Proof That John Oliver Can Even Make Mobile Homes (And the Exploitation of Their Owners) a Fascinating Subject [VIDEO]

4/09/19 11:14:06 am
re: #405 Belafon I agree. Confederates get the holidays and the movies. We need to know about the right side of the equation-the liberty side. I mean , all a lot of people know about Grant was that he was ...

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12/22/12 1:55:22 pm
re: #15 Gus Those are RPD light machine guns or semi-auto copies, the ones at either end being replicas, though the middle one might be original. They do not feed from a box magazine, instead feeding from a 100-round belt ...

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12/21/12 12:49:53 pm
re: #3 Gus SATIRE!!! The wife of my "independent"* friend actually tried to use the "satire" meme as a justification for her husband listening to Rush Limbaugh for nearly 2 decades. Fortunately, I wasn't there at the time. It's amazing ...

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12/13/12 11:46:17 am
re: #166 Killgore Trout the indictment does not allege that Brown himself stole the credit-card numbers or that he profited from having them. Doesn't matter if I'm in possession of stolen property I can be charged, even if I didn't ...

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9Capitalist Tool
12/04/12 8:25:08 am
Using my antique B&L 60X (pretty good even today) spotting scope has prompted a desire to get a much better instrument for star gazing. First use of the old spotter and low and behold, there were the rings of Saturn. ...