Donald Trump Defends Call to Punish Women Who Have Abortions: ‘I Didn’t See Any Big Deal’

4/05/16 7:31:33 pm
re: #174 Great White Snark I think it is too safe to utter those words in the face of the facts that it almost assured that nothing as far as regulation and enforcement is probably ever going to happen. I ...

SCOTUS Rules For ACA, Derpsplosion Erupts On Twitter

6/25/15 2:05:02 pm
re: #208 The Vicious Babushka it's alt fiction and is hardly sympathetic to the South, honest. Actually it could be classified as SF as it posits that time travelling apartheid south africans support the cause of the South with automatic ...

How Online Fundraising Confusion, Lawyers & Chuck C. Johnson Kept $60k From Tamir Rice’s Family

338wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam
5/05/15 7:55:52 pm
HappyWarrior, in reply to your #47 and Nyet's replies, Arabic did influence peninsular Spanish quite a bit, since the Arabs occupied a large part of the Iberian peninsula during the early Middle Ages. The Spanish article "el" is in fact ...