LGF as a rebuttal to Bunglawala. Our Swedish British visitor clicked that link, leading him/her/it to this post: Swedish Muslims Demand Shari’a.

At 3:23 am, this creature used our contact form to send the following message with the obviously phony Hotmail address ‘zionistpig@hotmail.com’ and the subject line, “You bunch of wankers.”

I look forward to the day when you pigs get your throats cut....

Well, isn’t that tolerant.

But this particular death threat is a bit different from the run of the mill hate mail we get around here, because an IP lookup on the sender reveals that he/she/it was using an account at none other than Reuters News: RIPE Whois Database: (Please note: the name and address below are those of Reuters’ technical contact, not the name of the freak responsible for our hate mail. Please do not send him email.)

inetnum: -
netname: SE-REUTERS
descr: Reuters Svenska AB
country: SE
admin-c: MB1055-RIPE
tech-c: MB1055-RIPE
mnt-by: SUNET-MNT
mnt-lower: SUNET-MNT
mnt-routes: AS5551-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

person: Magnus Berglund
address: Reuters Svenska AB
address: Kungsgatan 36
address: SE-111 87 Stockholm
address: Sweden
e-mail: magnus.berglund@reuters.com
phone: +46 8 7001240
fax-no: +46 8 7001231
mnt-by: AS8434-MNT
nic-hdl: MB1055-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered

% Information related to ‘’

descr: Route for customer Reuters
origin: AS1273
mnt-by: AS5551-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

% Information related to ‘’

descr: Route for customer Reuters
origin: AS16050
source: RIPE # Filtered

UPDATE at 5/25/06 3:43:38 pm:

I’ve contacted Reuters about the jihadi on their network, and will post an update if/when they reply.

UPDATE at 5/25/06 3:54:06 pm:

The log shows that he/she/it also visited LGF at about 6:30 am Pacific, with the same IP address, but cleared all browser cookies first.

UPDATE at 5/25/06 5:16:44 pm:

NOTE: things just got much more interesting with this post from Inayat Bunglawala himself, shortly after the post containing the link to LGF: Comment is free: This code could open doors.

From: Inayat
May 24, 2006 11:15 pm

No, neither applied nor implemented. I am a little worried about your reference to the LGF website though. Many on that site seem to be to be clearly anti-Arab and anti-Muslim. As for ‘jetting to and forth between London and Stockholm’ - no, it is an illusion created by the way the CiF site tracks the posters. When I post from work it comes up as Sweden for some reason, when I do so from home, it correctly lists London. I have never been to Sweden unfortunately.

UPDATE at 5/25/06 5:41:06 pm:

Note Bunglawala’s comment above: the Guardian’s comment system thinks he’s posting from Sweden, but he’s actually in London.

The IP address of our hate mailer traces to a Reuters (news service) account hosted in Sweden. Chances are, that’s how the Guardian’s comment system decides where someone is posting from.

But this ‘where is’ lookup at Geobytes shows the physical location of our emailer as ... London.

Did I mention this is a Reuters account?

UPDATE at 5/25/06 5:50:50 pm:

Inayat Bunglawala was selected as one of seven “conveners” for a Home Office task force with responsibilities for tackling extremism among young Muslims—despite a history of extremist statements.

UPDATE at 5/25/06 6:09:49 pm:

The Guardian, of course, has a history of hiring extremists: The Guardian’s Pet Islamofascist.

UPDATE at 5/25/06 7:07:05 pm:

Do I need to point out that it would be extremely unlikely for a person who does not work for a news agency (say, the Guardian) to have access to a Reuters account?

UPDATE at 5/26/06 8:02:37 am:

Inayat Bunglawala has been confronted at the Guardian web site.

He blames “Zionists.”

Notice once again that the Guardian’s comment system identifies Bunglawala as posting from Sweden.

Meanwhile, LGF reader Nordish (Nick223 at the Guardian site) has even more evidence against Bunglawala: How a ‘Reuters employee’ got busted for sending hate mail. A person using the very same Reuters account accessed Nordish’s web site at about the same time Bunglawala was posting the sarcastic comment above.

UPDATE at 5/26/06 8:11:28 am:

So far I’ve received no reply from Reuters to my email alerting them that their network is being used to send threats.

