In Which Donald Trump Sends a Bizarre Ranty Letter to Sen. Schumer

109Barefoot Grin
4/02/20 6:42:14 pm
re: #79 Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel Ironically, chicken tastes like squirrel.

I’m filing this under Weird, for obvious reasons. This is not the behavior of a well human being at the best of times, but we’re in the midst of a pandemic and this guy is supposed to be the leader of the US. (Click the image icon under the tweet …

Exclusive: Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson Pays $25,000 to Settle Defamation Lawsuit

404Chez Ko Pe
6/02/18 12:14:19 pm
Didn't Chuckles once promise to "turn the proceedings into a clown show" or something like that if he was forced into court? I mean, ANYTHING involving CCJ is automatically a "clown show" by definition, but I'd love to see him ...
Chuck C. Johnson, seen here stalking Rep. Maxine Waters on a plane as she slept
Chuck C. Johnson, seen here stalking Rep. Maxine Waters on a plane as she slept

In Which Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson Stalks Rep. Maxine Waters on a Plane, and Is Applauded by Her Opponent, Omar Navarro

407Eric The Fruit Bat
12/16/17 1:40:50 pm
re: #311 Mattand It's really very simple - the Religious Right along with the GOP played The Long Game -and that's why were at the current messed up state we are in. All of these "Our Revolution" types don't understand ...

Roger Stone and Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson: Peas in a Putrid Pod

Stone threatens to sue Twitter
281Blind Frog Belly White
10/29/17 5:39:45 pm
re: #279 CleverToad She and Ari Melber seem to be the 'Go To' folks to cover others' days off. But, yeah. Joy deserves a primetime show. But whose? Brian Williams? I'd rather trade him for an earlier repeat of Chris ...
White supremacist Chuck C. Johnson (L), Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R)

Sen. Rand Paul Meets With Rep. Dana Rohrabacher - and Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson

Rohrabacher brings a Holocaust denier with him to Sen. Paul’s office
160LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)
10/11/17 9:20:41 pm
re: #159 teleskiguy I dunno. You can be partisan as hell and still be good friends across the aisle but your skepticism isn't without merit.

Breaking: Neo-Nazi Sympathizing “Celebrity” Tila Tequila Suspended From Twitter

11/22/16 12:29:23 pm
Please always report accounts like that. I (ahem) was among those who had reported Tila Tequila and Richard Spencer and it is gratifying and makes a refreshing change, having sometimes reported dangerous and offensive material that was on Twitter and ...