Chuck C. Johnson Reveals He Was Detained at Boehner Fundraiser Because Cops Saw Him as a Threat

Pinned down
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Our stalker pal Chuck C. Johnson got into a Twitter altercation with Talking Points Memo founder Josh Marshall last night, and in the course of the exchanges revealed some interesting new information about that John Boehner fundraiser he tried to crash in March.

As we reported, Johnson was recognized by Capitol Police at the event, and detained, frisked and questioned for several hours. But last night he confirmed for the first time that it happened because the Capitol cops saw him as a potential stalking threat.

In the following embedded timeline, notice how Chuck also tries to dodge the question of whether he was given a polygraph test at the event, before he flatly denies it; and even his denial is equivocal.

(Twitter timelines are in reverse chronological order, so you may want to start at the bottom and read up.)

So Chuck has basically admitted here that he’s on the Capitol Police radar as a potential threat. That’s why he was recognized and detained at the fundraiser, obviously — and they’re quite right to be concerned about Chuck’s erratic behavior.

This means that whenever he goes to any similar event for a high profile politician from now on, he can expect similar treatment — because once you’re on this list you never get off it. Nice work, Chuck.


In Which the Governor of Texas Tweets a Link to the Stupidest Man on the Internet

And people ask why I say the GOP has gone completely batshit
Wingnuts • Views: 30,828

Once in a while we get an absolutely perfect picture of how utterly deranged the Republican Party has become. Today’s picture of degradation comes from Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, who is actually tweeting a link to the Dumbest, Most Racist, Most Dishonest Man on the Internet… Jim Hoft. Yes, the blogger who frequently links to white supremacists, makes up stories out of thin air and hatred, and never corrects an error. The guy who originated the completely false story that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson suffered serious facial fractures in a struggle with Michael Brown.

I’d better stop recounting Hoft’s crazy dishonest posts now, because I’ll be going on forever. He’s horrible beyond belief. And he’s the go-to blogger for the Republican governor of Texas.

(Hoft’s post is exactly as moronic as the title implies, of course.)

Rand Paul Walks Out of Interview, Chuck C. Johnson Tweets, “I Wish Rand Paul Would Smack a Bitch”

Sen. Paul launches his campaign in a very cranky manner
Wingnuts • Views: 24,749


Rand Paul’s presidential campaign is off to a smashing start! After snapping at reporters in two separate interviews this week, today he walked out on a video interview with the Guardian newspaper.

This story apparently spurred our stalker pal Chuck C. Johnson to come out with one of his smoking hot takes.

Also see

The Return of Crazy Eyes Bachmann: Obama Is ‘The Best Friend of Terrorists’

Michele gets loonier
Wingnuts • Views: 22,299


Michele Bachmann may no longer be a member of Congress (whew), but she hasn’t forgotten how to rant like a street corner preacher. In an interview yesterday with a Florida talk radio station, she informed the always rational right wing base that President Obama ‘Has Been the Best Friend of Terrorists’ and he’s trying to start World War III. Also jihad.

After suggesting — falsely — that Obama intends to remove Iran from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, Bachmann said that the president is putting “Iran in the position where they would have the firepower to be able take out not only Israel, but they would have the firepower to use intercontinental ballistic missiles against the United States with nuclear-tipped warheads.”

“This virtually guarantees, in my opinion, a World War III,” she continued, “and that alone would qualify Barack Obama for being the worst president that the United States has ever had to endure.”

“He has now guaranteed that Iran will have a nuclear weapon,” she added.

“The Obama doctrine has been to offer aid and comfort to our enemies while he has cut off our allies,” Bachmann said. “Everything that he has done has been to lift up the agenda of Islamic jihad. He has furthered Islamic jihad across the world, and we’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Dutch Far Right Anti-Islam Demagogue Invited to Address Members of Congress

Mainstream GOP extremism
Wingnuts • Views: 23,544

One of the horrible political developments of the past few years has been the complete acceptance of radical anti-Muslim hatred by the Republican Party. The nastiest bigoted conspiracy theories and fear-mongering have become totally mainstream GOP positions; fantasies about shariah law taking over America, accusations of terrorist ties against innocent people, outright lies everywhere you turn.

There’s plenty to criticize George W. Bush for, but one thing he got right was his refusal to demonize all Muslims for the terrorism of Al Qaeda after 9/11. But nowadays there’s absolutely nobody in the Republican Party with the courage to stand against the tide of hate speech and bigotry, and right wing media and blogs are just chock full of anti-Muslim ranting, every single day.

And today’s awful case in point: representatives Steve King (R-IA) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX) have invited notorious far right Dutch Islamophobe Geert Wilders to speak on Capitol Hill and to a group founded by Newt Gingrich.

In a recent apt example, notorious anti-Islam and far-right Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders has announced he will be addressing members of Congress at two events later this month. Wilders, who has called for a ban on the Qur’an, the construction of new mosques, and Muslim headscarves, boasted on his blog of his invitation to the United States by members of Congress. His invitees are none other than far-right congressmen Steve King (R-IA), known for his vociferous anti-immigrant stances, and Louie Gohmert (R-TX), infamous for his House floor tirades about “terror babies” and claims that “radical Islamists” are pretending to be Hispanics to come to the United States. The trans-Atlantic alliance is in fact a match made in heaven, as Wilders’ conspiratorial and xenophobic views align well with the extreme right fringe of the Republican Party.

