John Oliver on the Diverse Group Known as “Asian Americans”

2157-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
6/08/21 6:08:15 am
re: #64 Dopamine Fish Where we live, every few years a mother dies or abandons her young. Then they come begging at our house. Always four of them, and always displaying the broadest range of behaviors: One so friendly it ...

Pink Tax, Wage Gap, Gender Discrimination: Stories of Being a Woman in America During the Pandemic [VIDEO]

6/03/21 3:11:27 pm
re: #128 sagehen As a little kid back in the early 60s in Buffalo NY, I was a member of the local PAL (Police Athletic League). I strolled into the woodshop room one day and was the only kid there. ...
Not quite over-the-top enough; needs assault rifles, lightning, and Trump riding a velociraptor while Jesus prays to HIM.

It’s Come to This: QAnon Freaks Are Running for US Senate

Don’t laugh. We all thought there was NO WAY an obviously idiotic & incompetent narcissist could be President…
298Eventual Carrion
5/21/20 11:04:42 am
re: #228 The Pie Overlord! I think it is just some graffiti she saw scrawled on a toilet lid.

“Normie-to-Fascist Pipeline” Analysis Shows How Red-Pilling Turns Ordinary Trolls Into Violent Wackos

The whole “GamerGate” movement was a real inflection point; we knew it was bad, but not THIS bad
4/01/19 9:40:17 pm
re: #212 Belafon I don't use Linux, but Brother printers are like the Energizer bunny...they keep going and going and going and....

The Stunning Hypocrisy of Erick Erickson

Or how everyone seems to ignore the rampant racism, xenophobia, and misogyny of Erick Erickson & his site
355The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
8/08/15 6:15:09 pm
re: #349 Blind Frog Belly White My standard version is: "You're an asshole, and your argument is wrong"--simple insult. "You're an asshole, therefore your argument is wrong"--ad hominem fallacy.