Gohmert! Gay Massages Will Destroy Our Military

Life according to Louie
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Here he is again, folks, the Dumbest Man in Congress, with a truly crack-brained theory about why gays shouldn’t be allowed to serve in the military: because they’ll be sitting around getting gay massages instead of training for battle.

Louie always comes through with the craziest shit. Never change, Louie!

“I’ve had people say, ‘Hey, you know, there’s nothing wrong with gays in the military. Look at the Greeks,’” he said. “Well, you know, they did have people come along who they loved that was the same sex and would give them massages before they went into battle. But you know what, it’s a different kind of fighting, it’s a different kind of war and if you’re sitting around getting massages all day ready to go into a big, planned battle, then you’re not going to last very long. It’s guerrilla fighting. You are going to be ultimately vulnerable to terrorism and if that’s what you start doing in the military like the Greeks did … as people have said, ‘Louie, you have got to understand, you don’t even know your history.’ Oh yes I do. I know exactly. It’s not a good idea.”

Chuck C. Johnson Said “PD Sources” Told Him Ebola Confirmed in Newark - but He Was Lying Again

The Ginger Avenger strikes again
Wingnuts • Views: 7,226

When the news came out last night that a Liberian passenger who landed at Newark Liberty International Airport on Tuesday afternoon had been held for evaluation of possible Ebola symptoms, self-proclaimed “award-winning journalist” Chuck C. Johnson wasted no time springing into action. The Ginger Avenger stated outright that we had a new case of Ebola in New Jersey, claimed he had police sources who told him it was confirmed, and boasted that he was showing up a journalist who accused him of fear-mongering.

So, after all that bragging and paranoia, can you guess what we’re finding out today?

The Wall Street Journal reports: Airline Passenger Taken to Newark Hospital Has Not Tested Positive for Ebola.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also announced that the passenger was asymptomatic and would soon be released.

That’s right, folks — this charlatan was lying again, just as he’s been spreading lies and fear ever since the first case of Ebola was confirmed. He doesn’t have any “PD sources.” No New Jersey cop would lie about something like this, for no reason, to a blogger in California.

Inciting fear of infectious disease to get attention for himself and his crummy blog, and just outright lying about it is pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Chuck C. Johnson is breaking new ground in right wing dishonesty and vileness.

Michael Savage Attacks Veterans With PTSD: “Stop Crying Like a Baby”

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Today’s absolutely grotesque example of right wing hate speech comes from radio screamer Michael Savage (real name: Michael Weiner), who launched into a deranged rant against veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder because they aren’t strong manly men like him.

Remember when right wingers used to pretend to care about military veterans?

He then blamed America’s problems on those who “cry like a little baby” over depression: “If the whole nation is told, ‘boo-hoo-hoo, come and get a medication, come and get treatment, talk about mental illness,’ you know what you wind up with? You wind up with Obama in the White House and lawyers in every phase of the government, that’s what you wind up with. It’s a weak, sick nation. A weak, sick, broken nation.”

Savage continued that veterans with PTSD are a “bunch of losers” and recommended that they be more like Michael Savage.

“You need men like me to save the country,” he said. “You need men to stand up and say stop crying like a baby over everything.” He continued that “men are so weak and so narcissistic” that it is “no wonder ISIS can defeat our military.”

The Incredibly Creepy James O’Keefe Clown Show Goes to Colorado

The curious hijinks of a wingnut fraudster
Wingnuts • Views: 21,730

Nothing creepy about this at all.

This is what passes for “investigative journalism” on the right these days.

Democratic staffers in Colorado recently came to believe they were the subject of an O’Keefe operation after campaign workers became suspicious about would-be volunteers who had asked about filling out and submitting mail-in ballots for others. Recently, the 30-year-old O’Keefe has targeted the Senate campaigns of Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor and Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes by filming undercover videos of staffers or the candidate.

Last Tuesday, a man who appeared to be in his 20s showed up at a Democratic field office in Boulder wanting to volunteer to help elect Udall and Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), according to a Democratic staffer who met with him and asked not to be identified. The man introduced himself as “Nick Davis,” and he said he was a University of Colorado-Boulder student and LGBT activist involved with a student group called Rocky Mountain Vote Pride. Davis mentioned polls showing the race between Udall and Gardner was tight, and he asked the staffer if he should fill out and mail in ballots for other college students who had moved away but still received mail on campus. The Democratic staffer says he told Davis that doing this would be voter fraud and that he should not do it.

On Friday, Udall campaigned with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on the University of Colorado-Boulder campus. After the event, a woman calling herself “Bonnie” approached a different staffer and, according to this staffer’s boss, asked whether she could fill out and submit blank ballots found in a garbage can. The staffer, according to her boss, said that she told her no.

That same day, the guy identifying himself as “Nick Davis” returned to the Democratic office in Boulder. He was accompanied by a man wearing heavy makeup and a mustache, according to the Democratic staffer who had met Davis three days earlier. Davis introduced his friend as a “civics professor” at the University of Colorado-Boulder and the faculty adviser to Rocky Mountain Vote Pride. Davis and the professor, who said his name was “John Miller,” picked up Udall campaign literature and canvassing information.

