Colbert’s “Facts About Earth,” Where Everyone Is Obsessed With Mark Johnson

199Shiplord Kirel: Fan of USPS, Goodyear, and Oreo
4/23/21 5:44:16 pm
This is barbaric: Remains Of Black Children Killed in MOVE Bombing Cannot Be Located Both were identified shortly after the incident. One victim's mother is still alive.

And Now, Attack of the Killer Surfing Snails (True Facts w/ Ze Frank)

5/03/20 6:34:04 am
re: #74 Charles Johnson I'm actually one of the people who vote on how the PHP language evolves Now there's a new generation of people maintaining the language, and the original people are less involved, there's a greater chance ...

Some More News: We Have Lost the War on Boars, It’s Their World Now

The world slept as the boars took over
887-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
1/09/20 2:33:44 pm
re: #25 jaunte One of my Cattle Dogs does that to my iPad when I am on the throne: “You’re stuck there, now rub my head!”