Sarah Palin Applauds Brexit Vote: “The EU Is a One World Government Mini-Me!”

Yearning for the chopping block
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I’m sure many LGF readers have been wondering, “What the heck is half-governor Sarah Palin ‘thinking’ about the Brexit vote?”

Well, wonder no more. Because Caribou Barbie has now weighed in and it’s every bit as ludicrous as you knew it would be. Palin says Brexit reminds her of the Declaration of Independence, because the EU is “a One World Government mini-me,” and she hopes it will lead to a “refreshed spirit of sovereignty spreading over the pond to America’s shores” and put “UN shackles next on the chopping block.”

Yet another bizarre disconnected right wing stream of consciousness rant from the woman who was almost Vice President.

Here’s her Facebook post in its stunningly incoherent entirety:

Facebook Post

And here it is in free verse form, because it’s better that way.

A Sarah Palin joint

in the course of human events
it becomes

for one people to
the political bands
which have connected
them with another…

The UK

it was that time

And now
is that time
in the USA

The Brexit referendum
is akin
to our own
Declaration of Independence

May that refreshed
spirit of sovereignty
over the pond
to America’s shores!

Congratulations, smart Brits!

Good on you
all the fear mongering
from special
interest globalists
tend to
aim for that
One World Government
that dissolves
a nation’s
self-determination and sovereignty…

The EU being a One World Government mini-me!

America can learn
an encouraging lesson
from this

It is
to dissolve
political bands
that connect us
to agendas
not in
our best interest

May UN shackles
be next
on the chopping block!

[sound of frenzied finger snapping]

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Last updated: 2016-01-01 10:29 am PST
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