UPDATE at 5/26/06 10:04:36 am:

A reply from Reuters’ Global Head of Communications:

Dear Mr Johnson,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our immediate attention. Views expressed in messages are those of the individual sender except where the sender specifically states them to be the views of Reuters Ltd. However, Reuters takes incidents like this very seriously indeed, and we have started an investigation to determine whether a Reuters employee was involved.

Yours Sincerely

Ed Williams
Reuters Global Head of Communications

UPDATE at 5/26/06 12:16:43 pm:

A person (or persons) using this same IP address has visited LGF 45 times today, with cookies disabled; the most recent visit:

Time: 10:35:49 am
User agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)

UPDATE at 5/26/06 12:34:28 pm:

At 8:18:42 am this morning, the user of this IP address searched the British branch of Google for “reuters bunglawala” and clicked on a link to a previous LGF post on Inayat Bunglawala.

UPDATE at 5/26/06 12:44:48 pm:

At 1:31:09 am Pacific, that IP address visited LGF with the same user agent, following a link from the Guardian site:

Time: 1:31:09 am
User agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)

Bunglawala’s comment at the Guardian about “Zionist mischief” (see screenshot above) was posted at 9:36 am London time — 1:36 am Pacific.

UPDATE at 5/26/06 1:54:59 pm:

Inayat Bunglawala says he “detests LGF” and he’s going to the police:

No Nick223, that is not enough. The insinuations behind the posts that you and the others have sent seem pretty clear and slanderous to me. I will repeat: I did not send any message to LGF. I have never sent any message to LGF either by email or through posting on their website. I wholeheartedly detest LGF and the space it gives to racist and anti-Muslim tirades. I suggest you and the others clearly identify yourselves and apologise. I will certainly be referring this matter to the police in the morning.

And I’ve received another email from Reuters’ Global Head of Communications:

Following your email regarding the posting of an offensive message that was sent from a Reuters IP address, I can confirm that an employee has been suspended pending further investigation. The individual was not an employee of Reuters’ news division.

Yours sincerely

Ed Williams

UPDATE at 5/26/06 6:07:19 pm:

At 2:52:12 pm Pacific time, the same IP visited LGF with a Blackberry handheld computer:

Time: 2:52:12 pm
User agent: BlackBerry8700/4.1.0 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/120

Nothing since then.

UPDATE at 5/26/06 9:25:34 pm:

Earlier today I emailed Ed Williams to ask if he could tell me anything else about the suspended Reuters employee:

Can you give me any more information about the suspended employee? I don’t expect to learn his/her name, of course, but I’m very curious how someone like that gained access to your network.

His reply:

Hi Charles, I am afraid this is all the information I have. Ed

I responded:

Thanks. So is it correct to say that you didn’t participate personally in the investigation, and are simply conveying information from others?

And that’s where things stand at the moment.

UPDATE at 5/27/06 8:56:08 am:

No response to my request for more information. Meanwhile, the IP address mentioned above has hit LGF 9 times today, most recently at 8:48:04 Pacific. And these aren’t random page hits—they all go to this entry.

UPDATE at 5/27/06 6:12:49 pm:

Inayat Bunglawala responds again:

I notice that we appear to have attracted some rather unpleasant Muslim-haters via the detestable LGF website. Is there a reason you lot (Nick223, HarryFlashman, NaturalLaw etc) are not willing to display some courage and clearly identify yourselves before making serious accusations instead of hiding behind anonymity? I have repeatedly stated that I did not send an email or post anything to the LGF website. Come on now, show you have some backbone.

But of course, the threat we received was not sent via a person’s email account, nor was it posted at LGF. The sender of the threat used the contact form in our left sidebar, which calls a PHP script on our server. That script sends an email to me. (It’s set up this way to reduce spam.)

It’s quite true that Bunglawala did not (directly) send an email to us, and he did not post a comment here. But neither did the sender of the threat.

Note to Bunglawala: when an anonymous stalker is threatening to cut throats, and obviously following your posts closely, your demands that people identify themselves are very curious.

UPDATE at 5/27/06 7:23:41 pm:

The Reuters IP address that was used to send us the threat has visited LGF 13 times today, almost always going directly to our full post about the issue. This means that the person (or persons) using this IP address have probably set a bookmark to get to that post quickly.

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

The person (or persons) using this IP address are also searching Google’s UK branch for LGF and clicking on the first result, which leads to our front page.

