New LGF Pages Feature: Attach a ‘Meta Image’ to Your Post

Get meta
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Our free high-powered blogging system for registered users has a new feature today! To make sharing your LGF Pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ more interesting and appealing, we now let you upload an image (called the “Meta Image” because you don’t actually see it in the post here at LGF) that will be automatically recognized by sharing services when anyone tweets a link to your Page. Here’s what a meta image looks like in an embedded tweet, for a video I posted yesterday:

Pretty cool, eh? To upload an image from your computer for the meta image, all you have to do is drag and drop the image file onto the “Upload Meta Image” button in the LGF Pages editing window. On mobile devices, when you tap the button it prompts you for an image from your camera library.

Here’s what the new Meta Image button looks like in Mac OS:

In the screenshot above, the meta image has already been uploaded, so you see a blue link with a check box for it. If you click that link, the image pops up for viewing.

Note that the LGF Pages editing window automagically picks a meta image on some sites like YouTube or Vimeo, or if you include an image in your post, but you can change it to something else if you want.

If there’s already a meta image attached to the post and you decide you don’t want one after all, just uncheck the box before submitting the post.

Tech Note: Using Media Queries With PHP

Communicating across the client-server divide
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One of the major hurdles in a responsive mobile-friendly design is that the code that runs on your server (in our case PHP code) doesn’t have any simple way to get the screen dimensions of the user’s browser.

As a result, many mobile designs for PHP require the use of complicated checks for many different types of mobile devices, which is kludgy from a programming standpoint, and violates the whole ethos of responsive design, in which you program for screen size, not device type. And it runs the risk of breaking in the future as well, like all kludges based on user agents.

After wrestling with it for a while, I’ve come up with something that works for me. It’s not ideal in some ways, but it does let your server-side PHP code respond to a browser’s screen dimensions.

The big caveat is that this little bit of Javascript code must run as the very first thing in the <head> section of your HTML document, before any other Javascript and preferably before anything else.

From the PHP standpoint this has one drawback: if your PHP code needs to do anything specific to mobile devices before sending any output to the browser, you’ll still need to fall back on the messy user agent solution. But any PHP code that runs after this bit of Javascript will be able to respond to the screen size properly.

Here’s the code that goes in the head section:

if (matchMedia && window.matchMedia('(min-device-width: 320px) and (max-device-width: 480px)').matches) {
	document.cookie = 'smartPhone=1; path=/';

Here’s how it works: the latest versions of all the major browsers have a Javascript method that duplicates the CSS media query functionality, called “matchMedia.” You pass it the same kind of string you’d use in your CSS code, and it returns a “MediaQueryList” object; the matches property is true or false depending on whether the device matches the media query.

So this little bit of code first makes sure matchMedia exists, then calls the method with a string specifying smartphone-sized devices. If the matches flag is true, it sets a session cookie (expires when you close the browser window) called “smartPhone.” That’s all there is to it.

From that point on in your PHP code, you can simply do something like this to respond to the screen size:

if ($_COOKIE['smartPhone']) {
  // do your mobile stuff here
} else {
  // do your non-mobile stuff here

This code is specifically written for smartphone-sized screens, but it could easily be adapted to support more screen sizes as necessary. I’ve found it very useful in building LGF’s responsive mobile design, so maybe it will come in handy for someone else out there in the Internets.

Also see:
Detect Mobile Browsers - Open Source Mobile Phone Detection
Using window.matchMedia to Do Media Queries in JavaScript - Mozilla Hacks - the Web Developer Blog

Open Thread (w/ Heartbleed News)

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I’ll need to put the LGF web server into maintenance mode for a short time, probably within the next 3 hours, in order to complete some work cleaning up the mess created by this nasty Heartbleed apocalypse you might have heard about. The good news is that our servers are completely patched against the bug, and our SSL certificate has been revoked, reissued and reinstalled. When all the necessary back-end stuff is complete, I’ll be asking all registered LGF users to change their passwords ASAP, but hold off until I give the signal.

It’s a really interesting mental exercise to exhaustively go though a server and identify everything that might be a security problem if it’s in the server’s memory. That’s what makes Heartbleed insidious — it essentially gives an attacker access to the server’s entire memory (in 64K chunks, with repeated requests), and when encrypted data is in RAM it’s in decrypted form. Basically, the exploit based on this OpenSSL bug makes everything that should be private on a server easily accessible if it’s ever read into RAM, and it leaves not a single trace of its filthy work.

In the meantime, here’s an open thread as I get things set up so this maintenance time can be as short as possible.

UPDATE at 4/9/14 6:01:18 pm

We went into and out of maintenance mode so fast you may not have noticed it, but LGF’s servers are now fully protected from the Heartbleed monster. Time to change your LGF passwords, folks.

And if you’re not already using 1Password, you really should look into it. It makes password management 271% less stressful.

Monday Night Open

When the going gets weird, the weird get going
LGF • Views: 13,358

Here’s a simple, unadorned open thread, on what can only be called a rather slow news day, as I continue going through the site and making things mobile-friendly. Next up on the list: LGF Spy mode, our live-streaming view of comment threads. In fact, it’s almost ready to launch…

LGF Mobile Updates: Upload Photos Directly From Your Phone

And much more
LGF • Views: 13,449

I got some good work done on the mobile version today:

  • The popup Image Library that lets you search, view, insert, and tweet your previously uploaded images is now fully mobile-friendly.
  • You can now upload images directly from your smart phone, by tapping the "Upload Image" button. You can choose to take a photo and immediately upload it, or pick a photo from your phone's camera roll.
  • There's now a button at the top of the screen that lets you switch to the full-size "Desktop Version," and a button to let you switch back as well.
  • If you tap an author's name in the Featured or Recent Pages lists, it now pops up the list of their last 5 Pages; on mobile devices this popup dialog has a big red X to let you close it.
  • The "live updating" features of LGF are now enabled on mobile phones, so you can see the count of new comments in a thread and other little things that update continuously for signed-in users.
  • Lots and lots of little tweaks to make things look better.

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 Frank says:

"Conducting" is when you draw "designs" in the nowhere -- with your stick, or with your hands -- which are interpreted as "instructional messages" by guys wearing bow ties who wish they were fishing.