Video: Detroit Police Viciously Assault Black Man for No Reason

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Lots of people I follow on Twitter have been tweeting about this horrifying video. Why is this still happening in America?

Neo Nazi Gunman Arrested in Mesa, Ariz., Shootings That Left 1 Dead, 5 Wounded

White supremacist mass shooting in Arizona
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The 88 and rune tattoos indicate that the suspect is likely to be a neo-Nazi or other white supremacist gang member.

UPDATE at 3/18/15 5:09:15 pm by Thanos

SPLC and others confirm affiliation with Hammerskins; other mass shooters like the Sikh Temple shooter have come from that group as well.

Ryan Giroux

The gunman who cut a bloody swath through a Phoenix suburb Wednesday morning, shooting six people in Mesa, Ariz., has been arrested, city officials announced.

Police did not identify the suspect, but an Arizona law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation told the Los Angeles Times the man was 41-year-old Ryan Giroux.

The official requested anonymity because he or she was not authorized to discuss the case. Giroux has a lengthy criminal history that includes convictions for assault in Arizona and Los Angeles County, court records show.

More: Gunman Arrested in Mesa, Ariz., Shootings That Left 1 Dead, 5 Wounded

Also See

Did James O’Keefe Try to Plant an Undercover Operative in Ferguson to Incite Protesters to Violence?

Crossing all kinds of lines
US News • Views: 26,549

I don’t trust any of the people involved in this story, neither the James O’Keefe associates nor the New York Post, but if true this could be the end of James O’Keefe’s creepy business: Activist Allegedly Tried to Bait Protesters With ‘Kill Cops’ Script.

A controversial conservative activist is being accused of trying to incite anti-police protesters by saying, “I wish I could kill some of these cops,” to provoke them into making outrageous statements.

A former top staffer with Project Veritas, Richard Valdes, said the incident occurred in January, when an undercover operative assigned to infiltrate the protest groups was given a script that included the startling comment.

Valdes said he was fired by the group’s founder, James O’Keefe, for not following through on the bizarre assignment.

Valdes said Veritas assigned a Muslim undercover agent pretending to be anti-cop to attend protest meetings and utter the following statement: “Sometimes, I wish I could just kill some of these cops. Don’t you just wish we could have one of the cops right here in the middle of our group?”

But the undercover agent refused, according to Valdes.

GOP State Rep. Harris Exploited Foster Daughter for Political Campaign, Reportedly Whipped Children

US News • Views: 26,892

The story of Justin Harris just keeps getting worse:

State Rep. Justin Harris (R-West Fork) used photos of a foster child his family was planning to adopt during his 2012 re-election campaign. The state Department of Human Services expressly prohibits the public use of photos or any other media that would compromise a foster child’s anonymity.

Asked whether the Department of Human Services was aware Harris was using a foster child in campaign materials, DHS spokesperson Amy Webb said she couldn’t comment specifically on Harris, but speaking generally, she said the agency would not allow such use.

“If we were made aware of a situation like you described, we would immediately call the foster or pre-adoptive parent and tell him to discontinue using the picture on any campaign material. We would not be comfortable with a foster child’s picture being used during a campaign. [DHS’s Office of Policy and Legal Services, which according to department rules, has to approve public use of any media featuring a foster child] would not agree to that either.”

It’s hard to believe that no one in DHS was aware that Harris was using photos of a foster child during pre-adoption, considering these were campaign materials distributed in Harris’ district and made available online.

More: Justin Harris Used Foster Daughter in Campaign Materials, Against DHS Rules

At the same time, they were subjecting the children to mental and physical abuse:

During the state police inquiry on Francis, the youngest of the girls, then 3 years old, told investigators that Marsha and Justin Harris had both spanked her.

Marsha Harris, according to the girl, used some sort of whip several times, while Justin Harris bent her over outside and hit her with a stick, court records said.

“She said that [parents are] not supposed to spank her,” state police investigators wrote. “[The girl] said it made her feel sad when Marsha [Harris] spanked her. It made her bottom hurt … [She said she is] not [living with the Harrises] anymore because [Justin Harris] spanked her and she cried really loud.”

