Just Some More Overt Racism and Hate Speech at Breitbart “News”

The right wing base in all its glory
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At the far right propaganda site that Andrew Breitbart spawned, Ben “Friends of Hamas” Shapiro shares his special take on President Obama’s planned trip to South Africa: AFTER SNUBBING THATCHER FUNERAL, OBAMA AND MICHELLE TO VISIT SOUTH AFRICA FOR MANDELA!!!

I’ve lost track of how many times the Breitbrats have used this photo for their hit pieces; for some reason it really appeals to them:

Hilariously, Shapiro’s predictable slant that Obama “snubbed” Margaret Thatcher’s funeral is undercut by his own article:

The Sun reported, “[Downing] Street is most angered by rejections from Obama, First Lady Michelle and Vice-President Joe Biden. And none of the four surviving ex-US leaders - Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr. - is coming either.”

Oh, you mean none of the last five presidents went to Thatcher’s funeral? But of course, it was Obama who SNUBBED, because he’s “arrogant.” You can tell from the photo. Is that an arrogant face or what?

Meanwhile, in the comment section, the right wing base is making things very clear again, in case you were tempted to believe they had some sort of respect for Nelson Mandela’s achievements:

Well Mandela was a communist afterall.


…as a fellow african the president needs to mourn with his people…


you’re right about him having to be with HIS people.He’ll always be more part of them than American anyway. he should stay there.


The whites there have to have an inordinate amount of security around their houses. When blacks do manage to get in, they now torture their victims for days before killing them. The black police usually do nothing. They have been known to wrap babies in newspaper and set them on fire, or drop them in boiling water.
I don’t see this making the news. Thank God they have an evacuation plan.


They are just as sick here…it must be in their DNA…


And Mandela became a “good” communist yesterday.


Maybe we’ll get lucky and their plane will fall out of the sky.


This is seriously the reason this ass has not been assassinated, nobody wants this guy to be martyred, I actually think the KKK would prevent any attempts on his life. Our luck will be the typical liberal assassin does it.


Seriously—we’re gonna say it cause we know everyone is thinking it—the reason they snubbed Thatcher is because she was conservative and white while Mandela was a communist and black (like BHO)


Isn’t this special?
White World leaders don’t receive any recognition from this administration.

How racist is that?
Oh well, I guess it’s just another example of affirmative action.


Lady Thatcher was a white European. Mr. Mandela was a REAL African. Is there any question which type of person Barry like more?


Mandala was a corrupt and amoral black racist.


THIS ARTICLE ALONE puts the LIE to the PR CLAIMING MANDELA an altruist instead of a communist genocidal freak who successfully shed his own reputation off onto Winnie, while ignoring all his own ACTIONS.

WHEN has the WORLD MEDIA so highly praised and EX-COMMUNIST, much less OBAMA.

As usual, when most of a Dictator’s GENOCIDAL VICTIMS are CHRISTIANS, whether Black or whatever - in this case as with Obama’s forefathers, PRIMARILY BLACK - it is highly irrelevant - like with CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, Syrian Al Qaeda cannibals…


And not a word from the MSM about “necklacing” torture… or machete hackings. Sorry Liberals but your Mandela is not your grand parent’s MLK.


Obama should just stay over there and find him a little African country to run.


Where was Obama, blowing dogs at the bath houses?


It’s no big deal. Just another dead communist.


Let this LIAR and fat so muchella STAY THERE…………..


Would be the perfect time for the first cow to get that saucer fitted for that lip.


Moochelle can be fitted for a lot of neck rings. It will help keep her nose in the air because she has such a big head


I agree that the saucer and rings would make her culturally compliant along with her other offensive attributes.


The Obamas…back to their roots…the jungles & trees of Africa.


If they don’t want o be associated with jungles and trees then they shouldn’t claim t be “African” Americans.

That’s just from the first few pages of comments, and this stuff is by no means unique to; you’ll find similar deranged rants and overt racism at nearly every right wing website today.

(But remember, there’s no such thing as right wing racism.)

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Last updated: 2015-07-31 8:11 pm PDT

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 Frank says:

Star Wars won't work. Star Wars won't work. The gas still gets through; it could get right on you. And what about those germs, now? Star Wars won't work.