Roseanne Blames Ambien; Ambien Says “Racism Is Not a Known Side Effect”

Employing the “Mel Gibson” defense for racist outburst has so far, had little efficacy
450Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
5/30/18 11:26:05 pm
re: #434 Targetpractice we obsess more about a missing white woman than about missing children

(scene from Ambien social media team office) “Dum-te-dum, not much going on with the feeds right now, a couple of people hating on the corporate butterfly logo, no big … WHAT THE FUCK!! NEXT: call to Chief of Marketing “Um sir, we seem to have a problem on Twitter. …

That Time Mike Cernovich Threatened Trump

The next “Pizzagate” should be a real magnum opus
4/17/17 12:15:42 pm
re: #48 FormerDirtDart I almost feel bad for the croc as, out of camera, he gets hulk body-whipped and then has a couple of the bigger elephants drop atomic elbows on him from off the top rope.
Lots of mouth. Small brain-case. What is this atavistic species?

Circular Firing Squad: GOP the Day After Nikki Haley Attacks Trump

Set hair on fire. Run in circles. Scream. Repeat. Coherent planning? Not so much.
171Eric The Fruit Bat
1/13/16 6:40:20 pm
re: #116 teleskiguy Typical Fox News Advice from their experts.....

Right Wingers Are Shrieking About New Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Because of Course

It’s all part of the grand leftist agenda to control all media everywhere, see?
38Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)
4/02/15 12:01:52 am
re: #36 Justanotherhuman You mean, you think that the Daily Show choosing a guy who is a combo of mixed-race and damnfurriner is enough to make Redneckistan go into total freakout mode? That their objections to Trevor aren't all about ...