On Monday, O’Keefe tweeted a photo of himself with a mustache and said he’d recently posed as a “45yo” for one of his “election investigations.”

Cliven Bundy Releases Unbelievably Surreal Ad With a “Black Friend”

So weird it wraps around
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You really aren’t going to believe this one, folks.

“I hear you Cliven, and I believe you. A brave white man like you might be just what we need to put an end to this political correctness stuff in America today.”

“Don’t sell yourself short! You’re takin’ a chance just bein’ in my company!”

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy together with congressional candidate Kamau Bakari (IAP) challenge U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to come to Nevada and have the conversation about race that he claims Americans are too cowardly to have.

(h/t: Karoli.)

Chuck C. Johnson Is Confused by the Concept of Traveling Nurses

He is not a smart man
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I’m guessing that CCJ’s search for Amber Vinson’s criminal record came up short, so he started looking into her licensing. And what he found confused and disturbed him.

His top story right now: “Why Was #AmberJoyVinson a Nurse in Five States?”

Despite her youth, the second Ebola patient, Amber Joy Vinson, held nursing licenses in at least five different states, Gotnews has learned.

Vinson, aged 29, reportedly had licenses in five different states, including South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Kansas, and Texas.

As anyone with a passing knowledge of medical practice knows, this is not unusual. Agency nurses travel all over. She has licenses in five states so she can work in five states. I guess getting off your fat ass to actually do a job is a foreign concept to Chuck.

This is highly unusual.

No, it’s not.

No one has answered why Vinson had licenses in five different states.

MULTIPLE people have explained this to Chuck in the past 24 hours. They’ve explained it on his twitter account and on his own website. EVERY COMMENT on this story has been an explanation of why she had multiple licenses. NOBODY is following him down this rabbit hole. Still he persists.

I think it’s official. Jim Hoft is now only the second dumbest man on the internet.

Twitter Reinstates Chuck C. Johnson Again

We had one day of peace
Wingnuts • Views: 33,631

It’s disappointing to see this, but not entirely unexpected; Twitter has restored smear merchant Chuck C. Johnson’s account again tonight, even with his history of deliberately flaunting Twitter’s terms of service.

And even though he said to Twitter today (in the Daily Caller): “F*ck you. I’ll do what I want.”

It’s just a matter of time until he does something horrible and disgusting, and gets suspended again. It makes you wonder why Twitter even has rules at all, if they won’t enforce them.

Blogger Chuck Johnson Knows Who to Blame for Being Suspended From Twitter: Me

Apparently I control Twitter now
Wingnuts • Views: 32,034

Right wing blogger Chuck C. Johnson’s statements about being suspended from Twitter for the second time in a week (for posting private information) are a hoot, starting with the wildly self-aggrandizing title of the post at his creepy website: Twitter Suspends Journalist for Reporting Ahead of the Curve (Again) - Got News.

Just as with the post about his previous suspension, he got someone else to put a byline on it so it would look more “professional.”

Let’s get right into the conspiracy theories, shall we?

Johnson points out that the Daily Mail, the Dallas Morning News, and numerous other outlets published both Pham’s address and her name but only after Johnson reported it. “Apparently Twitter wants me to suck at reporting so that the other reporters can have a job.”

We know right wingers believe corporations are people, but this takes it to a new level; Chuck seems to think Twitter as a whole is out to get him. The word for this is “paranoia.”

As for the media sites that published Pham’s name, they did so only after confirming with her family, which is known as “responsible journalism.” Chuck, on the other hand, irresponsibly published the name without confirmation, based on tips from anonymous (and racist — this is the guy who gave him Pham’s address) Twitter users, at a time when the family was asking media not to reveal it.

[… several paragraphs of paranoid conspiracy theories…]

“The purpose of publishing the addresses of people infected with Ebola at Gotnews-and not on Twitter-has been to avoid those houses and to protect the public’s health,” Johnson says. “Only a moron would go to the houses to get Ebola.”

It strains belief to the breaking point to think that Chuck doesn’t understand that publishing names and addresses of Ebola patients puts people at risk, because there are some crazies out there (many of whom follow blogs like Chuck’s; see the preceding paragraph). Surely he realizes this?

“Of course when my personal address is revealed or my phone number Twitter’s @support seems unable to block the accounts,” Johnson noted. “When people threaten to kill me or have Anonymous target me, nobody seems to mind much. Fortunately I’ve got the Second Amendment to protect myself if Twitter won’t follow the First Amendment or their own rules.”

If someone is threatening Chuck on Twitter he can file a report like anyone else. Or he can just threaten to shoot them, as he’s doing here.

(And of course, as a private company Twitter is not bound by the First Amendment.)

But here’s the real kicker: Chuck seems to think I control Twitter now.

“It’s probably that loser over at Little Green Footballs,” Johnson said. “The guy has been stalking me for months for having the same name. It’s sad that Twitter has joined the censorship campaign but unsurprising. I’ve been fighting censors since I edited the high school newspaper. I’ve never lost. I’ll win this fight, too.”

