And Now, Something Delightfully Weird: “The Moon’s Milk” Trailer (Narrated by Tom Waits)

85Sherlock Hound
3/28/21 3:18:50 pm
re: #80 Dangerman It's irrelevant. The QOP wants apartheid, and they will get it. The mechanics of voting don't mean anything. We're likely living through the last good government in America. Biden, presiding over the Last Republic, likely to pass ...

“Earth Crisis” - a Beautiful Short Film Featuring the Music of Dirty Projectors

284Nojay UK
1/11/21 2:19:29 am
re: #282 NetworkKed One backup is no backup. Two backups is a start. Three backups is getting somewhere, assuming one of those isn't in the same geographical area of the primary system. The Cloudy-wouldy thingy-wingy can be your friend here. ...

Now for Something Different: A Genuinely Creepy Horror Short: “Other Side of the Box” [VIDEO]

389John Hughes
7/08/20 6:09:06 pm
re: #365 Hecuba's daughter Obama was a nice, competent guy, but that is grade-a bollocks. If Obama had been president the coronavirus would still have arrived in the US. The difference would have been the federal response. Obama could not ...