Chuck C. Johnson’s Creepy “Fake Rape Expert” Arrested for Sexual Abuse

AKA Portland Police are in the pocket of Big Vagina.
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Remember all those times that Chuck C Johnson was super creepy about women and rape? Yeah? You do? Good. Because it’s happening again, only by proxy this time.

Last month Chuck found himself a true hero in the war against all those college sluts telling lies about the young mens, one Jeremiah True.

Apparently Mr. True tore the lid off the something something rape stuff and was throwing something out of class, or something. It’s all very unclear because Chuck is a terrible writer and both he and Jeremiah are clinically insane, but this is what we’ve been able to piece together. Mr. True was being an asshole in his Humanities class and the instructor told him to GTFO.

But when Jeremiah True wouldn’t stop talking about his controversial opinions on sexual assault in his required freshman humanities course, his professor banned him from the discussion segment of the class for the remainder of the semester.

The 19-year-old told BuzzFeed News that his professor, Pancho Savery, warned him repeatedly that his views made his classmates uncomfortable before he told him in a March 14 email that he was no longer welcome to participate in the “conference” section of his Humanities 110 lecture-seminar class.

Which was too bad, because Jeremiah had the goods on all this campus rape stuff, which is apparently totally a myth and doesn’t happen. So Chuck invited Mr. True onto his insidious abortion of a Youtube channel to do a little live confab between two women hating anger bears, gifting the world with this:

Youtube Video

Only one problem tho’. Jeremiah True soon proved to be totally fucking crazy, inexplicably tried to enlist the aid of George Takei on Facebook and reportedly authored the following fascinating insight into the mind of a deranged lunatic:

I am the God of MRA’s [men’s rights activists], Anti­feminists, Anti­Marxists, Libertarians, and White, heternormative men and women everywhere,” wrote True in a different part of the16-page essay posted on his Facebook page, “I am a misogynist and a misandrist, a racist, and a feminist. And now I’m here to call you out on your bullshit, Reed. I made my entire college run for cover because I’m an actual activist. I yelled “n**ger” in public places and nonviolently disrupted a forum on student activism when I felt my rights weren’t respected. Now that’s activism… Gender feminists. I am a biracial, bisexual, non-gender conforming Black n**ger. Suck. My. Enormous. Black. Dick.”

Also Mr. True wasn’t content to let his unintentionally hilarious, sixteen page, n-word and dick infused manifesto be his last word on the subject, because today he apparently went to a high-school girls rugby practice and did some sex crimes.

Jeremiah True, the Reed College student who made headlines in March for protesting his professor’s decision to remove him from class, was arrested on Thursday by the Portland, Oregon police for alleged sex abuse, harassment, and disorderly conduct.

According to an employee at Rugby Oregon, a youth rugby organization based in Portland, True was arrested for disrupting a high school girls’ rugby practice. He was restrained by a coach who called the police, the employee said.

So there you have it, Chuck C Johnson’s big “campus rape myth” debunker is a seriously weird, mentally deranged, creepy sex abusing harasser of high school girls. As we go to press there’s no official word yet if Mr. True’s “” was overtly involved in the Portland incident, but at this point absolutely nothing would surprise.

UPDATE at 4/17/15 7:44:57 pm by goddamnedfrank

BREAKING: We’ve learned that True’s arrest was Tweeted by one of the girls on the rugby team.

So there you have it folks, Chuck C Johnson’s buddy and fellow campus rape skeptic got caught molesting some underaged high school girls and ended up getting manhandled by a couple of very protective rugby coaches.

Police Release Video of Christian Band in Deadly Parking Lot Brawl

Family values
Weird • Views: 23,623

Youtube Video

Even going to Walmart can get weird when you are an end of times Christian Band…

Arizona investigators have released dramatic video of a Walmart parking lot brawl that left a police officer wounded, one man dead, and reportedly involved members of a Christian family band. *

Enoch Gaver, 21, was killed in the fight in the town of Cottonwood, and suspect David Gaver, 28, was shot in the stomach and taken into custody. Police Sergeant Jeremy Daniels was hit in the leg by a bullet fired during the melee.

The police dashcam video, released Friday, shows Cottonwood Police approaching the group of eight people — all identified as members of the Gaver family — around a large SUV in a Walmart parking lot on March 21.

More: Police Release Video of Deadly Parking Lot Brawl

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* The band is named “Matthew 24” - a bible section all about the end of times.

Followup: Glenn Beck and Glenn Greenwald Agree on Pretty Much Everything

A mutual admiration society
Weird • Views: 28,109


Following up on yesterday’s article on Glenn Greenwald’s appearance on the Glenn Beck show, The Blaze (Beck’s vanity media organization) has posted several video clips at YouTube.

As we noted yesterday, Greenwald attacked people who criticized him for doing this interview, saying he “disagrees” with Beck and comparing himself to President Obama being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly. But if you watch any of the clips posted by The Blaze, you won’t see any disagreement between them — none at all. In fact, this interview was like a meeting of a mutual admiration society, with Greenwald and Beck laughing and smiling together throughout.

In the clip I posted above, get a load of this exchange in which Greenwald agrees with Beck that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are “interchangeable.”

Beck: Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are interchangeable.

Greenwald: They have the same funders, the same backers [Beck laughs], I mean Wall Street is just praying for a Jeb Bush/Hillary Clinton… you know it’s like hoping their two favorite teams make the finals.

Beck: And so is the media. So is the media, strangely.

Greenwald: Oh yeah, they love… they’re just both establishment candidates.

This is a picture of two people completely in agreement, right? Well, not according to Greenwald, who is now trying to deny he agreed with Beck’s statement.

