Wingnuts Convinced They’ve “Debunked” Charles Blow’s Story About His Son & Campus Cop

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On January 26th, New York Times columnist Charles Blow posted an op-ed entitled Library Visit, Then Held at Gunpoint, where he wrote about his son being detained at gunpoint by a Yale University police officer. Right wing bloggers are certain they have “debunked” this story because Blow did not mention that the cop in question is black.

That’s their bombshell reveal.

From TPM:

Several conservative sites this week declared they had “debunked” New York Times columnist Charles Blow’s story about his son, who was allegedly stopped recently at gunpoint by a Yale police officer.

What was the bombshell that Blow had supposedly kept secret? The officer was apparently black.

In an op-ed published Sunday, Blow had relayed a story from his son Tahj about his recent run-in with a campus police officer who allegedly raised his gun and told the student to turn around and get on the ground.

Blow wrote that he was “exceedingly happy” that he had spoken to his son previously about precautions young black men should take when confronted by a police officer.

“In these moments, what you’ve done matters less than how you look,” he wrote.

Yale University later issued a campus-wide email that, among other things, noted that the officer in question was black, according to The Root.

Conservative media was convinced the officer’s race blew the entire story wide open.

“RACE-HOAX DEBUNKED: COP WHO DETAINED CHARLES BLOW’S SON IS BLACK,” was the Drudge-like headline at Breitbart News.

I’ll stop there (though TPM has other examples), because Breitbart “News” and John Nolte are all you really need to know about this so-called debunking of a “race hoax.”

First, here is the obligatory screenshot, in case Nolte and/or someone at Breitbart “News” decides it would be the better part of valor to delete this post:

And here are the comments that followed:

Sure he was a “white black.”


Just another example of blind racisim - when you go straight to racism you can no longer see the facts.


In reality what black people fear most is other black people.


According to statistics, with good reason.


Charles Blow, racist.


But, but… we’re told that Blacks are incapable of being racist. Another Progressive meme shot down.


White folks fear blacks too….ALOT…..just look at knock knock and polar bear hunting!!


If POTUS Lincoln had only been able to follow thru with shipping all the freed slaves back to Africa…we would not have this clustermuck to deal with!! (This one had 69 up votes at the time of posting).


4 times more whites are killed by blacks than blacks are killed by whites. Yet no one seems to dare say anything about that.


Blacks are also six times more likely to kill a cop than any other racial group. Hence the reason why cops should be “focused” on blacks during any potential confrontation.


Both! Lib-tard and racist! Have you read his columns?


There have been 3 shootings by Obamzo’s sons in the last two weeks that I have heard about. (First “Obama’s son comment - do a shot everyone!)


as a white friend of mine who was mugged in D.C. by 4 black youths said….”if I knew it was going to be this bad I would have picked the cotton myself.”


HAd Lincoln not gotten his noggin shot off…..and had time to ship the freed slaves back to Africa, the country would not have a 1/2 black POS POTUS, a black racist AG, race baiting scum and millions living off the largesse of sons and daughters of slaves owners!! if only!!


Well, I’m a second generation American and refuse to be responsible for any of this crap. We are not. I don’t use the term “African-American” because I know more about Africa and actually have worked with Africans from all over the continent. You’re right. I wonder what would have happened if Lincoln had lived.


It is “As Good As It Gets” race bait-er syndrome for Journalists.

“How do you do you describe race bait-ers so well?”

“I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”*

*With apologies to Jack Nicholson.


Justifiable to fear other blacks……then they project it on to white people to hide the shame they should feel at their own race.

And on and on and on it goes, in typical Breitbart fashion.

Meanwhile, on Anderson Cooper’s show, Charles Blow correctly says the officer being black doesn’t change the fact that something very troubling happened.

Just Another Outburst of Anti-Muslim Hatred in Texas

These people are un-American, and I’m not talking about the Muslims
Wingnuts • Views: 11,472


Right wing loons are always demanding that Muslims renounce terrorism and show their loyalty to the United States.

And this is what happens when they do.

Texas Muslim Capitol Day, which began in 2003, is organized by the Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and brings members of Muslim communities in Houston, Dallas and other areas of the state to the Capitol to learn about the political process and meet state lawmakers. Texas has the eighth-largest Muslim population in the United States, with more than 420,000 Muslims residing in the state, according to estimates from the Texas State Historical Association.