The most recent visit went directly to the full post, at 3:26 pm Pacific:

Time: 3:26:32 pm
IP address:
User agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)

UPDATE at 5/28/06 10:04:19 pm:

The Reuters IP address that was used to send us a death threat has visited LGF 15 times today. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Reuters has not really suspended the person responsible (as they told me), but something odd’s going on here because the hits from this address are not random at all. All of them go either directly to the post about the death threat, or to one of the other LGF entries linked at the Guardian’s page with Inayat Bunglawala’s article. There are no visits from this IP address to any unrelated LGF pages.

The most recent hit was at 6:31:09 pm Pacific time, and it went directly to the death threat post.

UPDATE at 5/30/06 8:13:32 am:

The Reuters IP address has visited LGF 20 times since midnight Pacific, going to either our post about the death threat, or to the front page. Once again, this is not random activity; whoever is using this IP is watching our posts about the threat very carefully. Some of the hits are referrals from pages where there are articles about this incident containing links to LGF, such as this Ynet News article: Reuters employee issues ‘Zionist pig’ death threat. (Note: the article has been updated with some comments from me.)

Reuters Global Head of Communications Ed Williams told me that the person responsible had been “suspended” pending investigation. The fact that this IP address is still visiting our site does not necessarily mean that Reuters was not telling me the truth. The IP address could be that of a router, being used by more than one employee. However, it’s a fact that almost all the hits are going directly to our post about the threat, and this is certainly cause for suspicion.

UPDATE at 5/30/06 7:07:32 pm:

The Reuters IP address has hit our site 110 times since midnight, and once again every single hit is going either directly to the page about the death threat from “zionistpig-at-hotmail.com,” or to our home page. There are four or five different user agent strings, meaning several different browsers are being used. And many of the hits continue to be referrals from the Guardian page where Inayat Bunglawala wrote:

That was not me! Methinks some Zionists are up to mischief.

UPDATE at 5/30/06 07:44:30 pm:

Tallying up all the hits from this Reuters IP address, starting 10 days before the link to LGF appeared in comments to Bunglawala’s article at 5:22 pm May 24 (London time):

2006-05-15 - 6 occurrences found
2006-05-16 - 1 occurrence found
2006-05-17 - 9 occurrences found
2006-05-18 - 4 occurrences found
2006-05-19 - 3 occurrences found
2006-05-20 - zero occurrences found
2006-05-21 - 1 occurrence found
2006-05-22 - 10 occurrences found
2006-05-23 - 3 occurrences found
2006-05-24 - 8 occurrences found
2006-05-25 - 11 occurrences found
2006-05-26 - 248 occurrences found
2006-05-27 - 25 occurrences found
2006-05-28 - 17 occurrences found
2006-05-29 - 37 occurrences found
2006-05-30 - 164 occurrences found

Grand total: 547

UPDATE at 5/31/06 8:50:00 am:

I think I should be flattered by British Muslim advocacy group MPACUK’s completely insane article about the LGF Reuters death threat incident, because they’ve decided there’s no way LGF could possibly be the work of just one superhuman Zionist madman: MPACUK - Breaking News: Calls From Around The World Demand MCB Inayat Be Sacked! Mosques & I-Socs Silent?

Apparently I’m jacked into the central nervous system of the worldwide Zionist machine. Heh™.

MPACUK has always said that Individual Zionists may do some harm to the Muslims, but in reality, any major attack on a Muslim group or leader is co-ordinated, even if it seems like it’s coming from an individual. The attack on Ken Livingstone for example has all the hallmarks of a planned and co-ordinated attack. It may have taken months if not years to plan and organise, the public may have seen a furore around him then, but you can bet your bottom dollar that was the tip of the ice berg.

Zionist Blogs too, are too well researched and co-ordinated to be the work of individuals. No part time nut could watch every minute for any slip by a Muslim group as vigilantly as they do. Most probably they are part of a well funded central network. They are another weapon in the growing armoury of the Zionist machine that is deployed against the Muslims.

They are used to frighten, smear and intimidate Muslim groups and individuals that stand up for Israel. [I’m pretty sure they meant to write “against Israel.” —ed.] They target organisations, then isolate individuals within those organisations and then use all their powers on a sustained co-ordinated attack to smash the person and destroy them.

