IBEW Investigates Trump’s Union Claims

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8/28/16 1:24:34 pm
re: #433 jaunte With one or two of them in the audience.

The Backwoods family is lifelong union and we are very proud members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). MrBWS is a journeyman outdoor lineman who works 50 hours a week maintaining and upgrading the electrical grid. When storms hit, he and his fellow linemen are the ones who …

KY GOP Sen. Who Said Mars Has the Same Temperature as Earth Doubles Down

Sen. Brandon Smith (famous climate science ‘academic’) is still living on Mars
1397-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
7/14/14 7:58:01 pm
re: #96 Pie-onist Overlord I'm really beginning to think that a lot of those "conservative" (blonde) girls who tweet may actually be guys who like to pretend they are tough girls?

This Is What Happens When Legislators Don’t Learn Science in School

Kentucky still has “concerns” about climate change…
7/07/14 11:08:38 am
[Reposted from other thread by request] Yeah, I've seen one of those "out of context" defenses being raised by a RWNJ on a chat network. Basically, that guy claimed it was taken out of context, and that the honorable gentleman ...