The state police reports do not indicate when the spanking occurred.

DHS spokesman Amy Webb said corporal punishment is not condoned or permitted by DHS for children in DHS custody. She said all foster parents and foster-to-adoption parents undergo training and instruction on not using physical forms of discipline and are taught alternative disciplinary tactics.

“We feel like there are more appropriate ways to discipline and interact with children, especially children who’ve experienced traumatic situations,” Webb said.

Webb said the agency has no say over a parent’s disciplinary techniques once children are fully adopted, but she said her agency encourages adoptive parents to refrain from spanking.

The older of the two girls, who was 6 years old when she told state police that Francis had sexually assaulted her, did not mention spanking before asking to end the interview.

She did, however, tell investigators that she was often left isolated in her room while living with the Harris family.

“[She] said that they wouldn’t let her out of her room. She said she had to stay in her room; she said she had her books, but when they took away her books she had nothing in there, just her bed,” the investigator said. “When asked why she had to move away from Marsha’s house, she said ‘because I didn’t like it.’”


The Arkansas Times, the newspaper which has been the primary source for news on the case, is crowdfunding an investigation into the state’s child welfare services:

Beyond rehoming: crowdfunding an investigative project


Reports are now out there saying Harris would attempt to “exorcise” students at his pre-school, Growing God’s Kingdom

The former employee and mother of a student at the school wants to be named only as Amber. She says Justin and Marsha Harris would often try to pray the demons out of misbehaving students at their pre-school, Growing God’s Kingdom.

“If they got in too much trouble they would pray on the kids, do a circle around them, put their hands on their heads, saying, trying to rebuke demons.” Said former employee, Amber.

Amber was an employee at Growing God’s Kingdom for about five months in 2013. She says Justin Harris fired her after a difference in opinion on how to discipline students. Though she says she learned a lot about the Harris family during those five months.

“How did you learn about the fact that they were praying demons out of kids?” Lauren Conley asked Amber.

“Well, I had another teacher there that had me take a child down to the office and whenever I did, they did it right there in front of me.” Said Amber.

AR Republicans Defend Colleague Who Gave Adopted Daughters to Pedophile

US News • Views: 22,336

In a move surprising absolutely no one, Arkansas Republicans are supporting Justin Harris, the Republican lawmaker who thought his adopted daughters were possessed by demons and who gave them to a pedophile who raped one of the girls.

Secretary of State Mark Martin says Harris “humble and gentle,” his critics “hypocritically self-righteous”

The reader, who asked to remain anonymous, told me she does not know Martin and has never personally interacted with him in the past, but when a mutual Facebook friend posted the Arkansas Times story, she (the reader) became drawn into a back-and-forth with the Secretary of State.

She said she thinks Harris should resign and criticized him for his “self-pity” and refusal to accept blame. But, she also said (like many others who have responded to this story) that she has little faith in DHS and can believe their account may not be the whole truth.

Enter Martin. He replied to the reader’s comment, saying she was “making a judgement based upon misinformation by a vile socialist anti-Christian propaganda blog about one of the most righteous seeming, humble, and gentle men I have ever met in my life.”

The reader agreed that “my personal experience with our state’s media has been pretty bad” and acknowledged that “We all make HUGE mistakes (sins?) … I have and you have and everyone on this board has. The problem here is you have a man who admittedly did something that, for many, is inexcusable….but yet he is still making excuses and trying to justify his behavior.”

She pointed out that the central fact in the case is no longer in dispute: The Harrises did, indeed, send their adopted daughters away to live with another family: “My judgment is based on one fact…he GAVE AWAY CHILDREN LIKE THEY WERE ANIMALS HE PICKED UP AT THE SHELTER.”

Martin was not pleased. “Unless you have adopted a child and experienced what adoptive parents go through, I think there is very little you have a right to say. This judgement against the Harris’ [sic] is the most hypocritically self-righteous bull I have ever heard,” he responded.

