Texas Republicans Adopt Astonishingly Extreme Party Platform

5/19/16 8:46:43 pm
re: #340 The Vicious Babushka

This not a Sovereign Citizen manifesto issued by some drunken crackpot in a rundown compound on the fringes of Lubbock, it is the official platform of the largest and most powerful political organization in the state: They openly called for eliminating several critical federal agencies which handle labor unions, …

Lubbock Area Teacher’s Controversial #Imnotracist Post Going Viral

125wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam
6/11/15 5:46:34 pm
re: #118 majii This. But in China, it's very common for teachers to openly criticize and/or marginalize students in very harsh ways. My college students have many horror stories to share with me. It's like Tiger Mom/Eagle Dad, but much ...

Sir David Frost Interviews Buzz Aldrin: “Discovering the Moon”

7/27/13 8:05:15 pm
re: #17 ProTARDISLiberal Also, if your really wanted to go Balls to the Wall, you could invite various Nations to help participate monetarily and scientifically within NASA in exchange for seats on various missions. Canada is a good start. Then ...