Ridiculous Breitbart “News” Post of the Day: Demons Are Real!

They’re getting even loonier
Wingnuts • Views: 13,498

Yes, folks, we have our inadvertently hilarious right wing post of the day, courtesy of Breitbart “News,” where ace journalist Kate O’Hare is sounding the alert about… demons. Yes, I said demons. Watch out, the threat from them is real. This is nothing to play around with.


A quick Google search shows that the image O’Hare lifted from the Associated Press without attribution was taken in 1967, and it probably came from this Russian website.

Yep, they really are getting this crazed over there. Demons, for Pete’s sake. I think it’s a law of the universe that all right wing “news” sites eventually devolve into clones of World Net Daily.

Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Hypes White Nationalist Website - Again

Crowing about being defended by racists
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You may recall this LGF post from a couple of weeks ago, in which we called out right wing smear artist Chuck C. Johnson (most recently infamous for alleging — with no evidence — that Ferguson teenager Michael Brown had been involved in a second degree murder while a juvenile) for linking to a really nasty homophobic article at racist website Takimag: Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Hypes Ugly Anti-Gay Article at White Nationalist Website.

When it was pointed out to him that Takimag is an overtly racist site, with a list of absolutely horrible white nationalist and antisemitic contributors, he responded by saying he was just “exploring different ideas.”

Well, he seems to have decided now that he likes those “different ideas,” because today he’s crowing about an article at Takimag that defends him against people who criticized him for his disgusting comments about beheaded journalist James Foley:

Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t seem very smart to boast that white nationalists and far right racists think you’re groovy.

Newt Gingrich Says Obama Is Sooo Arrogant He Even Golfs Arrogantly

Too arrogant to be president
Wingnuts • Views: 25,152


If anyone knows arrogance, it would have to be serial philanderer and human pudding pop Newt Gingrich.

Intense STL Council Meeting Leads to Torrents of Outright Racism at Gateway Pundit

“A pack of useless monkeys”
Wingnuts • Views: 26,627

Last night during the St. Louis County council meeting that erupted in protests from residents infuriated at officials’ inaction on the Michael Brown shooting, I tweeted this:

And like clockwork, that’s exactly what’s happening this morning.

File image

And once again the angry right wing mob is led by the Dumbest Man on the Internet, Jim Hoft: Ferguson Mob Threatens StL County Leaders: “If Wilson Get Off, Y’all Better Bring Every Army Y’ Got, Cuz It’s Going Down” | the Gateway Pundit.

Get a load of Hoft’s inflammatory and distorted description of the shooting of Michael Brown; he’s still hyping his faked post about officer Darren Wilson’s “orbital blowout fracture of the eye socket.”

Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014 after he robbed a local Ferguson convenience store. Brown reportedly smashed police officer Darren Wilson in the face, severely injuring Wilson, before he was shot dead.

Wilson did not know Brown was a robbery suspect when he gunned Brown down; even the Ferguson police chief has acknowledged this. But Hoft repeatedly conflates these two issues as if they’re connected.

And about those “severe injuries” — Hoft made this up out of nothing, and continues to push the lie without any evidence and despite the fact that it’s been debunked repeatedly, most recently by St. Louis Post-Dispatch editor Gilbert Bailon, who said his paper had been unable to verify this bogus story.

But the real reason why Hoft does this is revealed with a look at his comment section, which by now has become totally indistinguishable from a neo-Nazi site, with overt racism and hate speech rampant. Some examples, hidden by default because they’re incredibly sickening:

Let the black version of the KKK AKA the Black Panthers burn Ferguson to the ground. They aren’t smart enough to know what justice is. Send em all back.


I love how the headline is written in ebonics, lol.


Oh please do it ! then we can clean this trash out !


Normally it begins with fake charges, the shaking of tree branches and the baring of fangs. In the future they should keep a pocket of shiny washers on hand. Baubles tend to distract the primitives.


We can only hope and pray that “it goes down”


Yup.. they would be mowed down like grass


I was pretty much raised by a black lady, she had a name for these folks. Political correctness has banned it to hate crime classification.


What this is really about is the black communi-teh being unable to live by white man’s laws in the white man’s society. To loud mouths like this Anthony Shahid, the solution is demanding the dominant population become subservient to them under threat of violence.
Uncivilized malcontents like Shahid should be repatriated to Ebola-ville where his philosophy and methods are dominant.


Then it’s time to kill these idiots and be done with it. You don’t get your way just bcz you threaten violence. The shooting was justified and I’d personally shoot every one of you if I live there and had to deal with you chimps.