This is such a classic Greenwald sleaze move; when he’s called out for saying something gross, he invariably retreats behind legalistic nitpicks and nasty insults. You may not like Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush, but to say there’s no difference at all between them is simply ludicrous — but Greenwald absolutely did agree with Beck on it.

And by the way, did gay pundit Glenn Greenwald have anything to say about Beck’s insane homophobic statements the day before, calling gay activists “Nazis” who were trying to stage “a Christian Holocaust?” Of course not, silly. Not a single word.

Glenn Greenwald’s fans were quick to defend him for appearing with Glenn Beck, by saying he’d bring the debate to Beck. But there isn’t a hint of a debate in the entire interview. They laugh and smile and agree with each other on basically everything; I don’t think I’ve ever seen Greenwald in such a bubbly mood, in fact. Even when Glenn Beck says at one point that America’s “Progressive Era” caused World War II, Glenn Greenwald has no response at all.


We Got Some Seriously Deranged Mail

Holocaust Remembrance Day always brings out the crazies
Weird • Views: 20,977

You’ll have to click to see this amazingly crazy email I received tonight from someone in Monterey, because it’s pretty damned disturbing, not to mention racist and antisemitic. Holocaust Remembrance Day always excites the lunatics.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Bring on the crazy.

AEI Scholar: End Obamacare, and if People Die, So What?

Freakishly awful
Weird • Views: 23,830

Rarely will you see the inhuman heartlessness of the conservative viewpoint so well expressed as in this freakishly horrible piece by American Enterprise Institute “scholar” Michael Strain: End Obamacare, and People Could Die. That’s Okay.

It’s difficult to know where to start with a morally perverted piece like this. His point seems to be that we make moral tradeoffs all the time, not exactly an original thought. But Strain gives away his game with this paragraph:

How do policymakers decide such things? In the deepest sense, every human life is inestimably valuable. But in a fallen world where trade-offs are inevitable, public policy can’t treat each life that way.

In his position of great privilege, Strain obviously thinks of himself as a righteous “pro-life” Christian. But he’s quite literally advocating that if they get sick, people less privileged than himself should just … die.

Also see

National Review Tweets Photo of Random White Guy as “Stuart Scott”

Weird • Views: 27,649

Famous ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott passed away today, after a battle with cancer. He’ll be greatly missed.

And this is how the National Review remembers Scott:

As I write this an hour later, the tweet has still not been deleted.

UPDATE at 1/4/15 3:26:34 pm by Charles Johnson

Approximately four hours later, the tweet is now gone with no explanation or apology.

YouTube Removes Anonymous Video Threatening KKK

“Content designed to harass, bully or threaten”
Weird • Views: 27,599

Over the weekend we noted that the Anonymous hacker’s group had responded to a threat by the Ku Klux Klan in Ferguson, Missouri, by outing the identities of more than a few Klan members. Anonymous posted a YouTube video announcing their “OpKKK,” and today that video has been removed from YouTube with this message:

Anonymous Is Doxing the Klan

Weird • Views: 40,405


Some Ku Klux Klan members made threats against protesters in Ferguson, and now the Anonymous hacker group is retaliating by doxing Klan members: Anonymous Takes the Hoods Off the KKK After Threats of ‘Lethal Force’ on Ferguson Protesters.

These people sure do fit the stereotypes when the white hoods come off.

What if the Ku Klux Klan Were More Inclusive?

Bad thinking
Weird • Views: 37,290

Some concepts are not really worth pursuing.

For example, reclaiming the swastika as a Buddhist symbol of good fortune? Not gonna happen.

Same principle applies to this well-known Montana white supremacist’s attempt to launch an all-new “inclusive” Ku Klux Klan.

Not gonna happen. The brand is too fucked up.

John Abarr of Great Falls claims he is a reformed man, which is why he’s started a new KKK group called the Rocky Mountain Knights. Though he won’t say exactly how many members this new KKK group has, the organization will not discriminate against people because of race, religion or sexual orientation.

“The KKK is for a strong America,” Abarr said. “White supremacy is the old Klan. This is the new Klan.”

Though he’s long been involved in white supremacy organizations growing up in Wyoming and Montana, Abarr claims his opinions have slowly evolved. Last year he met with members of the NAACP in Casper, Wyo. It has inspired him to organize a peace summit with the NAACP and other religious groups in the summer of 2015. …

But officials at the Montana Human Rights Network are suspicious about Abarr’s latest move. Rachel Carroll-Rivas, co-director of MHRN, said Abarr doesn’t need to use the KKK to form a more inclusive organization.

“If John Abarr was actually reformed, he could drop the label of the KKK,” she said.

(h/t: The Root.)

In Which Right Wing Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Takes Credit for Stopping Ebola

He’s a scientist
Weird • Views: 42,786

Here at LGF I’ve written numerous articles on the dishonest fear-mongering coverage of Ebola by right wing smear merchant Chuck C. Johnson; his record on this has been absolutely abysmal, filled with incompetent factual errors, wildly incorrect predictions, outright lies, smears of doctors and nurses, and stalking and outing private information of suspected Ebola patients.

Today Chuck informed the world via Twitter that he’s actually a hero who stopped the spread of Ebola by inciting panic, because that’s how science works — by making people scared.

It’s science, people!


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 Frank says:

Don't clap for destroying America. This place is as good as you want to make it. -- Zappa introduced "Billy the Mountain" by revealing that Billy and Ethel took a vacation trip across the United States, destroying it in the process. This was Zappa's response to the applause and cheers from the audience. Cleveland Colliseum, 1971