A Collection of Right-Wing Radio Hosts Dead of COVID

This list will no doubt grow in the weeks and months ahead
8/27/21 7:03:47 pm
Interesting how these fucking ghouls always have regrets, and a real change of heart...after it happens to THEM. It's almost like they don't give two shits about anybody but themselves.

Yes, every death is a tragedy, and Meditation 17 by John Donne, which states “no man is an island” is still as true today as the day it was written. However. The pattern that is starting to emerge here is at the very least, worthy of closer examination. That …

Infowars, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson: A Trifecta of Derp

Not being allowed to send lies that kill people over SMS texts is apparently the new Holocaust
585John Hughes
8/13/20 9:40:44 am
re: #557 Yeah Sure WhatEVs "Great" is the entry drug to exceptionalism. I'd say "Vote Biden to Start Making America America Again". Aspire. Don't assume you've got it, or ever will. Yeah, I'm shit at political slogans.
Not quite over-the-top enough; needs assault rifles, lightning, and Trump riding a velociraptor while Jesus prays to HIM.

It’s Come to This: QAnon Freaks Are Running for US Senate

Don’t laugh. We all thought there was NO WAY an obviously idiotic & incompetent narcissist could be President…
298Eventual Carrion
5/21/20 11:04:42 am
re: #228 The Pie Overlord! I think it is just some graffiti she saw scrawled on a toilet lid.
Someone has to do it. Might as well be ALL OF US.

“Normie-to-Fascist Pipeline” Analysis Shows How Red-Pilling Turns Ordinary Trolls Into Violent Wackos

The whole “GamerGate” movement was a real inflection point; we knew it was bad, but not THIS bad
4/01/19 9:40:17 pm
re: #212 Belafon I don't use Linux, but Brother printers are like the Energizer bunny...they keep going and going and going and....

That Time Mike Cernovich Threatened Trump

The next “Pizzagate” should be a real magnum opus
4/17/17 12:15:42 pm
re: #48 FormerDirtDart I almost feel bad for the croc as, out of camera, he gets hulk body-whipped and then has a couple of the bigger elephants drop atomic elbows on him from off the top rope.
Lots of mouth. Small brain-case. What is this atavistic species?

Circular Firing Squad: GOP the Day After Nikki Haley Attacks Trump

Set hair on fire. Run in circles. Scream. Repeat. Coherent planning? Not so much.
171Captain Magic
1/13/16 6:40:20 pm
re: #116 teleskiguy Typical Fox News Advice from their experts.....

Right Wingers Are Shrieking About New Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Because of Course

It’s all part of the grand leftist agenda to control all media everywhere, see?
38Khal Wimpo (free internal organs upon request!)
4/02/15 12:01:52 am
re: #36 Justanotherhuman You mean, you think that the Daily Show choosing a guy who is a combo of mixed-race and damnfurriner is enough to make Redneckistan go into total freakout mode? That their objections to Trevor aren't all about ...