Independence Day Podcast: The Bob and Chez Show, 7/2/15

Crazy Cooter
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Here’s the latest Bob and Chez Show podcast, to start off this Independence Day by making fun of crazed right wingers, as is our wont.

Crazy Cooter: Dukes of Hazzard Cast Member Defends Confederate Flag on Fox News; All New and Totally Crazy Sarah Palin Audio; Jim Webb is Running for President; Rand Paul Meets with Cliven Bundy; Steve King Wants to Impeach Supreme Court Justices; Rush Limbaugh’s Butthurt Balm; Crazy Christian Facebook Lady is Crazy; and much more.

Podcast o’ the Day: The Bob and Chez Show, 6/30/15

Examining the clown car
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Some audio entertainment for a rather slow Wednesday news day: The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 6/30/15.

Blow Blow Blow: The Most Vile Fox News Channel Segment Ever; Chris Christie is Running; Donald Trump Fired by NBC; Lindsey Graham Talks About His Girlfriends; Ben Carson is Bored with His Own Campaign; Bobby Jindal Wants to Eliminate the Supreme Court; Farewell, Chris Squire; and much more.

Hilarious! CNN Guests Gravely Analyze “ISIS Flag” at London Pride Parade (Psst: It’s a Dildo Flag)

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This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen so far this year, as CNN International reporter Lucy Pawle gravely reports on an “ISIS Flag” she discovered today at the London Gay Pride Parade, and then a panel including terrorism expert Peter Bergen spends several minutes soberly analyzing the flag and what it means.

Could it be a signal to attack? Why didn’t someone try to find the person carrying it? Should we be CONCERNED? What could it MEAN!?

And none of them notice that the symbols on the flag are … butt plugs and dildos and other sex toys.

UPDATE at 6/27/15 2:46:41 pm by Charles Johnson

And to really put the icing on this cake, CNN reporter Lucy Pawle then deleted her video and tried to deny she ever reported this:

Overnight Podcast: The Bob & Chez Show, 6/25/15, Minus Chez, Plus Me

What really happened
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The latest edition of the Bob & Chez Show features yours truly as co-host, because Chez is having a lost weekend in Vegas and there was Chuck C. Johnson news to relate.

Also in this podcast: the story of how I, a guitar-playing kid from Hawaii, ended up in the A&M studios with Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham and George Duke for my first major recording session ever.

Jiggery-Pokery: With Guest Co-host Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs; Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson’s Continued Descent into Obscurity; Bobby Jindal is Running; Chris Christie is Running; Good News for Donald Trump; Obamacare Upheld by the Supreme Court; Scalia is Insane; Plus, all about Charles Johnson’s Music Career and Entry into Political Blogger; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

Overnight Podcast: The Bob and Chez Show 6/23/15

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Watch out, Chez is in Vegas and he’s been hammering down tequila all day: The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 6/23/15.

Fox and Friends Host Hits a Guy With an Axe; Chez Live from Las Vegas; Obama Says the N-word, Outrage Ensues; Fox and Friends Can’t Say Marc Maron’s Name; Why is the Confederate Flag Still an Issue; Haley Barbour and Lindsey Graham Defend the Confederate Flag; Lindsey Graham’s South Carolina Skeet City; Trump is in Second Place; Gohmert Jokes About Running; and much more.

Chuck C. Johnson’s Suit Against Gawker Has Really Been Filed

The nutty hack-fraud is going through with it
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Today Adam Steinbaugh tweeted a screenshot to me, showing that Chuck Johnson has actually filed his lawsuit against Gawker in Missouri:

I recommend reading Steinbaugh’s post on this entirely frivolous suit, for the full flavor of its ridiculousness: Chuck Johnson Files Libel Lawsuit in Missouri for Some Reason.

