Barack Obama Takes Over the Colbert Report

Humor • Views: 30,138

Comedy Central Video

In which President Obama proves he’s perfectly capable of doing Stephen Colbert’s job.

Jon Stewart Returns to the Eric Garner Chokehold Death: We Can’t Breathe

Somebody did get indicted
Humor • Views: 29,994


Jon Stewart is obviously trying to find a way to discuss the Eric Garner case, and the tension between his usual humorous approach and the deadly seriousness of this issue makes for compelling viewing.

Stephen Colbert on the Historic No Social Security for Nazis Act

“You’re on your honor not to use that, people who seek to destroy me”
Humor • Views: 31,671

Comedy Central Video

Who says Republicans and Democrats can’t work together to pass important legislation?

Bad Lip Reading Remix: “MORE HUNGER GAMES”

“No, no, honey, don’t sing”
Humor • Views: 25,685


This isn’t the best BLR video I’ve seen, but it has some hilarious moments. It’s really just something fun for a post-turkey day thread, as I wrestle with the complex, obtuse Facebook API, trying to automate posting to the LGF Page (not our user wall - we’re already auto-posting to that).

I have it working now, but I am irked at the fact that Facebook sets an expiration time of 60 days on access tokens for Facebook Pages. There appears to be no way around this, so it looks like I’ll have to figure out some method of auto-renewing the token when it expires.

Stephen Colbert on the Essential Douchebagginess of Libertarians

“When I carry a gun people are less likely to hit me”
Humor • Views: 23,276

Comedy Central Video

This Stephen Colbert bit hilariously illustrates the essential douchebagginess of libertarians, as he discovers a gang of delusional “patriots” fighting back against the tyranny of parking meters in Keene, New Hampshire.

If the republic is to survive, it will be no thanks to these asshats.

Stephen Colbert Skewers Republican Climate Change Denial

“Everyone who denies climate change has the same message: we don’t know what the f*ck we’re talking about”
Humor • Views: 30,928

Comedy Central Video

It’s time for Stephen Colbert’s new educational series, “Professor Not-A-Scientist!”

John Oliver Examines the Freaky Stuff Going on in State Legislatures

With a bit about ALEC
Humor • Views: 29,040


There’s a lot of wacky inadvertently comedic stuff going on in local races this year, and here’s John Oliver mining that rich motherlode of material for an extended bit from last night’s Last Week Tonight.

Stephen Colbert vs. Gamergate

Humor • Views: 24,735

Comedy Central Video

Comedy Central Video

It’s in the “Humor” category, but what’s going on in the nearly incomprehensible “Gamergate” controversy really isn’t terribly funny.

Jim Carrey’s Parodies of the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads Are Absolutely Hysterical

Hi there, little fella
Humor • Views: 33,729


Saturday Night Live is so rarely funny these days, it’s a bit of a shock when they actually have skits that make me laugh — but these parodies of Matthew McConaughey’s advertisements for Lincoln cars, featuring Jim Carrey, are just hysterical.

If you haven’t seen the original ad for some reason, here it is.

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 Frank says:

Heaven would be a place where bullshit existed only on television. (Hallelujah! We's halfway there!) -- Television. Sometime probably in 1988. The Real Frank Zappa Book p. 234