“People like you are what makes people refuse to risk fostering or adopting. I believe it is people like you who are the problem. Not people who try and fail like the Harris’ [sic].”

After an increasingly heated exchange, he ended with a sarcastic remark: “You gots me. I am so dumb. You so smart. I sorry.” I recommend you read the whole exchange, below.

Republican David Meeks also joined in on his Facebook page:

I know this might anger some people, but I don’t throw someone I consider a friend under the bus. Yes, I am speaking of Rep Harris. He is someone I have gotten to know and has built up credibility with me. The tabloid that is doing most of the reporting on this has no credibility with me whatsoever. The experience that I have had with this tabloid is that they are out to destroy Conservatives, Christians and are willing to spin, lie, or make up stuff to do it.

Could any of the reporting by this tabloid be true? Of course. Is any of what Rep Harris saying the truth? Most definitely.

What should the focus be? Improving and strengthening our foster care system.

I can’t stress this enough: We have some great workers in our DCFS who do a thankless job of protecting our children and making some very tough decisions. They are to be commended.

I know that a lot of people (including myself) that have had a good experience with our foster care system. We know there are areas we can improve on and I can assure you those are being looked at. In fact, we have legislation that is taking on some of it, and the Governor has asked for a review of our adoption rules.

My worst fear is that this whole thing will discourage people from being foster care or adoptive parents and the children will be the ones to suffer.

Please pray for our DCFS (Department of Children and Families) workers, and our judges.
Please pray for our foster care and adoptive families and for God to lay it on the heart of people to open their homes.
Please pray for our Governor and the Legislators as we make important decisions.

And most importantly, pray for our children.

Meanwhile, the AR Democratic Party is calling for Harris to resign:

“As a parent and grandparent, like many Arkansans, I am shocked to learn of Rep. Justin Harris’s egregious action of placing two girls he adopted through DHS directly into harm’s way by sending them to stay with another family without approval from the adoption agency. This action directly lead to the rape of the six-year-old girl who Rep. Harris is responsible for and even received government funding to care for through the foster care system.

There are also other issues that need to be raised here. First, the children. The idea that someone could use the foster care system to treat their adopted children like basketballs, tossing them from family to family is horrible. Then, you have an elected leader who represents an antigovernment agenda; yet, he makes his living off of government funding. This is hypocrisy at its highest level.

This is a continuation of an alarming pattern that continues with several Arkansas legislators. We believe that if Arkansas families were aware of this; they would be as appalled as well. While his resignation certainly would not change these atrocities, Justin Harris has proven that he is not fit to hold the responsibility of writing our laws, and we hope that Gov. Hutchinson and Speaker Gillam will agree that Harris’s resignation is necessary.

Rep. Greg Leding has filed legislation which would make this practice of rehoming adopted children a felony, and we urge the legislature to pass this legislation in order to protect our most vulnerable citizens - our children in foster care.”

More: Democratic Party Calls for Justin Harris Resignation


Ferguson Police Chief Resigns Following Scathing DOJ Report

The dominos fall
US News • Views: 20,488

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson announced his resignation today, and he’s getting a full year’s salary and health insurance despite the fact that he presided over one of the most notably corrupt police departments in the United States.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson announced Wednesday that he will resign from the leadership of a police department embroiled in scandal after the U.S. Justice Department concluded it routinely and systematically engages in racially discriminatory policing tactics.

Jackson’s resignation, which was sought for months by some community leaders and protest groups, is the third major shakeup in the St. Louis suburb’s leadership in the week since the Justice Department issued its report, which said the city’s officer’s used racially-disproportionate policing to raise revenue — targeting black residents for stops, tickets and warrants.

In the days immediately following the killing of Michael Brown, Jackson decided to plead his case on right wing radio and Fox News, which speaks volumes.

Reports: Harris Thought Adopted Daughters Were Possessed by Demons

US News • Views: 22,121

More information has come out about the case of Justin Harris, the AR lawmaker accused of giving his adopted daughters to a pedophile who later raped one of them.

