Fox News Commenters Respond to Common Story with Deluge of Racism and Hate

The Fox News audience unplugged and unhinged
Wingnuts • Views: 40,870

The comments are really pouring in to Fox News’s article about rapper Common’s invitation to the White House. Here’s a selection of some of the most recent ones, from just the first couple of pages:

smashthetaco Just now


Weed is green,
watermelon too.

Your wife is a sasquatch.

And so are you.

Word Up, Ho


nappybegone2012 0 minutes ago

White House has turned into a rap , watermelon and fried chicken fest


obongobob Just now

You can clean em up, dress em up, give em diplomas and bmw’s but you can’t roll a watermelon past any of em.


tired_of_it 0 minutes ago

I heard Snoop Dog is out back planting chronic next to the watermelon patch…


Old Homicide Just now

What do you expect from a wtermelon eater


one5thofwhiskey 0 minutes ago

Obama beez a good president un sheeeit. He gonna get foe moe yeaaaz up in dat beeatch… an Y T ain’t gonna do nuphin. Weez takin’ diz mufugga ova frum da white devilz an gunna fixes errthang dey done broke.


steelwool61 Just now

Well, lets just go ahead and be fair about this, if Bammy is going to invite someone like “CommonTrash” I demand that he invite David Duke to lecture about European Heritage.


mortimer_mouse Just now

When Obama and Mooooooselle get kicked out of the White House in 2012, it is going to take another 4 years to delouse, decontaminate and deodorize the place.


OBAMA=Cancer on America.! Just now

I’m working on a creative project depicting Õbama’s shrunken head in a
gallon jug preserved by urine. I will urinate in my Øbama/head art
project daily so Øbama isn’t deprived of the smell he’s carried with him his entire life. ( vulgar satire is also art, huh liberals?)


mcmain42 2 minutes ago

Roses are red, Common’s gums are blue
Michele is a Commie
And her gums are blue, too


diane 4 minutes ago

Obama is now a cold blooded killer of an unarmed, unconvicted foreign national. Serial killers of babies and men can do anything they want as long as the state run news media supports murder!


holly256 4 minutes ago

What do you expect when the Ghetto has moved into the White House!!!


johhnytrain Just now

leave it to the obamas to lower the prestige of the white house. by bringing the hood and the pnikkers the obamas really are and represent.


impeachodumbo 0 minutes ago

When this porch chimp is run out of office, I hope the next President invites the Grand Dragon over for tea.


oscargo Just now

well, sad to say we have a black-nixxer president. he’s a darker version of the white-nixxers Democrat Senator Robert Byrd spoke of on live CNN tv back in the 1990’s. now, because the word “nixxer” had “white” in front of it he never got called on it (plus, he’s in the favorite party - N.a.z.i.-crats) but we have a racist in the white house, what more can be said. uck fobama

There are now over a thousand comments, many of them in this vein. The moderators are deleting comments almost as fast as they’re posted; every third or fourth comment is hidden. But there are still a lot getting through.

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Last updated: 2021-06-05 2:51 pm PDT
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