Creationist Advocates Allying with Muslims to ‘Sneak Intelligent Design Into Schools’

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Here’s one of the creepiest unhinged rants I’ve read in a long time, praising Bobby Jindal for signing Louisiana’s stealth creationist bill and explicitly advocating Sneaking Intelligent Design into Schools—by making alliances of convenience with Islamic creationists.

So why not piggy-back on Islam?� Do Moslems believe in Darwin?� Did Allah create the world and all its creatures, human and animal?� Is the God of Abraham not also, albeit in a form not recognized by most Christians and Jews, the God of Mohammed?� How do Muslim parents feel about Darwin being taught as the only explanation of the origin of man?� How do Muslim children feel about being compelled to sit in a classroom, lectured by an agnostic, using texts written by an atheist who insists that not only does Allah not exist, but that real education prevents us from even contemplating the existence of Allah?

How culturally insensitive these Leftists are!� How bigoted Darwinians are against Islam!� Pity the poor young Moslems being forced to swallow as “truth” those doctrines absolutely contrary to the Koran!� Allah did not create the universe, they say?� Then “they” are guilty of hate crimes against the Muslim community.� The state requires those who believe in the Prophet to be intolerantly instructed by militantly atheistic educational systems?� Then the state persecutes Islam!

How would Leftists respond? �Would they wage rhetorical war against Islam? �Do any Leftists seem that brave?� Would they allow Islamic Creationism to be taught – as part of their “cultural awareness” – but deny Judeo-Christian Creationism to be taught?� The truth, of course, is that Christianity and Judaism are infinitely more tolerant and intellectually serious about evolution than Islam.� Intelligent Design, after all, is not a literal reading of Torah.� It is simply the concept that evolution itself was guided by a greater intelligence – an idea that would hardly have troubled Plato or Aristotle.� It is the very intellectual merit of Intelligent Design that horrifies Leftists:� God could well be real.� Understanding, as a matter of the mind, that God can exist in a rational universe has proven vital to the progress and decency of mankind.� It is something worth our battle.

So while Governor Jindal presses true science, inquiry without bigotry for or against the idea of God, let us begin to challenge Moslems to stand with us to keep Allah, the Creator, at least present in our public education systems.� If Moslems really believe Islam, they will stand with serious Jews and Christians on this issue.� People of a Book, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and a few others, were always given an intermediate status between Moslems and atheists.� Moslems are bound by their faith to resist, first and foremost, atheism.�

Will the atheists of Leftism stand up as firmly against Moslems as they do against calm, reasonable and good-spirited Christians and Jews?� It is an issue worth testing.� It is worth testing not only to stop Darwinism as a new, awful religion, but because the very willingness of too many Christians and Jews to give up on God impresses Moslems – the wrong way.� How can Moslems believe that Jews and Christians have religious faith when so many cave in so quickly on an issue as salient as creation itself?� Once Moslems see that modernity need not mean the death of God, then they may begin to view Christianity and Judaism more benignly.� “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”� On the issue of totalitarian Darwinism, Islam and its followers may well be friends indeed.

Good grief.

(Hat tip: wrenchwench.)

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Last updated: 2021-06-05 2:51 pm PDT
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