Saturday Night Ballad: Mark Knopfler w/ Ruth Moody, “Wherever I Go”

Your star is fixed in my sky
Music • Views: 3,893


Wherever I Go from the album ‘Tracker’ by Mark Knopfler. Available now:
Official Store:

iTunes Deluxe:

This short film was made in association with Talenthouse. Mark Knopfler requested independent filmmakers create their own visual interpretations of the song.

Out of 66 entries, this video was the winner, shot and directed by Matthias Lebeer.

Two Versions of the Same Song: Regina Spektor and Sean Rowe, “Ode to Divorce”

Break me to small parts
Music • Views: 6,001



Here are two very different versions of the same great song; first by the writer, Regina Spektor, followed by Sean Rowe’s very different approach.

Friday Night Jam: Laura Marling, “Sophia”

Where I’ve been lately is no concern of yours
Music • Views: 11,417


I can’t believe I never discovered Laura Marling’s music before this week, but now I can’t stop listening to her. This amazing song builds up from a solo acoustic guitar performance to a powerful full band with strings. Marling plays with the structures of her songs in a way that’s reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, but with her own appealing character. Just great stuff.

This is from the album titled: A Creature I Don’t Know.

Thursday Night Jam: Laura Marling, “False Hope”

My worst problem is I don’t sleep at night
Music • Views: 17,104


From the new album Short Movie, a terrific song by British songwriter Laura Marling.

Is it still okay that I don’t know how to be alone?
Would it be okay if I don’t come home tonight?
We shared an apartment on the upper west side
And my worst problem is I don’t sleep at night
Woman downstairs just lost her mind
And I don’t care how, I don’t care why
Why I know false hope
Why I know false hope

Storm hits the city and the lights go out
Before I can prepare
The whole downtown looks dark like no one lives there
Shared an apartment on the upper west side
My worst problem is I don’t sleep at night
Woman downstairs just lost her mind,
And I don’t care how, I don’t care why
Why I know false hope
Why I know false hope

She’ll be alright tomorrow
Neither of us is gonna sleep tonight
We’ve false hope
I hear you begging through the wall
Like a dying animal’s last call

Is it still okay that I don’t know how to be at all?
There’s a party uptown and I just don’t feel like I belong at all
Do I?
Shared an apartment on the upper west side
My worst problem is I don’t sleep at night
Woman downstairs just lost her mind,
And I don’t care how, I surely don’t care why
Why I know false hope
Why I know false hope

A Killer Live Performance by Joe Bonamassa & John Hiatt: “Down Around My Place”

The radio is busted
Music • Views: 21,101


Two of my absolute favorite musicians join forces for a killer live performance of John Hiatt’s “Down Around My Place,” from the album “Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns.”

Overnight Jam: Greg Holden, “Save Yourself”

Music • Views: 17,795


Watch a live performance of ‘Save Yourself’, a new song featured on Greg’s new album ‘Chase The Sun’.

Get involved with #RAK15 and help make the world a better place. All you have to do is do one act of random kindness and share what you’ve done on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube with the #RAK15 tag. Find out how to get involved here:



Saturday Afternoon Jam: Death Cab for Cutie, NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

An intimate set from an excellent band
Music • Views: 29,198


This is a really great live performance by Death Cab for Cutie. I was trying to think who singer Ben Gibbard’s voice reminds me of, when it suddenly hit me: he sounds like a less edgy version of Stan Ridgway from Wall of Voodoo.

(Their name, by the way, comes from a song by another of my favorite bands, the wacky British Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.)

Death Cab For Cutie came as a trio: Ben Gibbard sang, Nick Harmer played bass, and we wheeled in our piano for Zac Rae. This intimate set included two new songs — including “Black Sun,” the first single from their new album Kintsugi.

The album title refers to the Japanese art of reassembling broken pottery and making the breakage part of the newly formed pot. Death Cab For Cutie, a groundbreaking band formed in 1997, has gone through its own rebuilding of sorts. Chris Walla, a founding member of the band, has left, after contributing music to Kintsugi, but that’s his farewell offering.

Death Cab For Cutie is still strongly defined by Gibbard’s words, and that couldn’t be more evident in this beautifully stark performance, which also includes “No Room In Frame” from Kintsugi, as well as two stripped-down favorites from the past. One, “Your Heart Is An Empty Room,” is from Plans, while a beautiful love song from Transatlanticism, “Passenger Seat,” moistened more than a few eyes in the crowd.

Set List
“Black Sun” 0:07
“No Room In Frame” 5:13
“Your Heart Is An Empty Room” 9:23
“Passenger Seat” 14:00

Producers: Bob Boilen, Maggie Starbard; Audio Engineer: Kevin Wait; Videographers: Maggie Starbard, Carlos Waters; Assistant Producer: Emily Jan; photo by Emily Jan/NPR

Exquisite Live Performance by the Ruth Moody Band: “Dancing in the Dark”

Hey baby I’m just about starvin’ tonight
Music • Views: 31,451


The Ruth Moody Band
“Dancing in the Dark” (Bruce Springsteen)
Recorded Live, April 2013
Victoria, BC

Ruth Moody: voice, guitar
Adrian Dolan: viola, voice
Adam Dobres: mandolin
Sam Howard: bass, voice

Directed and edited by Matt Miles for Approach Media
Filmed by Matt Miles and Chris Wilson
Location audio by Adrian Dolan
Audio mixdown by David Travers-Smith

“Dancing in the Dark”
(B. Springsteen, Springsteen Music / ASCAP)
(c) 1984

Live Performance: Greg Holden’s Excellent New Song “Hold on Tight”

Why don’t you hold on tight to what you’ve been handed?
Music • Views: 21,866


I first heard of Greg Holden when the TV show “Sons of Anarchy” used his song “The Lost Boy” over their closing credits. His new song is just great, and I’ve been totally unable to get it out of my head since first hearing it. Here’s a live version, so I won’t be the only one with an earworm.

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