I hope he doesn’t shoot me.

UPDATE at 10/14/14 12:59:54 pm by Charles Johnson

Via TPM, a new detail suggests that Chuck may not be getting his account back this time: Yes, Chuck Johnson Has Been Suspended From Twitter Again.

Johnson wrote to TPM later on Tuesday to say he isn’t sure that’s why he was suspended by Twitter this time around.

“Twitter isn’t providing any reason why I am suspended,” he said in an email. “They won’t say if it’s because of private information; they e (sic) just suspended me.”

When they just suspend you without any notice or explanation, this is known as a “bad sign.”

Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Suspended From Twitter Again For Posting Private Info

Some people never learn
Wingnuts • Views: 33,690

Yes, folks — the Ginger Avenger Chuck C. Johnson has been suspended by Twitter again for posting private information and publicly asking his followers to help him find more, just a week after his previous suspension for the same thing.

He can’t say he wasn’t warned, but he was openly defying Twitter’s rules on this issue and was apparently reported by quite a few people for it.

Stand by for the inevitable rage; last time this happened his account was restored within minutes when he promised not to do it again, but since this is his second suspension Twitter may not be as lenient this time.

Right Wing Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Suspended From Twitter for Posting a Private Address

Right Wing Blogger Chuck C. Johnson’s Appearance at a Birther Event With Orly Taitz

Pandering to the lowest common denominator of the right
Wingnuts • Views: 30,085

Right wing smear merchant Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) is becoming infamous for inserting himself into breaking news stories like the shooting of Michael Brown, and pandering to the worst elements of the right wing with blatantly racist assertions based on no real evidence — usually citing “anonymous sources.”

But one of Chuck’s more interesting associations has gotten almost no notice, and he never brings it up himself: his appearance in May of this year at a speaking event in Pacific Palisades, California, sharing billing with none other than the queen bee of crazed Birtherism, Orly Taitz. And he didn’t just appear at the event; according to Taitz, Chuck explicitly praised her work and said he had discovered evidence that the Birthers were indeed correct and that Barack Obama was not a US citizen, but Andrew Breitbart refused to publish it.

I emphasize that these are Orly Taitz’s claims, because she’s well-known for, uh, exaggerating things. But the event took place in front of an audience of “at least 20 people,” and there’s more evidence that her account may be accurate.

There’s no doubt this Republican women’s event at the Pacific Palisades Riviera Country Club did happen, because Taitz actually published a photograph of herself and three other women, posing with none other than Chuck C. Johnson, holding a copy of his book.

Here’s Taitz’s description of what Chuck C. Johnson said at this event, and there are some pretty wild claims here; you decide whether you think it’s credible that Johnson said these things: More Revelations From Writer Charles C. Johnson :

In presence of at least 20 people at the event Mr. Johnson revealed that indeed he was hired by Andrew Breitbart to try to disprove birthers, however Mr. Johnson did in depth research and confirmed that the birthers are correct, that Obama is indeed using falsified IDs. Mr. Johnson went to Andrew Breitbart and urged publication of this evidence, but was rebuffed.

Further, Mr. Johnson revealed that his wife is from Indonesia and they did research in Indonesia. Mr. Johnson stated that he researched the school records of Assissi school in Jakarta. Johnson stated that Obama claimed that many students had in their school registration their religion listed as Muslim, that it was not a big deal. Mr. Johnson researched the records and found that only a couple of students in that whole school were listed as Muslim, as it was a Christian school. Obama was one of these couple of students. This shows that adherence to Islam was important for Obama’s step father Lolo Soetoro.

Moreover, Johnson talked about Obama’s half brother Malik Obama. Johnson repeatedly called Malik, Obama’s alleged half brother. When several women asked him, why do you call him alleged half brother, why are you saying alleged, Johnson stated that he does not believe that they are biologically related and he intends to investigate this matter further. Johnson stated that he is a friend of Joel Gilbert and works with him on this matter. Johnson also went into details into Lois Lerner’s actions relating to approving Malik’ s 501 C3 application . Johnson stated that he forwarded all of the information on Malik’s application and Lois Lerner’s actions to Darrel Issa, he stated that Issa had this information for a year.

Johnson stated that a number of his relatives worked for CIA and he has contacts with a number of CIA and FBI agents and he has contacts with the police.

Johnson talked about a number of politicians, such as Grover Norquist and Michelle Obama, her alleged committee exploring her future run for the US senate from Illinois against Republican senator Mark Kirk.

Johnson repeatedly stated that Orly is correct in her findings, that there are very few people around the country who work on the issue of Obama’s IDs and Orly is one of them.

Orly Taitz also posted this picture of Chuck C. Johnson’s signature on her copy of his book, as further evidence.

I think her story has the ring of truth, and even if Johnson doesn’t actually believe what Taitz claims he said, it sounds very much like his style to tell a right wing group of Birthers what he thinks they want to hear.

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