An Open Letter to All Democrats

Will you allow the right to divide and conquer us?
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Right Wing Driving Dems to Tug Each Other Apart

I read this diary on DailyKos concerning Bernie supporters wanting to vote Trump in the upcoming General Election. From that diary (which is exceptional; please read it in full):

… I’ve been hearing and reading people who profess to be leftists or progressives saying they will never vote for Clinton but might instead vote for Trump.

Anybody who does that is a freaking numbskull. Anybody claiming to be on the left who votes for Trump deserves not an ounce of respect. Anybody who thinks putting this billionaire bully into the White House makes any kind of sense has none. And anybody who urges people to vote for him is dead to me.

I have no idea how many actual Sanders’ supporters are considering a vote for Trump if Bernie fails to get the nomination.

I don’t know how many of the people who are saying Trump is a good option for progressives in November actually are progressives themselves, how many are blowhards and trolls, and how many are rat-fuckers who have all along favored Trump and are eager to exploit our division. Too many, whatever the count.

Let me tell you, I am pretty certain the number of Democrats willing to vote Trump are as small as those voters minds are because if they vote Trump they are voting for his racist, xenophobic, white nationalist, bombastic, world-threatening views. While hardly impossible, the numbers are just not what we are seeing on the internet.

Why do I say that? Because this is a coordinated effort by the right to split and divide democrats. They are trying to rip us apart — so they can instill either lunatic Trump or Talibangical Theocratic Cruz. (Please, for a moment, think of either of those men having access to the nuclear football and the world’s strongest military.) Maybe, if their current crop of lunatics all immolate before the General, they will bring in — who knows — elder Mitt, or their pet oh-so-serious “economist” Paul Ryan.

Proof of this coordinated effort? Glad you asked. This is a tweet from July, 2015, provided by our own Curious Lurker:

Note where it says they want to pit:

  1. Blacks v. Mexicans
  2. Blacks v Gays
  3. Gays v Moslems
  4. Moslems v. Feminists
  5. Feminists v. Blacks

…with the final instruction to Troll Hard:

You should all be trolling these groups and trying to sew discord between them. Easy enough to do, for the higher IQ element amongst us, and extremely personally rewarding in the form of lols.

Get into their circles, pretend to be them, cause rustled jimmies.

Please keep this in mind so that we stop the divide and conquer stuff. This is what the right wants. I implore you, do not feed these trolls, do not attack other dems.

But, to the point of this post, the following is a comment from the DailyKos diary noted above:

I am voting Bernie in the Illinois primary, but if Hillary wins the nomination, I will gladly support her and/or the Dems with MONEY.

HOWEVER, a Hillary win in Illinois, in the General Election, would practically be a foregone conclusion. I believe that I could safely vote Green in the General, a “protest vote” that would, IN NO WAY, endanger Hillary’s electoral chances. If I lived in Ohio, or Florida, then yes, it would be a different equation, and I would certainly vote Hillary. Hillary may end up winning my support yet here in Illinois; I’m just pointing out that the situation is more fluid than just “Vote Hillary or enable Trump.”

I don’t want to create a ridiculously post. I’ll just say this…every vote counts. If you absolutely cannot vote for the democratic nominee for whatever reason, then don’t. But to say you are doing a protest vote in the General just because, remember this one word:


Because the GOP is going to do everything they can to block the next democratic president as they have our current president. And they love to throw out the word MANDATE. So, by god, let’s give our next democratic president that bloody mandate.

For you who do not think your vote counts, let’s walk this out. You do not think your vote counts. Nor does the guy down the block. Or the three folks across the road. Or the hundred over that hill. Or the thousand in the next county…because each of you is one vote. Just one vote.

While I am a Clinton supporter I would vote for Bernie in the General Election in a second. I wouldn’t give it a cursory thought, it is a foregone conclusion. And I would hope that Bernie would get his Mandate.

Please, do not waste your vote on well-meaning protest votes. Between the right playing their little One way or another, I’m gonna trick you, I’ll trick you, I’ll trick you, trick you, trick you games, states enacting extreme voter ID laws designed to hold back democratic voters, the last thing democrats need is a protest vote because you think your vote doesn’t matter.

Your vote matters. It always has and it always will.

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Last updated: 2021-06-05 2:51 pm PDT
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