Also see

Chuck Johnson’s Petition to Sue Gawker Media

He’s going to try to sue Gawker in … Missouri?
Humor • Views: 49,421

Believe it or else, Chuck Johnson appears to be going through with his numerous threats to sue Gawker Media and several of their writers individually. Here’s a document leaked by someone (can you guess who might do this?) that lays out this laughable case. I hope you’re not drinking anything while you read this, but he’s asking the court to award him $20 million dollars from Gawker.

Note that it says he’s going to try to file this suit in Missouri, even though Missouri clearly doesn’t have jurisdiction over a case like this.

Warning: this document is extremely defamatory to Chuck C. Johnson. Read at your own risk.


Gawker doesn’t seem too worried.

And by the way — Chuck Johnson also told the Daily Caller today that he’s planning to sue Little Green Footballs and Politico as well. Oh, and CNN and Carol Costello too. So LGF is in pretty good company here.

Also see

Hilarious Short Film of the Day: Matt Jones in “Love Seat”

A man and his couch
Humor • Views: 33,318


Here’s a wacky little short film I predict you’re gonna love. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll believe a sofa can sing. (Actually, it doesn’t sing very well at all.)

Joe (Matt Jones) is moving in with his girlfriend - which means having to get rid of his old treasured couch, a symbol of his bachelorhood. When he begins to change his mind about moving in with her, his couch comes alive to show him the real ‘cushion’ in his life.

Written and Directed by: Matthew Richmond



Overnight Podcast: The Bob & Chez Show, 6/16/15

Humor • Views: 33,885

MP3 Audio

In tonight’s episode of the Bob & Chez Show, Donald Trump embarrasses America in front of the whole world. But I guess we should be used to that by now, with the creationists, climate change deniers and assorted anti-science reactionary throwbacks who run the GOP.

Shooting Skeet: Donald Trump is Officially Running for President; The Clown Car Has a Driver; Trump’s Announcement Speech; Lindsey Graham Shooting Skeet; Crazy California Politician Blames Drought on Abortion; God is an A-hole; Ben Carson is the Frontrunner; The Rachel Dolezal Controversy; Alex Jones Rants About Hillary’s Voice; and much more.

Sarah Palin Poetry Slam of the Day

Go Vandals!
Humor • Views: 28,294

Sarah Palin’s latest disjointed rant is about NAACP Spokane president Rachel Dolezal, and like every other right winger on the Internets Palin is churning out the bizarre analogies like a Bizarre Analogy Factory. Here’s her wall of gibberish as impressionistic free verse, because it really is better this way for everyone.

A Sarah Palin joint

I’m sorry.

I shouldn’t laugh…
this hard.

I know
this isn’t
a victimless crime,
what this white chick

it’s a most crystal
clear picture of
so many screwed up things
we’ve let society adopt as

the norm.

the practice
of judging someone

not based on character,
but on skin color.

Our original
civil rights freedom fighters
are rolling
in their graves
over the backward steps we’ve taken lately.

politically incorrect
to call out Elizabeth Warren
falsely claiming she’s
American Indian,
or dinging Obama
for just making up his
former multi-ethnic girlfriend,

and I guarantee I’ll be branded a racist
for laughing at this Rachel Dolezal story.


Dolezal is
an unsatisfied
lily white leftist
who believes
the only thing less politically correct
than being
a white girl
is to be
a white guy

Can’t help but
be preemptively amused

as I post this
and invite
Dolzel’s defenders wrath
to aim and miss
at we who won’t
put up with
political correctness destroying
truth in America.

Oh, and on
a personal note,
I can finally
look forward to
the Left’s
positive comments about
a scholar’s association with
in Idaho!

all that high-falutin’ criticism for
choosing a good school that
I could afford to attend while
working my way through,
graduating college
I can’t wait
to hear
the former mockers of Idaho
now defend
the integrity of
that great state’s

Go Vandals!

[wild finger snapping beatnik applause ensues]

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 Frank says:

You see, when I was a kid I used to save up for a month, so I could get an R&B album and, the same day, the completed works of Anton Webern. Maybe that means something. Maybe that tells you something about my music. -- Excerpt from the book "Rock and Other Four Letter Words", copyright 1968.