Breaking: Chuck C. Johnson Thrown Out of Yet Another Political Event

On the list
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Things are really not going very well for Chuck C. Johnson lately. After he was detained by Capitol Police, frisked and thrown out of a John Boehner fundraiser in March, I speculated that he was probably on a watch list now because of his creepy behavior.

Well, here’s more evidence that Chuck’s gotten himself on the “persona non grata” list: today he was unceremoniously tossed out of yet another political event, this time in Washington DC.

“Maybe it was my wit,” he remarked. “Typical RINO trying to do me in apparently.”

A friend invited Johnson to the off-the-record event at the Americans For Tax Reform headquarters in D.C. “This being America, I tend to go to things I am invited to,” Johnson wrote on Facebook. “I met Grover Norquist at CPAC where we talked about immigration and Japanese land policy.”


“Well, a woman named Candace (I think) comes up to me and asks me who I am, I identified myself, offered my hand, and said hello,” he continued on Facebook. “She kept saying I don’t know who you are. I kept telling her who I am. Despite having sat down and talking with a few friends, she asked me to get my stuff so I did. I said I had an invitation and put her in touch with my friend. She said I didn’t. I said I did and she said I didn’t and that she has to follow the rules.”

Asked if she was kicking him out, Candace replied, “I think so.”

It’s not the most locked down event in Washington. But as a source explained, “Some people are definitely persona non grata.”

UPDATE at 6/24/15 11:02:02 am by Charles Johnson

The photo above shows Johnson outside the headquarters of Norquist’s organization, Americans for Tax Reform. The woman who kicked him out was apparently Candice N. Boyer, their director of outreach.

Followup: Chuck Johnson Calls NY Magazine Editor After Seeing Our Article

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Here’s an update to my earlier article on New York Magazine editor Abraham Riesman’s story about Chuck Johnson. Riesman said that in 2008, Chuck Johnson told him he had seen video of Barack Obama calling Deval Patrick the n-word, and that Chuck himself used the n-word repeatedly in a “blaccent.”

Following my publication of Riesman’s tweets, Johnson actually phoned Riesman to intimidate him, and deny he said anything about seeing a video. And this is a perfect example of what Chuck Johnson does — spews hate speech, then tries to intimidate people who call him out for it.

And in case you had any doubt about whether Chuck is still stalking LGF:

A postscript: Abraham Riesman said it was “a civil phone call,” but make no mistake — Chuck was enraged by his tweets. Here’s what he posted to his private Facebook account after he saw the LGF article:

UPDATE at 6/24/15 11:44:52 am by Charles Johnson

Note the date on that Facebook post, by the way: June 19. I didn’t post Abraham Riesman’s tweets until June 23. So Chuck was actually lying to Riesman when he said he only saw the tweets after they were embedded at LGF.

South Carolina State Rep. William Chumley: “These People Sit There, Waited Their Turn to Be Shot”

Republican victim-blaming at its most horrible
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South Carolina Republican State Representative William Chumley goes on CNN and says:

State Rep. William Chumley: These people sit in there, waited their turn to be shot… that’s sad. But somebody in there with the means of self defense could have stopped this. And we’d have had less funerals than we’re having.

CNN Interviewer Drew Griffin: You’re turning this into a gun debate? If those nine families asked you to take down that flag, would you do it?

Chumley: You said “guns,” why didn’t somebody, why didn’t somebody just do something? I mean, uh, you’ve got one skinny person shootin’ a gun, you know I mean, we need to take, and do what we can…

CNN: I want to make sure I understand what you’re telling me… are you asking that these people should have tackled him, these women should have fought him… that…

Chumley: I don’t know what, I don’t know what the answer was. But I know it’s really horrible for nine people to be shot and I understand that he reloaded his gun during the process. [smiles] That’s, that’s upsetting, very upsetting.

