Her twitter page and a little of her wisdom

CuriousLurker aka Aminah - May Allah Embrace Your Kind Soul

Our dear friend and fierce advocate has left us
236Floral Giraffe
1 week, 6 days ago
re: #154 Charles Johnson She did make the world a better place! And I feel blessed to have had her in my world, if in just a little LGF way!

This is easily the hardest Page I have ever undertaken. No easy words can be found when a dear friend is suddenly gone. On March 10th I got what would be the last DM from her. Ordinarily we would chat a couple times a week. Days later she had …

How Administration Officials Cried ‘Terrorism’ to Cover Up a Paperwork Error

The “No Fly List” is punishment without due process
126Clearly a Country For Sick Old Haters
2/12/14 5:17:07 am
re: #124 Charles Johnson Wired has been a bit nuts for a couple of years now. There's still value there, but they tend to get hysterical over government matters, and have been hyping Bitcoin in a big way.

Gallup Poll Finds 58% of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana

What’s that smell?
10/23/13 1:28:11 pm
re: #275 Vicious Babushka I think the invisible hand is already telling the Waltons. I was reading news stories about them having supply problems several months ago, and I know an ex-employee and basically they have hardly any stock on ...

Federal Judge Blocks North Dakota Abortion Law, Calls It ‘Unconstitutional’

180I cannot.
7/23/13 6:18:40 am
re: #100 Dark_Falcon He wants to be Walker, Texas Ranger or Rambo or something to fulfill some feelings of inadequacy. It's a feeling that I'm not unfamiliar with myself. Now, that slimy lawyer O'mara is talking about how awesome he ...

How 19-Year-Old Activist Zack Kopplin Is Making Life Hell for Louisiana’s Creationists

You gotta love this kid for stepping up
357Birth Control Works
1/16/13 7:48:40 am
re: #339 jamesfirecat Rand can be hard take and like all single-minded idealists, must be taken as such. She had some good insights and was ballsy enough to stand apart from herd. I probably admire her more for that than ...