Amazing Video: Ultra High Definition Orbits of Saturn

Breathtaking photography of the ringed gas giant
10/20/18 1:06:09 pm
re: #54 Ace-o-aces Am I wrong? I'm no expert myself, but even I can see there's definitely a problem in aiming accurately: never mind that the silencer is longer than the gun- it's clearly attached to the gun at a ...

Video by @runnymonkey.

Climate Scientist Faces Off With the Virulently Anti-Science House Science Committee

Appalling contempt for science
3/30/17 3:53:42 pm
re: #263 William Lewis I kept an old Dell laptop going with parts from Ebay. An old Inspiron. Hell I bought one for parts. You tube has tear down and repair videos on an amazing range of stuff.

Jordan Klepper From The Daily Show Goes to a Trump Rally in Tennessee, Sees Horror

Peer into the minds of Trump supporters in deep red America
3/27/17 11:26:56 am
re: #277 Birth Control Works Imagine if the headline replaced "Abortion" with "Pro-Choice." Tim Kayne and Joe Biden are both pro-choice Catholics. They can separate their personal faith from the decisions of women.