CNN: Those nine families, and every black person in South Carolina, and all of the people, the white people who are against that flag believe it shouldn’t be on the state grounds, you are saying it should stay because your constituents want it to?

Chumley: It stays there until the people of South Carolina say it should come down. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

A New Chuck Johnson Story Surfaces: He Claimed He Saw Video of Obama Calling Deval Patrick the N-Word

“In a blaccent”
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A reader emailed to let me know about the latest bizarre story to emerge about cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson; New York Magazine editor Abraham Riesman brought this out on Twitter a few days ago.

In other news, it has now been 18 days since Johnson updated his blog — you remember, the amazing journalistic masterpiece that was going to utterly destroy the mainstream liberal media? Not much destroying going on there lately. (Unless you count Chuck’s career.)

Chuck C. Johnson Announces He’s Suing Gawker for Libel

The Summer of Justice has begun
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BEWARE, journalists! Chuck is COMING FOR YOU!

He’s made his Facebook page private for some weird reason, but today cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson announced (privately) that he’s going ahead with his numerous threats to sue Gawker Media for libel. And their little dogs too.

Here’s a screenshot of his post (courtesy of @pilotg171); and by the way, his profile photo is David with the head of Goliath, not that Chuck has delusions of grandeur or anything:

If he goes through with this it will be the biggest mistake he ever made.


Chuck Johnson Sneaks Back Onto Twitter, Attacks @DeRay McKesson Again

He can’t help giving himself away
Weird • Views: 30,792

Yes, Chuck C. Johnson is openly admitting tonight that he’s using the @GotNewsResearch account ostensibly created by his crony Shannon Knutsen, with tweets written in the first person clearly referring to our earlier article on him stalking Twitter’s offices in San Francisco.

Johnson is also using the account to try to raise money to go after DeRay McKesson again.

And Now, Chuck Johnson Is Stalking the Offices of Twitter in San Francisco

The boy does love to stalk
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The Twitter account apparently run by Chuck C. Johnson’s crony Shannon Knutsen posted this creepy photo last night:

Chuck C. Johnson stalking Twitter

Yes, that’s Chuck Johnson looking like he just rolled out of bed, lurking outside the offices of Twitter in San Francisco. The word for this kind of pathetic behavior, folks, is “stalking.” There’s nothing “cute” about it; it’s intentionally threatening.

And as I know from personal experience, Chuck is infamous for stalking. He took these photos of himself standing outside an apartment where I used to live, and posted them on Twitter in an attempt to scare me out of criticizing him. A screenshot of that tweet:

Chuck Johnson stalking me at a former apartment where he thought I lived

And Chuck managed to get himself on the Capitol Police’s radar when he stalked the home of Senator Thad Cochran and posted this photo of it on Twitter:

Chuck Johnson posing in front of Thad Cohran’s house

Given Chuck’s demonstrated stalking history, I hope the folks at Twitter are alerting their security staff to keep an eye out for him. He’s evidently got some kind of creepy plan in mind.

With his public threats against Twitter for banning him, this strongly suggests harassment. He’s handing Twitter’s lawyers a gift here, if he ever follows through on his threats to sue them.


Our Sarah Palin Poetry Slam of the Day

The Duggar debate needs to shift from solely the boy’s obvious wrongdoing
Weird • Views: 31,340

Sarah Palin has posted another monumental wall of authentic wingnut gibberish at Facebook, and we like to turn these half-witted screeds into impressionistic free verse because it’s funny! Really, it is!

Imagine Sarah in a smoky club filled with bearded beatniks snapping their fingers instead of clapping, intoning these precious words in her halting, randomly emphasized cadence.

A Sarah Palin joint




Radical liberals
in media who have
total control over public narratives
are disgusting hypocrites,
so says my daughter.

Go get ‘em, Bristol!
Read her post!

I’m glad
someone’s got the guts
to call out these perverts.

