Defunct Furniture Store Leaves Behind Hateful Message for Area “Commies”

Hard to believe this guy couldn’t stay in business!
5/12/15 10:12:46 pm
This guy. Ugh.

You will probably be aware that Kansas is among the reddest of red states. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. Lawrence is home to the large University of Kansas and is a significant liberal enclave in the state. Recently, the owner of a Lawrence furniture store in operation since …

CNN Held Talks About Joint Venture With Glenn Beck’s The Blaze

CNN will apparently do anything to save their floundering HLN network
8/23/14 2:01:52 pm
So, after spending several years driving NBC into the ground before finally getting fired, people are surprised Jeff then proceeds to drive CNN into the ground after he is put in charge of that network? This guy sucks at running ...