Now for Something Different: A Genuinely Creepy Horror Short: “Other Side of the Box” [VIDEO]

389John Hughes
7/08/20 6:09:06 pm
re: #365 Hecuba's daughter Obama was a nice, competent guy, but that is grade-a bollocks. If Obama had been president the coronavirus would still have arrived in the US. The difference would have been the federal response. Obama could not ...

A Twisted Little Short Horror Film: “The Vicious”

Warning: rated PG for violence
613Khal Wimpo (not drinking damn fish tank cleaner)
3/16/20 10:36:44 am
re: #475 Yeah Sure WhatEVs Putin's boys are busy. Will be interesting to see if Trump again stabs America in the back by siding with the KGB trying to sabotage our response to a pandemic, over our own intelligence services. ...