Even before participants in Thursday’s event — about 100 Muslims, mostly children — could get to lawmakers’ offices, they encountered opposition from a group of about 25 protesters outside the Capitol holding signs. One said, “Radical Islam is the New Nazi.” Another said, “Go Home & Take Obama With You.”

The Muslim group held a press conference on the South steps of the Capitol, where one of the protesters yanked the microphone from an event organizer, shouting, “Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God, it will never dominate Texas.”

As the group of Muslims continued the event by singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the interruptions persisted, with the protesters yelling, “Islam is a lie!” and “No Sharia here!”

And state representative Molly White played a major role in inciting this bad craziness.

Freshman state Rep. Molly White, R-Belton, is not in Austin today to celebrate Texas Muslim Capitol Day. But she left instructions for the staff in her Capitol office on how to handle visitors who are, including asking them to declare allegiance to the United States.

“I did leave an Israeli flag on the reception desk in my office with instructions to staff to ask representatives from the Muslim community to renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws,” she posted on Facebook. “We will see how long they stay in my office.”

Justice Department Report: Sharyl Attkisson’s “Hacked Computer” Was a Complete Fantasy

Imagine my surprise
Wingnuts • Views: 13,654

You may recall former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s absurd stories about her computer being hacked by the Post Office. I had some comments about her laughable claims last November.

Well, today the Justice Department’s Inspector General released a report on their investigation, and imagine my surprise: Justice Department’s IG Report Disputes Attkisson’s Computer-Intrusion Allegations.

Many of the allegations made by former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson regarding alleged computer intrusions by the U.S. government are disputed in a report by the Justice Department’s inspector general. “The OIG’s investigation was not able to substantiate the allegations that Attkisson’s computers were subject to remote intrusion by the FBI, other government personnel, or otherwise,” reads the inspector general’s report.

In her book “Stonewalled,” Attkisson had issued a wide-ranging set of claims — that her CBS News work computers and her personal computer had been hacked, that a strange wire was found hanging from the cable TV/broadband box outside of her home and that her phone service went fuzzy. The inspector general’s report found that the cable in question was a “common” cable used by Attkisson’s broadband provider. Here’s how the report sums up the situation:

Lastly, Attkisson reported to the OIG that a “suspicious” cable was attached to her Internet Service Provider’s connection box installed on her house. She opined to the OIG that perhaps this cable was being used to “tap” her house. Further investigation by the OIG revealed that the cable was a common cable used by the provider and could not be used to monitor or otherwise affect the phone or internet service at her residence.

And in response to Attkisson’s videotape of an alleged hacker deleting content from her computer screen, the report says that the activity was caused by “the back space key being stuck.”

And that last conclusion is exactly what I said in my post. (Because it’s obvious.)

AFA “Repudiates” Chief Spokesman’s Racist and Anti-Gay Statements Before Hosting Israel Trip for RNC

Wingnuts • Views: 13,667

In a followup to the American Family Association’s “repudiation” of raving hate-monger Bryan Fischer, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that they received a letter from the AFA trying to distance themselves from Fischer’s racist and anti-gay statements.

The SPLC isn’t buying it, and neither should anyone else. The AFA is simply trying to save face and maintain their connections to the Republican Party, because their extremist bigotry has finally gotten some media attention; and Fischer is far from the only hate-spewing loon in this organization.

The repudiation of Bryan Fischer’s statements came just two days before members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) are scheduled to embark on a trip to Israel sponsored by the AFA.

Last week, the SPLC wrote to all 168 members of the RNC urging them not to accompany the AFA on the trip because of the group’s long track record of bigotry and hate. The SPLC has named the AFA as a hate group due to its history of making false, demonizing statements about the LGBT community, including Fischer’s contention that gay men were responsible for the Holocaust.

SPLC President Richard Cohen, in a letter to the AFA today (see below), wrote that “it’s difficult to see the AFA’s disavowal as anything other than an effort to quell the negative press attention you’re receiving in connection with your sponsorship of an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel for members of the Republican National Committee.”

Fischer has claimed, for example, that black people “rut like rabbits”; that the First Amendment applies only to Christians; that Hispanics are “socialists by nature” and come to the U.S. to “plunder” the country; that Muslims should not be permitted to build mosques in the United States; that an underground railroad is needed to protect children from gay parents; and more.


