And Now, the Right Wing Village People, Starring James O’Keefe

The shining stars of CPAC strut their stuff
Wingnuts • Views: 6,310

A Contest of Loons: CPAC Straw Poll Results

All three legs of the conservative stool
Wingnuts • Views: 13,927

Here they are, folks, the straw poll results you’ve been waiting for! (What, you haven’t been waiting for these?)

These are the loons most admired by CPAC attendees this year:

1. Rand Paul
2. Scott Walker
3. Ted Cruz
4. Ben Carson
5. Jeb Bush

UPDATE at 2/28/15 2:28:09 pm by Charles Johnson

Here are the complete results of the clown car vote:

Watch Live: The Great Marijuana Debate at CPAC

Wingnuts • Views: 21,407

[Video moved to newer post]

The Ron Paul libertarian crowd is applauding pro-marijuana Gary Johnson, while the REAL CONSERVATIVES are cheering for the woman who wants to lock up all the pot smokers and thinks marijuana is just like LSD.

Sen. Inhofe Competes With CPAC for Dumbest Right Wing Moment of the Day

Snow proves climate change is a hoax
Wingnuts • Views: 20,746

Yes, folks, climate change deniers really are this dense.

Watch Live: CPAC 2015, Festival of Lunacy, Day 1

The annual gathering of the loons
Wingnuts • Views: 18,446

[Video moved to newer post]

This year, once again, CPAC has banned gay conservative group GOProud from attending, while accepting the sponsorship of a white nationalist hate group, so nothing has changed. But then, that’s the whole point of being a conservative, isn’t it?

I went to their website to check the schedule, but here’s what appears when you click the “Agenda” tab:

Ace web programmers!

But here’s the lineup for today (some of these loons have already ranted as I write this):

Thursday (ET)

8:40a - Dr. Ben Carson
9:00a - Sen. Mike Lee (Utah)
1:00p - Gov. Chris Christie (NJ)
1:20p - Carly Fiorina
1:40p - Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas)
5:00p - Gov. Scott Walker (Wisconsin)
5:20p - Gov. Bobby Jindal (Louisiana)
5:40p - Gov. Sarah Palin (Alaska)

UPDATE at 2/26/15 11:48:07 am by Charles Johnson

Some photos:

CPAC 2015: Sponsored by White Nationalists Again

What right wing racism?
Wingnuts • Views: 23,219

Tomorrow is the opening day of CPAC, the yearly gathering of right wing nutjobs, once again featuring white nationalist sponsors: Civil Rights Groups to GOP Presidential Candidates: Distance Yourself From CPAC’s White Nationalist Ties.

Today, People For the American Way, America’s Voice, and released an open letter to Republican presidential candidates urging them to make clear that they don’t support CPAC’s ongoing relationship with ProEnglish, a group led by white nationalist Bob Vandervoot. Despite CPAC’s troubling history of welcoming white nationalists as participants and sponsors, Republican leaders continue to headline the conference. CPAC has included ProEnglish as a sponsor in the past, and in 2012, CPAC hosted a panel on race featuring Vandervoot and infamous racist writer Peter Brimelow. This year, ProEnglish is again participating as a sponsor of the conference.


ProEnglish has sponsored CPAC for the past several years, despite Vandervoort’s well documented ties to the white nationalist movement. As the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights has reported, Vandervoort is the former leader of Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance, a group dedicated to supporting the ideals of the infamous white nationalist publication American Renaissance. One member of the group described its mission as encouraging “white survival and maintaining white majorities.”

Vandervoort’s own writings reflect these views. He has expressed concern about the need to “halt the cultural and racial dispossession of the West’s historic people” and expounded on “racial differences” in “intelligence and temperament.” He has wondered how “race realists and pro-Western Civ nationalists” like himself can counter historical comparisons to the Holocaust and slavery.

CPAC’s Attempt at Covering Up a Minor Server Glitch Backfires

Wingnuts • Views: 21,812

Ben Terris, a reporter for the Washington Post noticed this morning that CPAC’s webpage for Dr. Ben Carson in fact featured a photo of Senator Tim Scott. On cue, the giggles of CPAC’s inability to recognize two different African American men began in earnest.:

CPAC Website Apparently Mixed Up Two Black Republicans

The website for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) appeared to have mistakenly posted a photo of Sen. Tim Scott (R-NC) in a biography for conservative activist Dr. Ben Carson, both of whom are scheduled to be speakers at the event this week.

It seems, this was not the first time CPAC’s mobile site had made a photo-related error…

Continue reading…

Gov. Bobby Jindal: “Obama’s Failure to Respond to Radical Islam Has Disqualified Him to Be President”

This guy is actually the governor of Louisiana
Wingnuts • Views: 22,375

Here we see Bobby Jindal going all out to pander to the Fox News audience.

Maybe Sean Hannity should also interview Osama Bin Laden about Obama’s “failure to respond to radical Islam.”

Oh wait.

Ron Paul: Congressional Black Caucus Is Anti-War Because They Want the Money for Food Stamps

Paleo-libertarian racist is racist
Wingnuts • Views: 20,597


In other news, Ron Paul is still a racist: Ron Paul: Black Caucus Only Against War Because They Want That Money for Food Stamps.

“I was always annoyed with it in Congress because we had an anti-war unofficial group, a few libertarian Republicans and generally the Black Caucus and others did not—they are really against war because they want all of that money to go to food stamps for people here,” Ron Paul told Lew Rockwell in early February during a discussion on sanctions.

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There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something we'd all love one another.