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Time for tonight’s edition of the most extreme, hateful comments posted at the Hot Air blog owned by Michelle Malkin and run by Ed Morrissey and “Allahpundit.” We’ll start off with a few comments from a thread about calls to impeach President Obama. Ed Morrissey seems to believe this is a pretty foolish idea, but a lot of Hot Air commenters disagree — vehemently. (Which isn’t too surprising, because “vehement” is the default mode for Hot Air commenters.)

Thanks to LGF readers Simoom and Killgore Trout for dredging through the muck and pointing out some of these comments.

The filthy lying coward in the White House could commit a murder, rape, and bank heist at the State of the Union speech and he still would not be impeached. There are too many who are willing to ignore the rat bastard traitor’s actions because he is black. This is the sine qua non of using the race card to destroy America.

highhopes on October 17, 2009 at 1:55 PM


I think part of that would depend on the crime. You can’t impeach the filthy lying coward on minor infractions because the screams of racism (whites trying to take the black President down because of his skin color). The door should be left open if all the Chicago corruption bubbles up and it is found that the rat bastard traitor did indeed commit some unpardonable crime like voter fraud.

highhopes on October 17, 2009 at 2:03 PM


You need to learn some history, Ed. The Nazis didn’t start out rounding people up and putting them in camps or shooting them. The Nazis started out the same way that The Precedent is starting out. And you are very flippant about their “radical agenda that is a disaster for America in both the short and long terms”. Either you don’t believe your own words, about it being ‘radical’ and a ‘disaster’, or you just don’t understand what the consequences of such a radical disaster are going to be. I would guess it’s the latter.

Those arguments do nothing but make a certain portion of the grassroots look ill-educated and hysterical.

LOL. When you say ‘radical’ and ‘disaster’ most put you right in the same group with us. THe only difference is that we understand how these things unfold. We remember that ancient history of Oct 2008 and understand what precipice this nation is perched over. We understand what that fall will be like. You don’t. That’s how things were in Germany … and most of the other places where people saw the ‘radical’ and ‘disastrous’ policies that were being implemented, but ignored them as being just blips in the line of history.

progressoverpeace on October 17, 2009 at 2:14 PM


I think he will be impeached. Impeached for his unrelenting assault on America. Impeached for his alliances with dictators – he offers his hand… Not America’s hand…. just his. With a small ‘h’.

hE does not speak for America. He speaks for himself, his own enrichment, his own agenda and out of his own personal rage. hE does not speak for me.

A shameful past, a shameful agenda, a shameful existence, a shameful hubris. This man will forever be known as the shame of America.

We will thrive. hE will fall.

Key West Reader on October 17, 2009 at 2:14 PM


Im sorry but i disagree because of one thing
what obama is currently doing
with the democrats is TREASON..

they Disobeyed the will of the people
they sicked the FBI and nepalitano on veterans in the usa
they activly helped the Islamic terrorists and even sent them to bermuda all paid for at our expense
they tried to jail cia officers while allowing
islamic terrorists to roam free in downtown usa

These alone are charges worthy of at least a grand jury
or impeachement
I honestly would trust osama bin laden MORE
than all of the democrats and obama combined..

For osama is only trying to kill us

Democrats are trying to destroy our entire nation..

They are ALL EVIL..

To damned bad if you dont like it..

veteranoutrage on October 17, 2009 at 2:57 PM


Federalism is dead. We live in a nearly pure Democracy. That is, an Ochlocracy — MOB RULE.

It does not matter that he was Democratically elected. So were Achmadinejad, Hussein, and a who’s who of Tyrants.

We are presently in the midst of a Communist Coup D’Etat. The fact that an ignorant populace voted for it is of no import.

The Putschist in Chief, our historical First Woman President, has, by fiat, routinely disregarded the U.S. Constitution and eliminated the very Rule of Law. He and the Democrat Congress are now in the pocess of implementing the Cloward-Piven strategy in an effort to destroy the entire U.S. economy. They will then usher in the new Communist planned economy and government.

If Obama is not impeached, there are only two possible results:
1) Revolt; or,
2) Tyranny

We know which Ed Morischmuck would choose.


TREASON, and the OVERTHROW OF THE GOVERNMENT AS FOUNDED are plenty enough justification for not only impeachment, conviction, and removal from office; but also for being charged, tried, convicted, and HUNG as a traitor to the Union.

While our Nation is dismantled before our eyes, Quisling Neo-Statists like Morriputz will continue to wring their hands about how true-blue Americanism is “Perceived” and whether real conservatives might lose “Credibility” in the eyes of the State-Run Media, Leftists, and the ignorant independents who voted for “Change” without bothering to question what kind of change was intended.

Eyas on October 17, 2009 at 3:39 PM


I’m not a religious man. In fact, I’m an atheist.

But, I was put on this Earth, in this Nation, at this time in history, only to give warning.

That some ignore the warning phazes me not at all. That most Americans will never get the warning, and would disregard it if they did, bothers me a great deal.

Let those who have ears hear; Let those who have eyes see; and let those who would fiddle as Rome burns, themselves burn in Hell for eternity.


Eyas on October 17, 2009 at 3:55 PM


Ed, I rarely disagree with you, but this time I must.

Obama is EXACTLY like Adolf Hitler.

I’m not going to claim to be an expert in Nazi Germany, but I have always been fascinated by that evil period in history, and have tried to learn as much as I can about that point in time. …

Now taking over banks and car companies is too easy of a comparison. Remember, the Volkswagen was Hitler’s baby. Obama is not smart enough to be involved in modern automobile design, but you just know his idea of a “people’s car” is out there somewhere.