Hate-Monger Bryan Fischer Fired by the American Family Association

Big news in the fanatical religious right world
Wingnuts • Views: 21,320

Rachel Maddow just reported this amazing story.

UPDATE at 1/28/15 8:58:04 pm by Charles Johnson

But wait a minute…

Alex Jones Says Rand Paul Is Lying About Moderating His Extreme Positions

Not difficult to believe at all
Wingnuts • Views: 17,228


Sen. Rand Paul has been a frequent guest on the absolutely insane Alex Jones conspiracy show (and it continually amazes me that he apparently suffers no political consequences for it), and Jones is reciprocating by telling his viewers that Paul is just playing politics and lying about his so-called “moderation.”

And oddly enough, I agree with Alex Jones on this.

Right Wing Smear Merchant Chuck C. Johnson Offers “Bounty” for Another Rape Victim

Wingnuts • Views: 22,115

The worst person on Twitter took another dive into his own personal misogynistic sewer yesterday, posting a tweet offering a “bounty” for the name of a woman who reported being sexually assaulted at a Duke University frat party.

I think I might need to create a new category for posts about Johnson; maybe “Disgusting” or “Vile.”

I encourage all LGF readers with Twitter accounts to report this tweet; you can now report tweets that are not addressed directly to you, and Twitter has made the process much easier. Just click the timestamp in the tweet to go to the Twitter website, click the “More” link (it looks like ‘…’) and report it for targeted harassment.

I don’t understand why Twitter stands back and allows their service to be used for evil purposes like this; it damages their brand, and sends the message that they welcome misogynist creeps who harass rape victims. This is becoming Twitter’s reputation.

GOHMERT! God Will Punish America for Obama Dissing Netanyahu

Dumbest man in Congress weighs in
Wingnuts • Views: 24,418


According to GOP Texas Rep. Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert, the Christian God is going to punish America because Obama isn’t sucking up to Benjamin Netanyahu.

This is your right wing, America.

Bobby Jindal’s Prayer Rally Explicitly Advocated a Christian Theocracy in America

Disturbing theocratic plans
Wingnuts • Views: 25,799


Media reports on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s “prayer rally” made it seem completely unremarkable. Just some religious folks praying, that’s all. Good clean fun for the whole Christian family!

But Right Wing Watch supplies us with a video clip that shows the true intention of this religious right crowd — they literally want to control every area of American life, including the government.

Gene Mills, president of Louisiana Family Forum (an official state affiliate of the Family Research Council) spent his entire ten-minute speech at Jindal’s prayer rally this weekend openly preaching Seven Mountains Dominionism from the stage.

Christians have been tasked to take control of “the sphere of influence around civil government,” Mills said, because all areas of culture “belong to God.” Jindal’s prayer rally, Mill’s declared, was a key component of their effort “to reclaim territory that rightfully belongs to God” because “these seven spheres of influence are under enemy occupation right now.”

After revealing that last month, he and other prayer rally organizers knelt in prayer with Jindal “asking God to break unholy alliances” over these areas of society, Mills led the gathering in a similar prayer.

“Father, we cry out for the seven mountains of influence today,” Mills said. “We pray that you will give us government, arts and entertainment, education, the church, and the family. That our ambassadors would occupy the high places. That you would bring us into a place of understanding that they need to be occupied by the body of Christ because it’s rightfully His.”

Chuck C. Johnson Attacks Dana Loesch: All Sane People Win

“I’m limited legally in what I can reveal.”
Wingnuts • Views: 27,709

Here it is, folks — the hit piece on Dana Loesch Chuck C. Johnson has been threatening to post all day; he finally worked up the guts to go through with it: BUSTED: The Real Dana Loesch: A Hypocrite and a Fraud Lying About Andrew Breitbart and Me.

Hilariously, this whole brouhaha was started when Chuck and Dana got in a pissing match over who was really the inheritor of dead Andrew Breitbart’s “legacy.”

Yes, that’s right — they’re squabbling over who’s the sleaziest bottom feeder of them all. Pardon me while I put on some more popcorn. Can they both win?

UPDATE at 1/24/15 8:22:09 pm by Charles Johnson

Loesch fires back at the Ginger Avenger.

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 Frank says:

Information doesn't kill you... -- Senate Hearing on "Porn Rock", 1985 during an exchange with a Born Again Christian.