Lubbock Area Teacher’s Controversial #Imnotracist Post Going Viral

125wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam
6/11/15 5:46:34 pm
re: #118 majii This. But in China, it's very common for teachers to openly criticize and/or marginalize students in very harsh ways. My college students have many horror stories to share with me. It's like Tiger Mom/Eagle Dad, but much ...

Bennett Elementary, where this person teaches, is in the Frenship Independent School District. This encompasses a large part of southwest Lubbock, as well as adjacent rural areas. Bennett itself and the Frenship district offices are located in the community of Wolfforth, which borders Lubbock on the southwest. My former business …

One Third (?!) of PA High School Science Teachers Believe in Creationism - And Some Teach It

Let’s not ‘cram’ science into our children!
4/29/13 5:35:52 pm
re: #46 Feline Fearless Leader The response to Sputnik may have been motivated partly by irrational fear, but it was still a RATIONAL response. Today, the response would be, "We're not prayin' enough, and we're believin' the evolution and not ...