Breitbart’s Fans Spew Racism, Call for President Obama to Be Lynched, ‘Taken Out’

Yet another deluge of ugly hatred and racism at Andrew Breitbart’s website
Wingnuts • Views: 30,324

It happens whenever Andrew Breitbart posts a video of President Obama: a sickening deluge of gutter hatred, deranged Birtherism, racial slurs, and occasionally open threats against the President: » Obama Ridicules GOP: Maybe They Couldn’t Understand Jobs Bill.

These are just the comments that stood out as especially hateful — the entire thread is devoted to insults and misspelled juvenile ranting. And since Andrew Breitbart likes to claim that I plant all these comments at his site (yes, he really does say that) note that every one of these hateful comments received positive ratings from Breitbart’s fans.

I guess the illegal Kenyan Mus.lim with father issues has trouble with productive members of our society.

(Rating: +5)


What a little boy!

(Rating: +64)


Little boy king!

(Rating: +2)


If you’re not doing the “Ol Shuck and Jive” you’re out there insulting the American citizens with your racist and divisive rhetoric. You are nothing more than a common street hustler pretending to be President.

(Rating: +44)


No…this Mulatto Moron is the worst.

(Rating: +2)


Someone please take this ass hol# out

(Rating: +5)


Never have a boy try to do a man’s job!
Impeach with extreme prejudice…NOW!

(Rating: +12)


I never thought I’d ever live to see the day when a president of the USA endorsed and encouraged filthy radicals to protest and take dumps on the flag and on police cars. This is what passes for leadership in the democrat party.

This Caliphate will go down in history as the most vile, despicable, disgusting America-hater, the Fraud-in-Chief who actively pursued the destruction of America, a country he loathes above all others. Those fools who voted for him should feel ashamed during their impending removal. Not like any of this comes as a surprise to those who weren’t busy drinking Obama’s shariah, marxist, Democrap kool-aid.

Obama has opened doors to Tyranny that won’t close easily EVEN AFTER HE IS PROSECUTED FOR TREASON! The one who follows the revolutionist is always much worse, unless he is the opposite kind of leader. Come on, TEA PARTY.

Obama deserves HANGING for his betrayal. Impeach, Prosecute and Gitmo the Infector to find out who directly pulls his strings….

(Rating: +13)


Never…never in the history of our great Republic have we had such an ego-maniacal, narcissistic mad man at our helm. Never had we had such a divider of men at our helm! Never…ever had we had an enemy of the United States of America sitting in OUR oval office.







This fother mucker kenyan POS is an embarrasment and the worst stain in American history.


Someone please explain again to this Man-Child that It shouldn’t matter what Republicans do or don’t understand because it was voted down in a Demonrat controlled Senate.

This phagat ain’t happy unless he’s slinging excrement at the American people.


The GOP does not consider “gangsta rap” a proper language for bills.

Every comment thread at is just like this one; all of them are filled with violent fantasies, threats, overt racism, and rancid hate speech. This is what today’s right wing Tea Party fan looks like.

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 Frank says:

For my taste, these solos (of some 50s blues guitarists) are exemplary because what is being played seems honest and, in a musical way, a direct extension of the personality of the men who played them. -- January 1977.