Freak-Out of the Day

The right wing blogosphere is hyperventilating again, and again I just can’t join the freak-out.

This time it’s over Barack Obama’s plan to address the nation’s schoolchildren, and indoctrinate them with evil communist principles like working hard, setting goals, and taking responsibility. Why, he’s just like Karl Marx.

Some are even urging parents to pull their children out of school that day, so they won’t be exposed to this horror.

But seriously — what in the world could possibly be wrong with this? Question for you folks who are blowing the horns of doom: do you really think Obama is going to hypnotically insert socialist ideas into the minds of your children, diabolically disguised as an inspirational message?

Get a freaking grip.

Time after time, the right wing gets the vapors over their fantasies about what Obama is going to say in his next big speech. And time after time, they’re proven wrong and embarrassed as Obama takes it straight down the middle and says nothing extreme. You’d think they would learn not to keep crying wolf.

UPDATE at 9/2/09 12:52:45 pm:

Free Republic is going completely bug-eyed nuts over this story, posting a form letter for parents to protest the speech and urging that children be pulled out of school. And they’re accompanying this with pictures of Obama as a Nazi youth leader: Letter to Public School Superintendent.

September 8 is National Keep Your Kids Home Day.
September 8 is National Home Schooling Day.
September 8 is National School Sick Day.
September 8 is National Indoctrination Resistance Day.

Keep your kids home from school on September 8, and keep them safe!

UPDATE at 9/2/09 1:59:00 pm:

Here’s a little-known video seen by only 487,265 people, in which Barack Obama reveals his sekrit plan to mesmerize the children of America into becoming little Vladimir Lenins:

Youtube Video

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