HuffPo Supporting the Troops Again

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The lovely denizens of Huffington Post are having an orgy of troop-bashing, in the comments for an article about the ludicrous claims of the “Winter Soldier” rerun crowd: Iraq Soldier Discusses His ‘Kills’ (VIDEO) - Politics on The Huffington Post.

Prediction: they’ll close the comments for this one. I’m surprised they didn’t see this coming; they usually close comments preemptively on subjects like this because they know what will happen—this.

Watching and listening to this video made me physically ill. To think that my tax dollars have paid for someone to talk about “kills” as if he’s referring to deer, squirrels, birds, or some other animal is disgusting. IOW—-these soldiers think of other human beings as animals. We have dehumanized the Iraqis and others the Republicans have deemed to be “enemies”. I weep for my disintegrating country. We are no longer living in the USA, as there is nothing united about the states of america.

We are not united. We are divided——those who support this unholy war against those who are againist it.

May God send this country and its people their just rewards. This country is built on other people’s refuse, other people’s criminals. They didn“t teach you in school about ”indentured servitude“; this is how the UK emptied its prisons. In the South of the US the white population is predominantly Irish, Scottish riffraff, low life, criminals, racist Goobers.

Let me remind you: ”Give me your tired, your poor …Your huddled masses… The wretched refuse of your teeming shore…. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me”. And they sure sent them here!!

They were trained to be killers, that is what they do, many video’s are out on sites that show tiny babies mutilated by our men. Many stories, it is what Bush, Cheney wanted, that is how they are trained as are the Latino’s they are training in Georgia for Bush right now, killers, that is why 1800 a month are trying to commit suicide, they cannot live with what they have seen or maybe have done, very sad. Bush has his people do his mass murders for him, he tortured frogs when a young child and we know the profile of a serial killer always tortures animals when young, so now Bush has it all ways, frogs, our young men,the Iraq people,Gitmo, when will people stop him by

to invade, occupy, and murder innocent people has become an art form for our all volunteer military.

This is repulsive. Individuals are ultimately responsible for their actions. While i applaud those that step forward to tell the truth, is it really a surprise to anyone? Abu Ghraib was only a preview of what was to come, not an anomaly.

The time to remove the halo and silence the hero worship rhetoric has long passed. We are funding genocide with every tax dollar we pay.

Shame on the US.

In order to stop this war, and any future American Wars of Aggression, those considering enlisting in the armed forces need to be stopped before they sign on the dotted line. They need to be shown that this is a choice with extreme consequences; that they will come home changed for the worse, physically, mentally or both; they need to be shown that patriotism, bravado, the youthful myth of immortality and the promise of $50,000 will not save them; they need to be shown that wars of aggression are NOT noble causes and that those who“give” their lives are not doing so for their country but for the greed of a few men in government and corporations.

Those who have come back from Iraq have learned all of the above the hard way. No one needs to follow in their footsteps. No one, given the chance, would choose to come back forgotten by their government and damaged for life - which is what happens when you fight to defend a lie instead of your country. Those in our government who sent these men and women off under the false banner of patriotism should be held accountable for their thoughtless and selfish actions.

And you wonder why US soldiers are being blown up on a daily basis, justify the means and keep killing innocent Iraqi civilians…

On and on it goes. This is just from the first page.

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Last updated: 2016-01-01 10:29 am PST
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