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Ikea parodies Apple commercials to introduce its 2015 catalog
9/06/14 4:30:07 pm
re: #23 thedopefishlives Here's my thought: if minimum wage was $21/hr, all wages would be pushed up. We'd have a race to the top (and the best economy on the planet) instead of a race to the bottom and a ...
Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in "Babes on Broadway" (1941), one of the four musicals they starred in together. Credit Clarence Bull/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Mickey Rooney, Master of Putting on a Show, Dies at 93

4/07/14 4:26:00 pm
re: #47 Kragar Not everyone who doesn't love and obey him. Just the ones who refuse to remove the Johns from their Thomases as infants.

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3/05/13 3:14:01 pm
re: #95 FemNaziBitch At home, I browse Little Green Footballs using iPhone (4S) Safari/Google. Too much trouble to break out and boot up the laptop. The trick when using an iPhone is to compose your reply in iPhone Notes, then ...

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2/26/13 11:15:36 am
re: #289 Targetpractice, Worst of Both Worlds Zimmerman is charged with murder 2, not pre-meditated murder 1. No one is claiming he went out that night or followed Martin with the intention to murder him.

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78Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
2/05/13 7:38:33 pm
re: #77 Political Atheist Or who haven't, but have been scared by her out of context statistics into buying a gun or training from her, enriching her in the process. I am really surprised you'd point to this woman as ...

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1/25/13 11:26:18 am
re: #24 Political Atheist It is worth knowing but dismissing discussion about these weapons as "lovely propaganda" is crap. And I agree we should be talking specifics. The problem is you have some who don't want to talk at all ...

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78Achilles Tang
1/15/13 6:33:35 pm
re: #77 Interesting Times I know that, and Charles makes such posts from time to time. I understand that, but who is this proxy Michaelj, and why?

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1/11/13 11:23:36 am
WHOOPS: Conservative Scholar Admits That A Debt Ceiling Breach Really Could Mean A Debt Default by @thestalwart read.bi/ZQJhAQ — Business Insider (@businessinsider) January 11, 2013