People forget that the Nazis were “green freaks” just like the “progressive” nut jobs we have now. The Volkswagen was just as much of a “green machine” as anything that Obama and his idiots would come up with. It’s “green design” was part of the deal.

Nazis were also “health nuts.” Hitler banned smoking, and preached a “healthy lifestyle” to the extreme. Just like today’s bunch. Of course, in Germany, your body belonged to Hitler.

And what about Obama’s strong arm “Chicago” politics, intimidating business, media, and private citizens?

Hitler used the labor unions before he built his own “private army” as enforcers.

Obama sent out his SEIU union thugs to townhall meetings to do the same. Remember when Obama told these union thugs to “punch back twice as hard” and then they went out and promptly sent Kenneth Gladney to the hospital?

Obama is also on record saying he wants a “civilian defense force as large and well funded as the military.”

How Hitleresque!

I could go on and on and on. But suffice it to say, actions wise, agenda wise, Obama=Hitler.

It WOULD NOT be hard to build the case for impeachment. In fact, I think it should be the litmus test for everyone running for office in 2010!

Every Republican running for the House should be asked to answer yes or no as to whether they would participate in submitting articles of impeachment, and every one running for the Senate should be asked if they were inclined to convict, if the evidence is there.

Obama has consistently violated the Constitution. Hell ObamaCare is unconstitutional!

People that say “lay off the Hitler deal” or “shhh, don’t talk about impeaching this moron” really anger me, as do the ones who try to shut down the “birthers.”

Look, I have no idea where Obama was born, and neither does anyone else, except those that were actually there, and most of them are dead!

I do know THIS: Obama has spent over $1.5 million fighting all attempts to see his REAL birth certificate. One can get a certified copy of the REAL Hawaiian BC for around $10.

NO ONE spends that kind of money for giggles. Something is wrong.

BTW, Obama’s half sister, who for sure was born in Indonesia, has the exact same BC as the one Obama trots out and claims to be kosher.

Again, I have no earthly idea if the “birthers” are wrong. But there is certainly enough evidence, real evidence, that something isn’t right about Obama, and not right enough that it demands serious consideration and investigation.

Impeachment is a no brainer. The case for that is solid, and only growing. It’s simply a matter of having the guts to do it.

Frankly, what I would love to see, and I call for it often when I write, is to see a simple movement demanding Obama resign for the good of the nation.

Instead of formal impeachment, he should be strongly urged to step down, admit his failure, and move on.

The poll posted that only 43 percent of America would re-elect this guy shows that a campaign asking Obama to just go away would have strong support. That also might be more palpable to some than actually impeaching the man.

A strong campaign of this type would also put serious pressure on the democrat/communist Congress to get it’s act together, and back off of their insane path.

One thing is for sure, if Obama isn’t stopped, 2010 may not get here quick enough. As much destruction as he has caused in these 9 1/2 months, think what he can do between now and a year from now!

I guess my point is that it’s reckless to try and quash these efforts of sincere and level headed patriots who see Obama and his thugs as the biggest threat this nation has ever faced.

One wonders if our founding fathers faced such scorn from the news people of the their day. Remember, these men were revolutionaries. They were preparing to violently overthrow the Crown!

“Birthers” and those promoting impeachment simply want to use the Constitution, something our founders fought a revolution over, and something men have fought and died for for 233 years to preserve, as a LEGAL mechanism to A) make sure Obama really is legit or B) remove him from power.

Would folks rather see fighting in the streets?

gary4205 on October 17, 2009 at 4:29 PM


gary4205 makes a a good argument. Although I seriously doubt that a movement to impeach Obama will go any where. Conservatives today don’t have the cojones…

mcplumbercuda on October 17, 2009 at 4:38 PM

There’s a lot more in this vein. It’s a Hitlerfest over there.

In another thread asking whether President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was unconstitutional, we find the good old “go back to Africa!” theme and its corollary, “go back to Indonesia!”

This Nobel was nothing but an affirmative action joke, just like The Precedent, himself, and no one with any sense of decency would vote for him to go collect it – unless it was with a one-way ticket and he was disallowed from ever returning. Let him go to Indonesia, where his third world style of governing is more in line with their sensibilities.

progressoverpeace on October 16, 2009 at 5:17 PM


TR waited until he was out of office to accept the prize.

I’m all for Osama Obama doing the same. He can take the money back to Kenya with him and help his brother and all the other suckers over there who believed in him.

MrScribbler on October 16, 2009 at 5:24 PM


If it’s one thing American’s don’t like – it’s someone getting something that they didn’t work to earn. Well here it is – Ogabe!

HondaV65 on October 16, 2009 at 5:34 PM

I have quite a few more comments — this kind of stuff is in every single thread — but that’s about all I can stomach right now.

Ranting, raving, and racism — Hot Air’s Three Rs.

UPDATE at 10/17/09 6:12:52 pm:

One more comment needs highlighting, because it’s outright neo-Nazi white supremacist stuff, of the Christian Identity variety. From this thread: Hot Air Headlines » Zogby: 69% of Mexicans say Mexican-Americans should be loyal to Mexico

People want to live with their own kind. Babel (multicultural) nations need Emperors to rule over them or else they divide or collapse into civil war.

aengus on October 15, 2009 at 2:08 PM

The idea that the Tower of Babel was destroyed and the nations sundered apart is a very common theme among Christian Identity white supremacists. They use it as justification for keeping the races apart, with “emperors” to rule over them — because God wanted it that way.

Google tower of babel christian identity if you want more information on this perverted religious rationalization for racism.

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