Lee Stranahan Re-Hired, Then Re-Fired by Breitbart “News”

Life in the Breitbart “News” sleaze pit
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Lee Stranahan, formerly with Breitbart “News”

When Daily Caller wingnuts deliver a smackdown to Breitbart “News” wingnuts, we all win!

The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein gives us a look into the Breitbart sleaze pit, as Texas weirdo Lee Stranahan is first re-hired, then re-fired by the jolly elves who run the site Andrew built.

And these are some very jolly fellows indeed. When Stranahan first tried to get his job back after his snit fit walk-out:

Fast forward five months later. It’s February, Stranahan is broke and looking for work. He’s told through Darby that Bannon says he can possibly return, but only if he comes “bellycrawling” back to the site. Meaning, begging will be required. Stranahan says Bannon now denies ever saying it.

And Stranahan found himself on the receiving end of another bit of editorial pranksmanship:

At most news organizations, if a journalist wants out, your bosses don’t want you there. Who wants to keep someone who doesn’t want to be there? At a place like Politico, they might badmouth you for awhile, whispering that the person was never that good, no big loss. But at Breitbart, whispering would be kind. Here they use legal measures to make you stay until they are good and ready to dump you.

Last week Stranahan was working under Darby, the Texas “bureau” chief. But by the week’s end declared that he would not work with Stranahan. He killed one of his stories - (this one) - and insisted he wouldn’t publish any more. Hours later, Stranahan says, he was fired.

OK, now that’s sounding kind of harsh, wouldn’t you agree? If they’re dishing out this kind of abuse, Breitbart “News” must at least be paying their writers decent fees, right? Why else would anyone want to work with them?

Stranahan is among the old school Breitbartians, the ones who miss Andrew Breitbart desperately and don’t like what the new regime under the site’s “Executive Chairman” Steve Bannon has become. But that’s all a side story. This one has everything do with Darby, Stranahan’s supervisor in the Breitbart “Texas” bureau, where Stranahan had been employed as a contributor since last month, earning $100 per story.

Sure, they may all be complete a-holes who treat employees like serfs, but at least they pay a pittance for the privilege!

Right wing journalism at its finest, folks.

Oh, and on Twitter, I’ve been seeing some tweets like these as the wingnutosphere begins lining up to smear Stranahan (not that he doesn’t deserve it):

What? You mean Lee Stranahan ripped you off by promising a hit piece on … little old me?

Looks like you got played, suckers.

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Last updated: 2014-03-07 2:19 pm PST

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 Frank says:

Mr Zappa, I am astounded at the courtesy and soft voiced nature of the comments of my friend, the Senator from Tennessee. I can only say that I find your statement to be boorish, incredibly and insensitively insulting to the people who were here previously, that you could manage to give the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States a bad name, if I felt you had the slightest understanding of it, which I do not. -- - Senator Slade Gorton