The intolerant left’s destructive personal intrusions
and narrow-mindedness
applied to their chosen targets
are bad enough,
but their double standards
beyond the pale.

I’m not defending
the Duggar boy’s obvious wrongdoing

over a decade ago.

The main victim in any story like this
isn’t the perpetrator,
it’s the innocent ones
so harmfully affected.

I’m not an apologist for any sexual predator,
I’m sickened that the media gives
their chosen ones
a pass
for any behavior
as long as
they share
their leftwing politics.

Case in point,
they suggest
Lena Dunham’s
sexual assault on her sibling
is cute,

and she’s rewarded for it
with fame and fortune.

they crucify another,
along with an entire family.

The Duggar debate
needs to shift
from solely the boy’s obvious wrongdoing

when he was 14 years old

to now include:

The media’s hell-bent mission
to go after
the entire Duggar family
for one member’s wrongdoing,

while giving a total pass
to perverted actions
of someone like Lena Dunham

or any other leftwinger celeb
caught doing awful things.

Such obvious double standards
applied to equally relevant stories
underestimate the wisdom
of the public,
discredit the press,
and spit on the graves
of every American
who fought and died
for the press’s freedom.

for what it’s worth,
“Welcome to my world;
believe me
what doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger!”

[wild finger snapping applause]

Alex Jones: Obama Is Using Caitlyn Jenner to Distract From His Plan to Cause Civil War

Weird • Views: 25,508


President Obama should just give up trying to sneak these sinister schemes past the monumental genius known as Alex Jones. Jones is blowing the whistle on yet another Obama plan to start a civil war by grabbing all our guns, this time using Caitlyn Jenner to distract us.

Sounds crazy — but just crazy enough to work.

“I don’t like being force-fed constantly this weird, one agenda,” Jones said. “The obsession, it’s got to be from like five, six years, because I cover media, with trannies and transvestites. Just constantly force-feeding it, shoving it down my throat, pun intended, as if it is the only thing in the universe, the only thing in the world. What’s behind the agenda?”

Jones said the sinister agenda is to make “the coolest thing to be is a tranny or a transvestite” and glorify a “creepy old guy.”

The Chuck Johnson Saga Takes a Dark Turn

Who impersonated Buzzfeed’s Jessica Testa?
Weird • Views: 25,777

The saga of cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson takes another dark turn today, as Buzzfeed’s Jessica Testa reports: Someone Impersonated Me to Trick a Sexual Assault Victim.

In a piece for Jezebel, a woman using the name “Josie” wrote about her experiences at Columbia University, when she filed charges for sexual assault against student Paul Nungesser, who was also charged with rape by Emma Sulkowicz. (Nungesser was found guilty of assaulting “Josie,” but later appealed and got the conviction reversed.)

“Josie” published her piece anonymously — and this immediately drew the attention of Chuck C. Johnson, because he’s long been obsessed with outing sexual assault victims, and is especially obsessed with the case of Emma Sulkowicz, tweeting dozens of hateful comments about her.

Here’s a screenshot of a tweet posted by Johnson on May 22:

And on May 23, Johnson tweeted about it again, issuing a clear threat this time (the tweet isn’t available to embed because he was suspended, but this is our text copy of it when it was posted):

Johnson didn’t carry out this threat when he said he would (he was suspended permanently by Twitter the next day, May 24), but the timing of these tweets is very interesting — because shortly after that deadline, in the middle of the night at 1:23 AM on May 25, someone emailed “Josie” with the Gmail account “,” claiming to be Buzzfeed reporter Jessica Testa.

Jessica Testa explains:

Josie — a media savvy writer, who once “updogged” writer Cathy Young — was pissed. She didn’t know how I got her name or email address, and she said she felt “betrayed.” She was mad at the Jezebel writer she thought might have given it to me. She was mad at me for the “weird” request, which should have gone through Jezebel — not her directly.

The only thing is: I didn’t email her.

