Battle of the Conspiracy Theorists: Chuck C. Johnson vs. Roger Stone

Where might Chuck have gotten a “Clinton DNA sample?”
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The thing about white supremacist troll Chuck C. Johnson is that even other right wing loons can’t stand him, because he’s such — not to put too fine a point on it — a complete douchebag.

And now, the Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi reports that the Rage Furby and Trump adviser Roger Stone (who’s no stranger to loony conspiracy theories himself) are fighting viciously with each other over a ridiculous years-old far right fantasy that Bill Clinton has an illegitimate black son named Danney Williams.

This silly theory was debunked long ago, but Chuck and Roger are both trying to push it now. Who knows why? They apparently think this would somehow hurt Hillary Clinton’s election chances, if they could prove it. So the Chuck-thing wants to get a DNA sample from Danney Williams to test against … something (more on this below). But the Roger-thing is thwarting Chuck’s plans and advising Williams not to cooperate with Chuck.

“I had a representative meet him in Little Rock and gave him a grand just for the meeting,” Johnson said, “We more or less begged him to give us his DNA for money and we offered a lot of money.”

That is where Stone came in.

“I hear from Danney that he doesn’t want to do the DNA testing despite me basically throwing money at him. I ask why, and then I find out it’s because of Roger.”

Johnson texted Stone to confront him, and provided screen shots of the exchange to The Daily Beast. Stone was aggravated Johnson had told Williams he couldn’t help him, and Johnson cautioned him that he was beginning to look like he was all talk. Stone told him to “watch and learn.”

As a result of Stone keeping Williams from him, Johnson is now intensely skeptical of his story. It would be, Johnson says, very easy to perform a DNA test.

“The fact that no one is willing to actually do that suggests to me that this is all a con.” Stone, he said, “goes right up to the line without actually demonstrating it’s true. He just wants it to be truthful enough, or truthy enough, which is what all conspiracy theorists do.”

How hysterically funny is it to see a conspiracy theorist and con man like Chuck C. Johnson ranting about conspiracy theorists and con men?

Almost as funny as Roger Stone’s comments about Chuck:

In an email, Stone called Johnson a “spastic loser,” a “talentless little asshole,” and “mentally ill.” He said Johnson being on the autism spectrum, which he has been open about, explains his problems.

“The issues with autism,” Stone said, “are essentially a person is highly intelligent on the one hand [like Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man], but on the other hand their social skills are stuck at about the level of a 5 year old.”

Stone continued, “So he does ‘off the wall’ things that to the normal person is betrayal/jerk/asshole/crazy, but in his 5-year-old mind he is only able to consider the need for getting attention, nothing else. He was temporarily kicked off Twitter for giving out the home addresses of reporters, then get got reinstated and did it again! He got kicked off again temporarily, and did it again! Then he got permanently banned. So this how the autistic mind / 5-year-old child thinks, he does what brings him attention at the moment, and cannot take consequences into consideration.”

I love this. Does that make me a bad person?

I mentioned above that Chuck claims to have a sample of “the Clinton side of the DNA,” and he’s being cagey about where it came from, but I have a pretty good guess.

Back when Chuck was first banned from Twitter and kept re-registering accounts to try to sneak past the ban, he tweeted a cryptic comment with an image from his “freethechuck” account — then quickly deleted it. This was unusual for Chuck, since he rarely deleted anything he posted on Twitter no matter how ugly it was and no matter how dumb or hateful it made him look. So I strongly suspect he realized he was revealing something he shouldn’t have.

I of course saved a screenshot of that tweet, and here it is:

See that prescription bottle in that bag of trash? The name on it is “Webster Hubbell.” Someone apparently raided Hubbell’s garbage, and mailed it to Chuck; you can see the Priority Mail package it was mailed in underneath.

And this is what Chuck said in the Daily Beast article:

Johnson claims he already has “the Clinton side of the DNA,” but wouldn’t get into details, only divulging that he “sent private eyes to get it.” He added that he wouldn’t need Bill Clinton’s DNA specifically, just that of a relative.

The connection here is related to another old right wing conspiracy theory also pushed by Chuck, that Hubbell is Chelsea Clinton’s real father. So he may believe that something in that bag of trash has “the Clinton side of the DNA” on it. Maybe he thinks Chelsea Clinton left DNA on the soda cans from a visit with Hubbell? Of course, it doesn’t make much sense if he also believes Hubbell is Chelsea’s father, since she wouldn’t have any of Bill Clinton’s DNA in that case — but Chuck isn’t known for thinking clearly about things like this, and he may have abandoned his Webb Hubbell conspiracy theory for something juicier, in his alleged mind.

I’m speculating, of course; if he actually does have a DNA sample (and it’s always appropriate to be skeptical of everything Chuck says), it might have nothing to do with this bag of trash. But it’s a curious convergence.

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Last updated: 2016-01-01 10:29 am PST
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