What a pack of useless monkeys. And those shitskins wonder why nobody takes them seriously.


bang! and as many bangs as it takes from the citizen militia to do the job the government just won’t do.


What a f*cking zoo…..literally.

You can find these kinds of ugly racist comments at nearly every right wing blog that covers this story, by the way. Jim Hoft’s hate site is unusually dumb, but not unusually hateful for this crowd.

Right Wingers Freaking Out at Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Feat. the Dumbest Man on the Internet

Yes, it’s another brain dead fake outrage
Wingnuts • Views: 30,334


Yes, folks, it’s yet another ridiculous trumped up fake outrage, spreading like wildfire through right wing blogs and news sites. You can probably expect to see this on Fox News any minute if it hasn’t shown up there already.

This time the idiots are freaking out at the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, who isn’t war-like enough for them. Gen. Dempsey was testifying at a hearing on ISIS today and made the following outrageous statement:

The nature of the threat is such that, as I mentioned, it will only be defeated when moderate Arab and Muslim populations in the region reject it. And therefore, the way forward seems to me to run clearly through a coalition of Arab and Muslim partners, and not through the ownership of the United States on this issue. And so the strategy does that.

It seeks to build a coalition, encourage an inclusive government to address the grievances that have caused this in the first place, it applies U.S. military power where we have unique capability to do so, and over time it allows those populations to reject ISIL.

And they’re off!

Continue reading…

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins: America Needs to Be More Like ISIS

Mirror image
Wingnuts • Views: 28,839


On his radio show today,Family Research Council head Tony Perkins argued that separation of church and state has left the US without a “creedal vision,” and if we want to prevail against Islamic extremist group ISIS we need to be more like them — but the Christian version.

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Hello, this is Tony Perkins with the Family Research Council in Washington. Americans have been shocked to see the brutality and barbarism of the Islamic militants of ISIS, and they’ve been stunned by the revelations that radicalized Americans have joined their ranks and taken up their cause. Pundits and politicians alike have publicly pondered the question as to how young Americans can be sucked into such an evil venture. While it may be troubling, the answer is not hard. Radical secularism that has driven the defining characteristics of our Western culture, our Judeo-Christian heritage, from our schools, our entertainment and even our government has left in its place a void, a vacuum. And we should know from experience that a vacuum will be filled by something. Without a creedal vision that a society can unify around, the people, the nation, will perish. Unless we are content to allow ISIS or some other radical belief system to fill the void left by secularism, we must rediscover America’s founding, Christ-centered vision.

Chuck Woolery Loses It: “The Muslims Are ON THE MARCH!”

Woolery’s educated guess: “Obama is a Muslim”
Wingnuts • Views: 34,773

(h/t: @Shoq.)

Casual Bigotry From the Front Page of the Wall Street Journal

Perpetuating stereotypes and misconceptions—for profit
Wingnuts • Views: 31,659
Gerald F. Seib. Photo from

The author of this column, published September 9th on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, is an award-winning journalist and author. Therefore I cannot attribute his writing here to sloppiness or factual cluelessness. I do not care to research his past work to decide if he is a bigot, but what he wrote here is incorrect and does perpetuate stereotypes and misconceptions. I would like to expect more from a professional journalist, but I do not expect more from a long-term employee of WSJ.


This appears to be a painful truth for Mr. Obama, which helps explain why he has been so obviously reluctant—and so dangerously slow, his critics say—to embrace the challenge of confronting the resurgence of radical Islamic forces in Iraq and the dangerous cauldron of instability brewing next door in Syria. The second Obama term was to be about escaping the morass of war and terror emanating from the Muslim world in order to move on to other needs back home; it wasn’t to be about being sucked back into that morass.


‘[T]he morass of war and terror emanating from the Muslim world’. The Muslim world is a big place. The majority of Muslims live in the Asia-Pacific region. That is clearly not the area Seib is referring to. It is clear to me he is referring to the Middle East, which is where 20% of Muslims live. I still wouldn’t characterize the Middle East as a place from which ‘a morass of terror and war’ emanates, but it would at least be a little more accurate. However, I suppose it would not have the same appeal to WSJ’s readership.

The rest of the column is here for those who subscribe to WSJ: Islamic State Helps Reshape Obama’s Second Term - WSJ

If you are not a subscriber, this link takes you to a google search result, and clicking on the link there will get you a ‘guest pass’.

