Video: When Chris Squire of Yes Met Jimi Hendrix

“This guy’s got this awful band that no one’s gonna come and see”
Music • Views: 13,331


I’m still having a hard time believing Chris Squire is gone. But I stumbled across this interview on YouTube, with Chris talking about his chance meeting with Jimi Hendrix way back when he was a struggling musician, and I wanted to share it with you because it’s a great story.

Friday Night Jam: Maragold Unplugged, “Story’s Ending”

Music • Views: 17,603


Download at iTunes -

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Official Unplugged music video by Maragold performing “Story’s Ending”
(c) Maragold

A Music Video From Tommy Emmanuel: “Blood Brother”

Random acts of kindness
Music • Views: 24,492


This is the first Tommy Emmanuel music video I’ve posted at LGF that’s actually a real production with actors and a powerful, moving story. A great new direction for Tommy, and it really works.

The music video for Blood Brother is based on a true story first told on Reddit by Justin Horner. The message is simple: everyone deserves a random act of kindness, no matter who they are.

Director Clara Emmanuel
Producers Clara Emmanuel, Libby Ahlstrom
Executive Producer Tommy Emmanuel, Gina Mendello
Director of Photography Julian Chojnacki
Editor Reuben Field
Steadicam Tony Reyes
Focus Puller Armanda Costanza
Grip/Electric Chuck Byrd
Swing Grip Timothy O’Laughlin
Line Photographer Price Harrison
Continuity/Slate Ed Lawless
Catering/Runner Mikaela Dewar
Wardrobe Libby Ahlstrom
Make-up Katje Kuhn
Child Care/RV Batsheva Capek

Justin Anthony Snape
Father Charlie Santiago
Mother Anaura Santiago
Hitchhiker Libby Ahlstrom
Soldier Jesse Snyder
Boy Roberto Santiago
Girl Mia Santiago

Thanks Michael Sexton (prop gun lender), Rick Price (studio location)

Overnight Jam: Oddisee, NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Music comes before hip-hop
Music • Views: 31,849


June 26, 2015 by SURAYA MOHAMED

Amir Elkhalifa, a.k.a. Oddisee, is an emergent standout in hip-hop. The Prince Georges County, Md., native says he made his new album, The Good Fight, as a reminder that music comes before hip-hop; that music can trigger indescribable feelings; that music is a meditation on our capacity to love; and, finally, that our ambition and greed are in constant conflict with our sense of propriety.

Simply put, Oddisee’s music is genius. He creates just the right amount of space, allowing it to breathe with perfectly timed cadences and vamps. His deceptively intricate rhythm tracks interlock with complementary harmonies and brilliantly constructed bars in ways that appeal to both diehard hip-hop heads — those who decipher and analyze lyrics as a hobby — and those who just want a clutch beat. He’s got it all.

Set List
“That’s Love” 00:00
“Contradiction’s Maze” 03:50
“Belong To The World” 07:40

Producers: Suraya Mohamed, Maggie Starbard; Audio Engineer: Brian Jarboe; Videographers: Bob Boilen, Colin Marshall, Maggie Starbard; Assistant Producer: Michaela Gugliotta; photo by Colin Marshall/NPR

RIP, Chris Squire

A bass maestro
Music • Views: 57,061


I first heard Chris Squire’s amazing bass tone on the album “Yes” (their first) which I discovered in a cut-out bin at Records Hawaii way back in 1970. I believe I paid 99 cents for it, and at the time I may have been the only person in Hawaii who was absolutely blown away by this band.

In the years to come, the early promise of this record was more than fulfilled with album after album full of incredible music that smashed the barriers between genres and styles, always anchored by Chris Squire’s powerful, innovative bass lines. And that tone! A growling, deep bass that somehow cut through all of the other instrumentation and existed in its own unique sonic space. I’d never heard anything like it.

As a young musician I was influenced by this group perhaps more than any other, and tried in my own way to explore the same endless landscapes of imaginative music they pioneered. (And I used to badger every bass player I worked with, to try to get them to duplicate Chris’s tone.) The video above is a fantastic live performance of “I’ve Seen All Good People,” from their 2002 reunion concert with a full orchestra.

Today we got word that Chris Squire has died at the age of 67 of a rare form of leukemia, and in a way I feel like part of my young adulthood died with him. It’s hard to express how much the music he created meant to me.

So long, Chris. You were one of the all-time best.

Sunday Jam: Laura Marling, “Strange”

Folk rap
Music • Views: 52,540


Here’s something raucous and strange from Laura Marling to kick off a Sunday. From her excellent album Short Movie.

Sunday Night Equestrian Jam: Christopher Paul Stelling, “Horse”

Wild horses
Music • Views: 47,421


Stand back, because these horses will not stop and they will not be denied.

Listen to the full album:
“Horse” by Christopher Paul Stelling from the album ‘Labor Against Waste,’ available now

Order the CD and vinyl:
Download on iTunes:

Official Site:

Also see

A Powerful Statement in Song: Greg Holden, “Boys in the Street”

A time for everything
Music • Views: 53,024


Watch the official music video for Greg Holden’s new song ‘Boys In The Street’. Download the new album ‘Chase The Sun’ on iTunes:

SHARE via Facebook:

Visit for more or follow #BoysIntheStreet on Twitter.

Subtitles available in English, French, German and Spanish. Click on ‘CC’ icon on the player controls to view.



When I was younger,
my daddy told me I would never
Never amount to nothing special.
He’d come at me from every angle, he’d say..
You’re the last thing I wanted,
the last thing I need,
how am I going to answer when my friends tell me
My son, was kissing boys in the street

He’d try to change me,
say I’m embarrassing my country,
How could I do this to my family,
do I wanna grow up being lonely,
he’d say We have worked for our money,
we’ve put you in school,
is this how you repay us,
do you think this is cool
My son, stop kissing boys in the street

Now that I’m older,
my daddy’s hearts a little warmer
But he still won’t hug me like my brother,
and he still won’t kiss me like my mother,
he’d say… You are part of this family,
I made you myself,
but the way that you act isn’t good for your health,
My son, stop kissing boys in the street

My daddy’s dying, but he’s finally realized I’m not lying
We sit in silence but we’re smiling,
because for once we are not fighting,
he’d say… There was no way of knowing,
cos all I was taught is men only love women,
but now I’m not sure
My son, keep kissing boys in the street
My son, keep kissing boys in the street
When I’m gone, keep kissing boys in the street

Sunday Acoustic Jam: Donovan Raitt, “Pursuing the Horizon”

Music • Views: 27,789


Here’s a beautiful performance with excellent tone, by a guy who looks and plays like he might be related to Andy McKee (but he’s not).

Donovan Raitt Performing his original piece “Pursuing the Horizon” From the 2014 Album “Pursuing the Horizon”

Tuning: D A C G A E

CDs available at:

Tabs available at:

MP3 downloads available at:

Performed on a Stonebridge C23CC-C
Ernie Ball Aluminium Bronze Strings 13-56
GruvGear Fretwraps

Twitter @Draittgtr

Wednesday Night Acoustic: Michael Chapdelaine, “Come Together”

Right now
Music • Views: 22,298


Here’s a great arrangement of a classic Beatles tune by acoustic guitar maestro Michael Chapdelaine.

Michael Chapdelaine’s arrangement of ‘Come Together’ by The Beatles on Acoustic Guitar.

TAB and/or music notation for this arrangement and many others by Michael can be found at:

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 Frank says:

When we talk about artistic freedom in this country we sometimes lose sight of the fact that freedom is dependent on adequate financing.