Multiple sources close to the family are reporting that the Harris family thought the little girls were possessed by demons, keeping them isolated in rooms monitored only by video camera and performing exorcisms.

Nearly a dozen people interviewed by the Times tell a different story of Justin and Marsha Harris’ dealings with DHS and their relationship with the three young girls. Among them: two foster families who cared for the girls prior to the Harris adoption, the girls’ biological mother, a former DHS employee familiar with the proceedings and a former babysitter at the Harrises’ West Fork home.

Cheryl and Craig Hart, an experienced foster couple who housed Mary and Annie for a year and a half before their adoption by the Harrises, said they tried to talk the Harrises out of adopting the sisters. The Harts said that a local team working on the adoption — including themselves, DHS caseworkers, adoption specialists, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and therapists from Ozark Guidance, a mental health provider — made the Harrises fully aware of the girls’ history of neglect and sexual abuse and cautioned them that they were unprepared to handle children from such a background, especially considering their home included young boys. The former DHS employee confirmed this account.

The Harts also said the adoption was allowed to proceed despite their objections because of the direct intervention of Cecile Blucker, head of the Division of Children and Family Services, the arm of DHS responsible for child welfare. They say Blucker exerted pressure on the Washington County DHS office on behalf of Justin Harris to facilitate the adoption. The former DHS employee confirmed this information as well.

Chelsey Goldsborough, who regularly babysat for the Harrises, said Mary was kept isolated from Annie and from the rest of the family. She was often confined for hours to her room, where she was monitored by a video camera. The reason: The Harrises believed the girls were possessed by demons and could communicate telepathically, Goldsborough said. Harris and his wife once hired specialists to perform an “exorcism” on the two sisters while she waited outside the house with the boys, she said.

Multiple sources who interacted with the family confirmed Goldsborough’s account that the Harrises believed the children were possessed, and another source close to the family said that Marsha Harris spoke openly about the supposed demonic possession.

More: Casting Out Demons: Why Justin Harris Got Rid of Kids He Applied Pressure to Adopt

Watch Live: On 50th Anniversary of Selma, President Obama Speaks at the Edmund Pettus Bridge

US News • Views: 30,675


Today is the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery marches, and President Obama will soon be speaking from the historic site of the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Arkansas State GOP Lawmaker Gives Adopted Daughter to Pedophile

Invokes the Bible when confronted with the facts
US News • Views: 32,683

Possibly the most horrifying story you’ll read this week:

The Harrises had adopted the girl and her 3-year-old sister through the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS). The couple also has three biological sons who are older than the girls. Pictures of the girls appeared on Justin Harris’ social media accounts in early 2013 (the images have since been deleted), and Harris announced on Twitter and Facebook on March 6, 2013, that the couple had officially adopted the girls. Because DHS adoptions require an in-home trial period of at least six months prior to papers being signed, the girls likely entered the home no later than September 2012.

And then, something evidently went amiss in the household. For unknown reasons, about six months after the adoption was finalized, the Harrises sent the two girls to live with Eric Francis and his family in Bella Vista.

According to an Arkansas State Police investigative report prepared by Sgt. Kimberly A. Warren dated April 3, 2014, she contacted Crimes Against Children Division Supervisor Terri Ward who advised that “Mr. and Mrs. Harris placed the girls into the care of Eric Francis and his wife Stacy [sic] Francis in October 2013.” The report further states that “It was later reported to the Department of Human Services that Mr. and Mrs. Harris had left the children with another family and had basically abandoned them. This incident was reported to the child abuse hotline and the children were interviewed.”

After her husband’s arrest, Stacey Francis told a state police investigator that she and Eric “met [the girls] through friends of theirs, Justin and Marsha Harris, who were looking for a new adoption plan for themselves … Stacey Francis reported that she and Eric Francis brought [the girls] into their home with the hopes of being able to adopt them.” The Francises already had three older children — two girls and a boy — who were adopted internationally. Stacey Francis said the Harris girls stayed with her and Eric “until February or March of 2014.” That means the Harrises left the girls with Eric Francis and his wife even after firing him.