Jim Hoft’s Commenters Call Ferguson Residents “Apes, Savages, Beasts,” and Call for Mass Killing

Whipping up racial hatred
Wingnuts • Views: 23,635
File image

Since unarmed teenager Michael Brown was gunned down in a Ferguson street by police officer Darren Wilson, Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, aka the Dumbest Man on the Internet, has basically turned his blog into a non-stop hate and distortion machine, publishing one racially charged post after another, making up stories out of thin air, and even linking to and stealing content from white supremacist sites. Hoft is getting off on whipping up racial hatred in a big way, and it’s frankly repulsive to watch.

Today he’s at it again, with another distorted post about the angry but peaceful city council meeting held last night in Ferguson, accusing the residents of “promising more chaos and rioting” unless Darren Wilson is charged: Ferguson Residents Promise More Chaos & Rioting if Officer Darren Wilson Not Charged (Video) | the Gateway Pundit.

Hoft illustrates his latest semi-literate effort with a photo stolen from Reuters that he’s used over and over in the past month:

The fact is that according to the article Hoft himself cites, the “residents” did not “promise more rioting” at all. One resident spoke up and said there would be more demonstrations unless Wilson faces charges.

But the distortions did the job, as usual, and Hoft’s far right readers respond in his comment section with absolutely open racism and hate speech, and calls for the black residents of Ferguson to be wiped out. Here’s a sample of this noxious ranting, hidden by default because it’s grossly offensive to normal human beings.

So the NAPAs [Ed. note: “North American Pavement Apes.”] are openly threatening to riot. Where is the color blind Holder & Barry on this???????


I Seriously Just Stay Away From All Blacks Now…They Could Chimpout At Any Moment…


Bring it on. I hope the riot so well this time Ferguson becomes a field of flowers.


I hope the police and prosecutors office stands their ground and does not give these thugs and grifters what they want.
Read them the Riot Act - then shoot to kill anyone violating the law.


These people are going to go apeshit… Let them go ahead and burn the rest of their own community down.


Hahaha Have at it! They’ll only destroy their own neighborhoods. Despite all their mouthing off and posturing they don’t dare come to “YT’s” neighborhood and pull their crap.


Leave the city to them. If you are white, you should leave the city as you are nothing now but a target.


Tomorrow’s News Headline: Feral Ferguson lynch mob threatens more looting, violence, and destruction unless they get their pound of flesh. Eric Holder approves vigilante justice for Blacks.


Every business and white human beings should immediately shut down and relocate . these apes should be left to themselves ,eventually they will kill each other out.


A shoe store was looted and not a single pair of work boots were stolen.


Maybe we could offer every citizen who doesn’t like our “white” laws a ten thousand dollar bonus and a free one-way trip to Liberia? With that much money they could live like kings; and they’d be “back home” where tribalism is normal and accepted. Win-win.


Well let’s see: the savages are seeking a government (TAXPAYER) BAILOUT for their rabid destruction of their town, and are now threatening to do more? Well I guess we’ll just have to send an innocent man to jail then. That about right you beasts?


And so white people will keep moving away from blacks, and Eric Holder will use the power of government to bring welfare blacks to the new white neighborhoods.

White people need to start defending themselves, and that includes slapping the crap out of their white liberal buddies.


I doubt if most of these illiterate apes could even fill out a speaker card.


Ferguson is simply being swallowed up by the expanding ghetto.
The MSM likes to call it white flight. But the fact is whites are driven out of their homes and businesses by black criminals ,intimidation and demands.
We just have a front row seat because of the Brown shooting


Start shooting them.


Sounds like a planned lynching to me … guilt or innocence doesn’t matter to them in the least.


The residents of Ferguson need to respond in kind to the bussed in rioters, preferably with lethal force if provoked.




It’s time to “lock & load.” Parents, your children will be shot when they act like little heathens this time. Property owners have had enough. Consider yourself warned.

His Quest to Unseal Michael Brown’s Juvenile Records Thwarted, Chuck C. Johnson Goes Psycho

Eric Holder is behind this plot
Wingnuts • Views: 28,217
Chuck C. Johnson menacingly brandishing a firearm

As we noted a couple of hours ago, wingnut blogger Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) has now been thoroughly thwarted in his weaselly attempt to get the juvenile records of Michael Brown unsealed.

And it’s driven him around the bend (a short drive). He’s raging about this “unprecedented move:”

Of course, there’s nothing “unprecedented” about this at all; juvenile records are sealed specifically to prevent the kind of character assassination Johnson was attempting.

So Johnson then moved on to the last refuge of the incompetent wingnut: the conspiracy theory.

A “public official” told him. Right. I try not to use these kinds of abbreviations, but excuse me while I LMAO.

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