A Twisted Little Short Horror Film: “The Vicious”

Warning: rated PG for violence
613Khal Wimpo (not drinking damn fish tank cleaner)
3/16/20 10:36:44 am
re: #475 Yeah Sure WhatEVs Putin's boys are busy. Will be interesting to see if Trump again stabs America in the back by siding with the KGB trying to sabotage our response to a pandemic, over our own intelligence services. ...

Stunning High Resolution Video From the International Space Station: The World Below: Time-Lapse | Earth 2

Gorgeous in full screen
525Sionainn, Warrior Mother
1/06/19 9:25:42 pm
re: #516 Belafon Ya think?!? I get so frustrated and angry with people who shit all over transgender folks. It's despicable and puts them through a hell that they don't need.