A Doctor Reacts to Trump’s Dangerous Dog and Pony Show: ‘It’s All Propaganda’

8/25/20 11:02:48 am
re: #263 jaunte White House Insider: Trump Wanted to 'Maim' Immigrants Here's a half hour podcast with Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security talking with Molly Jong-Fast & Rick Wilson. The quotes came ...

In Which Donald Trump Fights COVID-19 With Magical Thinking and Con Man Happy Talk

“This is going away. It’s gonna leave. It’s gonna be gone.”
4/29/20 8:56:41 pm
Mites on Common Mullia So small that I did not notice them through the viewfinder. On my screen at home, I thought they were ticks. A browse through the insect book suggested they were Concrete Mites. Fat blood red bugs ...
Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Things Republicans Consider “Essential Services:” Churches and Guns

160A hollow voice says, Beware the strongman con
4/01/20 9:48:21 pm
re: #99 The Pie Overlord! I read the book after I saw the movie, and what happened in the movie was everything they imagined might go wrong (but didn't, fortunately). The actual rescue went smoothly.

Here’s Something You Don’t See Every Day: Stephen Colbert Changes a Bike Inner Tube [VIDEO]

164John Hughes
3/25/20 8:25:07 am
re: #91 FormerDirtDart 🍕🐀 No Capt'n😷Trips Great. Brazilian drugs gangs have better understanding of the role of government than the Brazilian president. Has anyone read The Syndic by Cyril M. Kornbluth?

Stephen Colbert Does a Show in His Bathing Suit [VIDEO]

503gocart mozart
3/17/20 5:48:05 pm
News on coronavirus is moving fast. In an effort to help keep my constituents in the loop, I'm going to start doing regular evening updates on what's happened over the past 24 hours. Here's my first one ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/CPK1jLZEaF ...

John Oliver Roasts the Trump Gang Over Their Handling of Coronavirus [VIDEO]

495gocart mozart
3/02/20 5:51:00 pm
"The only time religious freedom is invoked is in the name of bigotry and discrimination. I’m tired of it" — @AOC just flipped the entire ‘religious freedom’ argument on its headThe hypocrisy of evangelicals is disturbing & goes against ...

John Oliver’s Latest Is a Funny, Perceptive Examination of a Subject You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Know About: Medical Devices [VIDEO]

144Jebediah, RBG
6/04/19 2:38:46 pm
re: #52 gocart mozart Fucking hell. I don't usually get weepy over the passing of celebrities, musicians, etc. Sad and bummed, yes, but not weepy. God fucking damn it.