The sexual abuse of the 6-year-old girl came to light only because of a call placed to the state’s child maltreatment hotline on Friday, March 28, from an unidentified caller who said the Harrises “gave their adoptive children to a family” and “that family in turn gave the children to another family” and that they had “continued to accept adoption subsidy money even after giving the children away.” Investigators evidently determined that this third home was a safe place for the girls because they remain there today.

And after all that, Harris thinks he’s the victim.

When asked whether he rehomed his adoptive children with another family, he replied, “I’m not confirming that.” When asked about the statements made in the State Police report in the Francis case, Harris said he hadn’t read the file because of the disturbing descriptions of sexual abuse that they contain.

Harris then quoted Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.”

“You don’t know what we’ve been through this past year. You have no idea what my family has been through,” he said emphatically. “I don’t care what the people of Arkansas think about me. I don’t care if I lose my position. I care what my wife thinks about me, and I care what my three sons think about me.”

More: A Child Left Unprotected

Harris himself already has a bit of a history

Hypocrite watch: Rep. Justin Harris

Harris makes a living running what he calls a “church preschool,” Growing God’s Kingdom. In addition to preaching the Gospel, he preaches the word of reduced government spending and lower taxes. He reportedly once remarked government spending never created a job. Funny thing, though. Harris’ business depends almost entirely on taxpayers for its existence and the money he and other family members make from it. The Blue Hog Report did some digging into the small business and found this:

Harris’ business operates on almost $900,000 a year and serves about 150 kids. Of that, all but about 6 percent comes in the form of state and federal dollars in a program aimed at developmentally disabled and poor children. The money provides Harris and his wife almost $60,000 a year in salary and benefits. It also covers the mortgage on his privately owned building and rent payments to the Harrises.

So the government spending hawk lives on government spending, a double dip of payroll, perks and rent payments.

Thanks to conservative blogger Jason Tolbert, we know of another bit of Harris hypocrisy. Tolbert reported — in defense of Harris — that a University of Arkansas lobbyist had been putting out the word that somebody might make hay of the fact that Harris has perhaps a dozen undocumented students among his 150 pre-schoolers. Maybe they’re legal, maybe not. He is not required to prove citizenship to provide taxpayer-funded services to these kids and thank goodness for that. Blogger Tolbert seemed perturbed at the UA’s tough lobbying against Harris’ legislation to provide a little kindness to older Arkansas children on college costs.

No defense of Harris was possible. An anti-tax, anti-government-spending, anti-illegal-alien legislator is living off a government program that includes payments for kids who haven’t produced proof of citizenship.

Also see

Watch Live: Eric Holder Speaks About the DOJ Report on Ferguson

US News • Views: 36,227

[Live event concluded]

The Seven Racist E-Mails the Justice Department Highlighted in Its Report on Ferguson Police

Although the Justice Department did not identify the people who sent or received these e-mails, it said that the officials involved are all still employed and that several police officers, court supervisors and commanders were involved.

Here is a rundown of these e-mails, with all descriptions taken directly from the Justice Department’s report:

November 2008: An e-mail said President Obama would not be president for very long because “what black man holds a steady job for four years.”

March 2010: An e-mail mocked African Americans through a story involving child support. One line from the e-mail read: “I be so glad that dis be my last child support payment! Month after month, year after year, all dose payments!”

April 2011: An e-mail depicted Obama as a chimpanzee.

May 2011: An e-mail said: “An African-American woman in New Orleans was admitted into the hospital for a pregnancy termination. Two weeks later she received a check for $5,000. She phoned the hospital to ask who it was from. The hospital said, ‘Crimestoppers.’”

June 2011: An e-mail described a man seeking to obtain “welfare” for his dogs because they are “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddies are.”

October 2011: An e-mail included a photo of a group of bare-chested women dancing, seemingly in Africa, with the caption, “Michelle Obama’s High School Reunion.”

December 2011: An e-mail included jokes that are based on offensive stereotypes about Muslims.

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Sopranos!? That's why God made the rocket launcher and grenade!