After inquiries to Gohmert’s office for additional details about the April 29 reception, his staff merely told me that Gohmert had invited the Dutch politician to speak on Capitol Hill but that Gohmert is not hosting the reception. Wilders is also expected to speak at a breakfast the same day for lawmakers belonging to the Conservative Opportunity Society, a group that was founded by former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich. “I feel deeply honored by the invitations. In my speeches I will warn my American colleagues of the dangers of Islamization,” wrote Wilders on his personal blog.

Todd Kincannon Threatened to Kill His Own Father

Wingnuts • Views: 20,037

The more we learn, the crazier Todd Kincannon gets:

Just before midnight on April 13, 2013, according to one incident report, an officer with the Simpsonville Police Department responded to a call from Kincannon’s father, who said he wished to report an incident but did not want to press charges. The father (whose name has been redacted from the report) said that he had been woken up at 11:55 p.m. by his dogs barking because Kincannon was banging on the front door. Kincannon reportedly said that he had spilled Coca-Cola on his hands and needed to wash them. When the father followed him into the kitchen, Kincannon allegedly pulled a out a revolver, pointed it at his father, and screamed, “Get back, motherfucker, or I’ll kill you.”

The father said that he tried to retreat, but his son pushed him against the front door twice and said, “Now I’m going to kill you, motherfucker.” The father ran shoeless to another house and said that “he could see the red laser sight from Todd’s handgun bouncing around as he was running,” according to the report.

Speaking to police, Kincannon’s father said he and his wife had given Kincannon “large amounts of money in the recent past (including $35,000) to help Todd pay off student loans and to help him catch up on payments to the rental house” and that tension had arisen recently over inheritance issues after a family member passed away. An officer wrote at the time, “He advised that he’s seen the weapon plenty of times in the past, especially when Todd put his own gun to his head and threatened to kill himself.” Kincannon’s father also said there was “a lengthy history of Todd verbally and physically abusing he and his wife.”

More: Ex-SCGOP Official Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge


Rand Paul Wants to Abolish the Department of “Eductation”

And then we can all just forget about being able to spell
Wingnuts • Views: 20,492


In this ridiculous video from Rand Paul’s campaign site, he says he wants to abolish the Department of Education, because of course he does.

But Rand Paul’s site gives us our funniest inadvertent right wing comedy moment of the day, because whoever put this together actually misspelled the word “education” in the headline.

Abolish the Department of Eductation!

It’s still in the Google cache as I write this: Rand Paul on the Issues: Education.

A screenshot:

Awful Right Wing Twitter Troll Todd Kincannon Arrested for Domestic Violence

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy
Wingnuts • Views: 31,152

One of the most disgusting right wing racists ever to plague Twitter with his presence, Todd Kincannon, former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, has been arrested for criminal domestic violence, after an altercation with his wife last month turned very ugly.

No story about this would be complete without the mug shot.

Todd Kincannon (Source: Lexington County Detention Center)

In Which Talk Show Host Michael Savage Goes Full White Supremacist

I didn’t think he could get any more hateful, but…
Wingnuts • Views: 21,617


Right wing loon Michael Savage has now crossed the line into outright white supremacism with his latest sick rant, recorded by Right Wing Watch.

“The white man is a quiet man and a peaceful man,” Savage said, “and right now the white man is very, very quiet, and very, very peaceful, and like many dictators before him, Barack Obama thinks the white man will remain quiet and subdued forever. Hitler made that mistake; Hitler boasted that his supermen, his Hitler Youth, would easily wipe the floor with the GI Joes that were being sent over…. But it was the white man who defeated Superman in World War II. Let me tell you something else, you push the white man only so far, you’re going to have a reaction like you’ve never seen.”

Savage added that Obama, whom he called a “lunatic” who hates America, is “flooding America with illegal aliens” and pushing for the Iranian nuclear negotiations to irritate and incite white people into a revolution.

Pat Robertson’s Latest Crazed Tirade: Gays Are Going to Force You to Like Bestiality

Still crazy
Wingnuts • Views: 26,526


Here’s fanatical old crocodile Pat Robertson again, weighing in on the Indiana “religious freedom” law with his carefully considered opinion that gays are going to force everyone to like anal sex and bestiality.

“It doesn’t matter what custom you’ve got, it doesn’t matter what holy thing that you worship and adore, the gays are going to get it,” Robertson said. “They’re going to make you conform to them. You are going to say you like anal sex, you like oral sex, you like bestiality, you like anything you can think of, whatever it is. And sooner or later you are going to have to conform your religious beliefs the group of some aberrant thing. It won’t stop at homosexuality.”

Robertson said that polygamy and “sex with animals” will “come next” as a result of the gay rights movement: “They’re going to be saying, ‘You’re intolerant, you’re intolerant, you’re trying to mitigate against these nice people who like dogs, what’s wrong with you?’”

I’ve never encountered anyone who thinks more about anal sex and bestiality than Pat Robertson.

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