I found out that someone emailed Josie with my name only after Erin Gloria Ryan, the Jezebel editor who published Josie’s story, contacted me. I learned from Ryan that the email to Josie came from “,” an address incorporating my Twitter handle — but certainly didn’t belong to me. Until that Monday night, I didn’t know Josie’s real name.

After reading the email, Josie — still thinking it was me — had replied right away: “How did you get my name?” That was at 6:41 p.m. on Monday. Seven hours later, there was a story on GotNews’ website, identifying her by name. When he published her name, Johnson said had obtained Josie’s identity “thanks to some high level sleuthing and the contributions of .” (The sentence doesn’t end.)

Testa emailed Johnson several times about this, receiving very evasive answers:

There was speculation that Johnson was involved, so I asked him if he had anything to do with the posters or their complementary Twitter account @fakerape. (Johnson has also registered the domain

“I thought we were clear,” Johnson replied. “I don’t answer inquiries from a cat pornography site that doxxed an innocent man for exercising his constitutional rights.” (He was referring to a BuzzFeed story from last fall that reported a member of the fraternity at the heart of the Rolling Stone University of Virginia story had hired a lawyer known for representing college men accused of rape.)

“Good luck on your witch hunt,” he wrote. “I wish you nothing but failure.”

I called Johnson on Monday, about a week after learning about the email sent to Josie. He hung up on me as soon as I explained why I was calling. Then he texted me: “As a rule I don’t participated in any interviews with BuzzFeed. Cat pornographers aren’t journalists.” Over text message, I asked him three more times if he impersonated me using the address As before, Johnson didn’t take the opportunity to deny he impersonated me using that email address. He restated his refusal to answer the question. I emailed him again to let him know this story was about to be published.

“Once again I do not answer inquiries from BuzzFeed,” he replied. “I would be very careful if you accuse me of committing a crime with the lack of evidence you’ve presented here.”

But the really interesting part of this shabby story is that if Johnson did send that email impersonating Jessica Testa (and we don’t have conclusive evidence that he did, I must point out), he would have broken the New York law against criminal impersonation.

The law requires there must be “intent to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud another.” When I told a commercial litigator who’s worked on online crime cases and used to prosecute sex crimes for the Manhattan district attorney’s office about the email, she said she thought an “argument could be made that the email was sent with the intent to defraud [Josie] — certainly to convince her she was disclosing her identity for a purpose that was unintended.”

If the case was taken to them and they found it actionable, prosecutors would likely begin fact-gathering with subpoenas for information about the Gmail user.

“If the person is unsophisticated, they’re sending emails from their home computer,” the former prosecutor said. “But sometimes very sophisticated people are doing this and they have all sorts of means of re-routing and sending the information.”

The crime is a class A misdemeanor, punishable with a $1,000 fine or a year in jail. The lawyer said she couldn’t imagine someone “would be subjected to that extreme a penalty, even if prosecuted.” It may be a crime, but not a very serious one, particularly without threats of violence.

That’s where the story stands at this time. Testa has not contacted prosecutors about the case, although the lawyer she spoke with urged her to do so, and Google probably will not give her any information about that email account without a subpoena. But the connections are difficult to dismiss, and it’s very troubling indeed that someone is impersonating her for the purpose of causing harm to women who speak out against sexual assault.

UPDATE at 6/1/15 5:21:33 pm by Charles Johnson

Wow. And now, according to Buzzfeed’s Ellie Hall, Chuck C. Johnson just essentially confirmed he was the one who sent the impersonation email, with a post on his Facebook page crowing, “The girl’s name is [redacted]. Buzzfeed just confirmed it.” Here’s a screenshot of this Facebook post:

And obviously, the only way he would know this is if he were the one who sent that email, or was closely associated with someone who did. There’s no other way he’d know the name of the person who received it.


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I'm not going to be Bill Clinton and say I never inhaled. I did inhale. I liked tobacco a lot better.