Vlaams Belang Head at Nazi Book Fair - Update: VB Event at Neo-Nazi Pub

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Here’s a video showing Vlaams Belang leader Filip DeWinter, shopping for books at a VB/Voorpost convention. The books on these tables: neo-Nazi and fascist literature, and books about Voorpost—a European tribal nationalist militia with an openly fascist ideology.

Featuring salesmen wearing Nazi-style visored caps.

Youtube Video

A translation, with context, from Øyvind Strømmen:

FDW: Where is the president (here)?

(Shakes hands with man, greets him)

At 0:50 in the video, FDW says “Vu de droite”, and a book is also shown. This is definitely Alain de Benoist’s book; compare with the cover found on Amazon.fr. This seems to be the same book FDW is holding when he speaks with the bookseller.

FDW: Have you already read this one, Andries?

Andries: But no, I am an illiterate human being, ey?

FDW: (Laughts). Well, well. Is this your magazine?

Andries: Yes. Yes.

“Vu de droite” was discussed in this article in NY Review of Books, 1980. An excerpt:

De Benoist claims that the central issues of the traditional right, among them genetics, race, and inequality, have been discredited by their association with Nazism, and he tries to give them new life by grafting them on to such subsciences as sociobiology and ethnology. De Benoist is particularly attracted to sociobiology, which has recently gained an enthusiastic hearing in France. But he has a tendency to present the hypotheses of sociobiology as proven conclusions and then to extend these “conclusions” to far-ranging fields. For example, he writes, “all politics today implies a biopolitics.” And he cites with enthusiasm the words of Professor Robert Mallet, the chancellor of the Universities of Paris, that some day “the genetic code will help inform the civil codes.”

And to reiterate, these are the people that some so-called “anti-jihad” writers and bloggers are welcoming as allies.

(Hat tip: Thanos.)

UPDATE at 11/8/08 4:53:14 pm:

Here’s yet another Vlaams Belang-Nazi connection; a Flemish nationalist pub known as De Leeuw van Vlaanderen has a sign saying “De Beest”—with a letter S that’s taken from the Nazi SS insignia. Here’s a translated version of a news article about it.

The man in the gray suit with his back to the camera is Filip DeWinter, leader of the Vlaams Belang.

A closeup image of the sign, to remove any doubt:

Imagine my surprise to discover that the Vlaams Belang holds events at this pub.

(Hat tip: Øyvind Strømmen.)

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Last updated: 2021-06-05 2:51 pm PDT
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