Pamela Geller’s Anti-Muslim Circus in Full Nuclear Meltdown

Vicious infighting among the Bigot Brigade
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The “anti-jihad” (read: “anti-Muslim”) blogosphere is in full nuclear meltdown today, after the shocking revelation that there are Nazis in the English Defence League.

Who knew?

Pamela “Shrieking Harpy” Geller and Robert Spencer are now under attack from the rest of the anti-Muslim gang, for posting a statement denouncing the EDL because they could no longer ignore the open antisemitism and connections to neo-Nazi groups among the leadership. The hard line elements in this coalition of bigots are demanding that Geller and Spencer apologize and grovel to the EDL, and Geller responds in her customary fashion with a blast of hatred and vitriol: LORD OF THE FLIES: MACHIAVELLI COMES TO THE BLOGOSPHERE!!! - Atlas Shrugs.

It needs to be pointed out that Geller’s claim to be surprised at the Nazis and extremists is pure bullshit. The history and nature of the EDL is no secret, and Pamela knew all along exactly who she was palling around with.

The EDL has tried to keep the thuggishness under wraps, but lately the thugs are getting restless and letting their racism and antisemitism spill out in public, more than usual. And Geller couldn’t ignore the antisemitism any longer, when one of the EDL’s leaders actually started quoting from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

But since the current chief of the EDL gang, Tommy Robinson, is whispering soothing words to Geller, she’s decided she’s going to continue supporting them anyway.

I did not want to write this post. But because the motives of the people in question are so nefarious, they must be exposed.

I am a longtime, original supporter of the English Defence League from the very first demo in 2009, before anyone would touch them with a ten-foot pole – even this group of keyboard warriors. No one in America has taken as much heat as I have for supporting the EDL. No one. My defense of the EDL is constantly used to defame me, and I have never faltered in my support of the group. When I speak at universities, I am routinely challenged about the EDL (an example is at minute 4:45 of this video). CAIR includes the EDL in every press release on me; the Southern Poverty Law Center uses it all the time. The Guardian, Newsweek, and the New York Times mentioned it in their articles about me. Notorious blogger Max Blumenthal at the Huffington Post have even gone so far as to call the EDL “Atlas’s Thugs.” And I never wavered.

From their first demo, when they were denounced and smeared as the scum of the earth, I knew the EDL was noble and true. I still believe that. I still believe that the majority of the membership are good and decent and fine people. The issue for some time has been certain elements in the administration. There will always be infiltrators and plants who get into the membership. But it is important to keep the admins clean.

The rest of Geller’s post is a vicious attack on Ned May, who uses the pseudonym “Baron Bodissey” at anti-Muslim blog “Gates of Vienna.”

It’s difficult to feel any sympathy for Geller’s predicament, when she and her crony Robert Spencer have been lying, smearing, and ridiculing me for years for documenting their increasingly open associations with these kinds of racist thugs. These two have been on a mission to destroy my reputation, so I feel a bit of schadenfruede at seeing them the targets of exactly the same kind of hatred and dishonesty from their erstwhile fellow travelers that they’ve been directing at me.

I certainly don’t expect them to ever admit I was right all along, so I’ll just put on some popcorn and enjoy watching their bigoted “movement” immolate itself in its own hatred.

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Last updated: 2016-01-01 10:29 am PST
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