An Incredible New Jam From Snarky Puppy and Bokanté: “O La”

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Bokanté - Nou Tout Sé Yonn
From the album “Strange Circles,” to be released June 2017 on GroundUP Music.

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Recorded and filmed at Dreamland Studios in West Hurley, New York, in April of 2016.

Written by Michael League & Malika Tirolien.
Music arranged by Michael League.
Vocals arranged and lyrics written by Malika Tirolien.

Produced by Michael League.

Malika Tirolien - vocals & vocal percussion
Roosevelt Collier - lap steel guitar
Michael League - baritone guitar, bass & vocal percussion
Chris McQueen - baritone guitar
Bob Lanzetti - electric guitar
Jamey Haddad - percussion
André Ferrari - percussion
Keita Ogawa - percussion

Engineered and mixed by Nic Hard.
Assisted by Bella Blasko.
Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk NYC.
Filmed by Andy LaViolette, Simon C.F. Yu, Yusuke Suzuki, and Michael League.

Facebook - @Bokanté / BokanteMusic
Instagram - @BokanteMusic
Twitter - @BokanteMusic



On boug té ka promenéy
Lèw gadé i ped chimen ay
Mé adan malè ay chans ay fèy rivé koté on bel kaz
I pa poséy trop kestion
I rantré an didan ay
Pou touvé propriétè a kaz la douvan’y
Ki té paré pou mandé’y

O la ou soti o la?
O la ou kalé o la?

Boug la koumansé palé
rakonté ki jan i té ped
Ki jan kaz ay té trop lwen
Pou i té pé rantré
a lè lannuit té ja tonbé
I mandé propriétè
Siy té pé rété ti bwen
Boug la diy pa ni pwoblem
Invitéy rantré
Mété on manjé assi difé

Mé la nonm la ki té ped la
Vwè tout’ boté an didan kaz la
Touvé manjé la byen a gou ay
Koumansé mal gadé moun la ki té rècèvway
I pa té vlé kité plas la
apré yon dé 3 jou i té la
I désidé tchouyé boug la
Pou y té volé kaz la é pran tout zafè ay

Malè vin touvé bon kè
pas jalouzi té vin fouté dawa a tè
Malè vin touvé bon kè
pas jalouzi té vin poté gam a lan mizè

An lo soley lévé
Boug la té byen enstalé
Mé I té pè volè
Vini chèché sa ki a lè té tay
I dékoré kaz ay
Èvè anlo bayé
I fèméy andidan ay
Jis tan on jou
I tan tanbou té ka joué asi pot ay

To to
Ni on moun la?
Es ou pé ouvè ban mwen?

A lè la sété tou ay
A lè la sété tou ay
Mandé moun la déwo la
O la…

O la ou soti o la?
O la ou kalé o la?

Mwen soti on koté ki lwen
Pas on rev palé ban mwen
I di mwen koté sit an ké pé touvé sa an pa ni
Touvé sa mwen bizwen
Touvé sa mwen bizwen
Touvé sa mwen bizwen

Ta la la ka goumé
Pou I pé sa rantré
É lot la ka lité
Pou pot ay rété fèmé

É ay ay yay
Tout sa ou voyé ka ritouné


a man was walking
and lost his way
in his misfortune, he found luck and a house
without a question
he made his way inside
where he found the owner, who asked

where do you come from?
where are you going?

the man began to tell the story
of how he lost his way
of how far he was from home
and now that night was falling
asked to stay a while
the owner granted
inviting him to remain
and putting food on the table

but when the lost man saw the beauty of the home
and tasted the richness of the meal
he looked at the one who had opened his door
and knew then that he had no desire to leave
in time he decided
to kill his host and make the house his own

misfortune came to the good heart
in the presence of jealousy
misfortune came to the good heart
for jealousy always precedes misery

with many sunrises
the man was well-established
but stricken with fear of thieves
coming to take what was now his
he adorned his home with barriers
and locked himself in
until one day
he heard the sound of a drum at his door, saying

is there someone here?
can you open up for me?

now it was his turn
to ask the person outside

where are you from?
where are you going?

I come from far away
and because of a dream
which told me
I could find all that I need in this place

one fighting to enter
and the other struggling
for the door to stay closed

é ay yay yay
what you throw comes back to you

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