The Dumbest Man on the Internet Is Very Excited by Russian Anti-Obama Racism

And his commenters respond with torrents of outright racism and homophobia
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Today, the Dumbest Man on the Internet can barely contain his excitement over an ugly racist incident in Moscow — because it was directed against President Obama, of course.

Jim Hoft drools: Russians Shine Laser Show of Obama ‘Fellating’ Banana on US Embassy in Moscow (Video) | the Gateway Pundit.

As usual, Hoft’s idiotic “commentary” barely qualifies as English, and has random sections highlighted in bold text for no reason:

This year on Barack Obama’s birthday a group of Russian activists shined a laser show of Obama fellating a banana on the US Embassy in Moscow.

The laser show was projected on the outside of the US Embassy in Moscow.

The Russians shined the lasers on the embassy on the day of the president’s 53rd birthday.

The laser show switched from Happy Birthday Obama to images of Barack in a birthday hat eating a banana.

A group calling itself ‘The Moscow Student Initiative’ claimed responsibility for the projection. They called the show “a gift to Barack Obama.”

The image isn’t the only thing being “projected;” obviously Hoft sees the banana as a gross phallic symbol instead of a piece of food, but tellingly, he switches randomly back and forth between describing it as “eating” and “fellating.” I think Hoft may have some personal issues he hasn’t dealt with.

But as freakishly grotesque as Hoft’s semi-literate blurts are, his commenters take it to the next level of hate speech, with hundreds of ugly homophobic and overtly racist comments. A small sampling of the knuckle-draggers (I’m hiding this section by default because it’s incredibly disgusting):

Is this a reference to his purported sexual persuasion?


Yes, Obama is gay. Kudos to the Russians for calling it like it is…
We have a wuss, gay POS socialist community organizer in the WH !


The world hates Obama. Retribution is coming…it won’t end well for the man. Eventual impeachment (and it IS coming) will be the least of his problems.


Yep, thats no banana. That’s a man baby.


I want to see O-bola, O-Dark-Zero Hero of Benghazi frog marched out of the White House wearing black and white striped pajamas with a ball-and-chain around his feet. (And I don’t mean the First Transvestite, either.)


Thank goodness! I thought the movie was about how Mooch looked like a male ape, with a foot long penis! At least that secret is safe.


Why are black people so offended by monkeys and bananas. The hysteria they whip up over the comparisons makes me suspicious.


They know…..too close for comfort, especially since they’re just as close to apes genetically as they are humans, since they don’t have Neanderthal DNA like everyone else does (only exception is Aboriginese).


And even the Aboriginese were smart enough to get the he11 out of africa and evolve.


The proper term is faggot. The little queen is a faggot.


LOL!!! Bangin’ on the bongos like a chimpanzee.


that wasn’t a banana 0bama was sucking off…. that was Chris matthews small weiner, Bill Clinton’s, and Karl Marx’s small weiners at the gay orgy 0bama usually has with union thugs


Well usually it wouldn’t be a bannana but rather Moochie’s cock


Its mooooochelle’s penis. Or any one of the thousands of other penises the little queer clown has ingested.


How dare they insult monkeys.


This despicable little traitor deserves nothing less than to be slowly hung by the neck until dead.


Reggie’s tool in his monkey mouth?


The Open borders Ape is firing 500 US Army Majors and 300 Captains..


That’s not Obama. It looks more like a picture of a chimp.


Should have had him swinging from a tree.


Liberals:”You must worship Obama, He’s the Messiah”
USA: Nope he’s a chimp from Chicongo….errr I mean Chicago


LOL, everyone knows he sucks dick. It’s obvious, my only question is if his “daughters” are really his kids, or if they had a donor.


It would have been factually accurate had they depicted Obama swallowing Michelle’s phallus instead of that banana.

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Last updated: 2015-07-31 8:11 pm PDT

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 Frank says:

No one has forced Mrs. Baker or Mrs. Gore to bring Prince into their homes. -- PMRC Hearing 1985