Today we can reveal that Inayat Bunglawala the pro Palestinian Media spokesperson for the MCB was targeted by Zionists around the world since yesterday in an all out campaign to have him sacked from his job. This is how quickly they can mobilise given even the slightest scent of blood. Someone from the same work place had sent an email to a Zionist Blog attacking them. The Zionist machine as organised and well funded as it is, tracked it back to the work place of Inayat.

Now the central nervous system of the Zionist machine sent an alert around the world. Thinking they had him trapped, they launched a world wide campaign to have him sacked. Calls flooded Inayat’s workplace demanding he be sacked for (you guessed it�- ‘anti-Semitic!’) emails from around the world, many from the USA flooded in demanding his sacking too.

Call after call from prominent UK Zionist organisations demanded meetings with the organisation to ‘discuss the incident’. The news spread and appeared in the Zionist press from Canada to Israel. (Now you know what we mean by a well oiled Machine!). A Muslim leader was about to fall, and they all knew about it and were relentless.

All you can do is laugh at these clowns, but in truth they’re not very funny at all. Here’s an lgf search for “MPACUK,” bringing up a history of sick antisemitism and hate speech.

(Psst. Don’t tell MPACUK about this. They may believe they’ve discovered one of the astoundingly well-researched dendrites of the Zionist central nervous system, but the terrible truth about LGF just might cause their heads to explode.)

UPDATE at 5/31/06 10:45:13 am:

My Zionist lizardoid ultrasuperpowers tell me that the Reuters IP address has hit our site 134 times since midnight, and it looks like there may even be one or two Reuters people online right now. I’d like to extend an invitation to them: please feel free to use our contact form (at the bottom of the left sidebar, right here) to let me know why you’re suddenly so interested in LGF. I’ll be happy to print your explanation(s) and/or threats. Thanks!

LGF Zionist minion Blue Chip has a few appropriate questions for our Reuters visitors:

What’s up with your deranged coworker?
Is it common practice for employees of your company to post death threats on blogs?
Think it reflects negatively on you and your coworkers?
Anyone want to start a “not in my name” (anti death threats) group in your office?
Think anyone will join it?
Think the bosses will identify the author of the death threat and fire him/her?
Think they should (ID and or fire)?
In an age where cartoons can spark riots and murder all over the world, do you think death threats should be taken seriously?
BTW: Did you guys publish the cartoons?
If not, why not?
How would you respond if someone made an anonymous death threat against you?

UPDATE at 5/31/06 6:20:38 pm:

Over at MPACUK, they’ve updated their paranoid rant—with an open admission that my suspicions were at least partly correct: MPACUK - Masajid and ISOCs Silent As Zionists Move In On Inayat Bunglawala!

According to MPACUK, the death threat did indeed come from the Reuters facility where Bunglawala works, which I believe is the Reuters Dockland offices in East London. MPACUK reveals more information in their article than I’ve gotten from Reuters.

“See with your own eyes that I am standing here firm and determined, and I will not flee” Khalid Bin Waleed. Today we can reveal that Inayat Bunglawala the pro Palestinian Media spokesperson for the MCB�has been the�target�of Zionists around the world, in an onslaught that began�last Thursday (25.05.06),�in an all out campaign to have him sacked from his job. Someone had sent an offensive email from the same workplace to a Zionist Blog.�The person who sent the email�was indeed suspended�last Friday (26.05.06).

The Zionist machine as organised and well funded as it is, tracked it back to the work place of Inayat.

Actually, I didn’t know for sure until you confirmed it, MPACUK! Muchas gracias!

Now the central nervous system of the Zionist machine sent an alert around the world. Thinking they had him trapped, they launched a world wide campaign to have him sacked.

They end with an appeal for help against the tentacles of the omnipotent galaxy-wide lizardoid conspiracy:

If you feel this is no big deal then you are on the wrong website, please re-direct your reading. If however you are shocked at the powerful nature of those who attack you, and are more angry at the incompetent nature of those who are currently supposed to be defending you then fund us, or join us. Together we can protect men like Inayat from the most powerful enemies Muslims have faced in a thousand years.

Bwa hahahaha!

UPDATE at 5/31/06 6:31:08 pm:

Please note: these admissions tell us that both MPACUK and Inayat Bunglawala probably know the name of the person who sent this message to us:

I look forward to the day when you pigs get your throats cut….

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