TwitterFacebook’s Lee Stranahan Outs Sexual Abuse Victim

How low will they go?
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You know that woman who testified that George Zimmerman had molested her for years, and was identified only as “Witness 9?”’s Lee Stranahan outed her today: Trayvon, George, Witness 9 & Other Obama Political Casualties.

Welcome to the news cycle, Witness 9. The accusations of molestation by Zimmerman — who was one year older than his accuser, by the way — was all over the news today and will be for the rest of the week and beyond, where it will live in back of juror’s minds.

Try this test : don’t think about a pink elephant. Now, forget you ever heard about George Zimmerman and molestation.

The mainstream media will likely keep referring to ‘Witness 9′ for a few days but her real name is already out there and I’ve made the decision not to pretend it isn’t.

Did he mention that he was a close personal friend of Andrew Breitbart? Of course he did.

For better worse, a blog that I don’t remember seeing before — The Conservative Treehouse — has done the rapid research and outed Witness 9′s real name as [redacted]. The commenters also turned up other info on [redacted], including lots of personal data and what appear to be some legal issues.

The blog seems to have a Christian Conservative perspective and it has a big banner about Andrew Breitbart right up top. This is going to make some people’s heads explode — especially on the already conspiratorial left — even though the site has no official connection with Breitbart at all as far as I know. Since Andrew was a friend of mine and I worked with him on stories for months, I’m going to state as my personal opinion that Andrew wouldn’t have run that info on [redacted] until it was already well out there in the mainstream press. That’s not a criticism. It’s just my opinion and it’s worth what you paid for it.

(I redacted his text where it contained the witness’s name.)

And if you were wondering what kind of rationalization he could possibly come up with to justify such a total scumbag move, here’s the reason Stranahan gives (bold text in original):

The entire Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman story was amped up into a national story on purpose by President Obama with the help of his surrogate Al Sharpton in order to help win the 2012 election.

The ideology in one simple sentence.

(h/t: STLActivist.)

UPDATE at 7/17/12 8:00:17 pm

And don’t miss Stranahan’s bizarre paranoid “mind maps,” in which he identifies his numerous enemies and the nefarious tactics they use against him, with random colors and spider web graphics: The Tactics of Online Political Warfare.

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