Smear Merchant Chuck C. Johnson Uses Brooklyn Cop Killings to Spread Anti-Muslim Hatred

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On news of the shooting of two police officers in Brooklyn, right wing smear merchant Chuck C. Johnson immediately launched a full-on hate campaign, culminating in this frenzied piece of sheer bigotry (another “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE,” of course — they all are): BREAKING, EXCLUSIVE: NYPD Cop Killer Worked for Alleged Muslim Terror Front Group - GotNews.

Johnson is trying to take the act of a sociopathic career criminal and turn it into an opportunity to incite hatred against Muslims, and he’s not above using flat-out lies to do it. He quotes his usual far right “source” for these police-related stories:

“His killing of his ex-girlfriend is entirely consistent with an honor killing,” says John Cardillo, a former NYPD police officer who investigated terror cells in New York.

This was posted last night, and I saw several people on Twitter point out to Chuck that it’s simply wrong, but… no correction, of course.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley’s ex-girlfriend was:

  • Not killed; she was seriously wounded but is expected to recover.
  • Absolutely not the victim of an "honor killing."

In fact, Brinsley went to her apartment intending to kill himself, but she talked him out of it — and he repaid her kindness by shooting her.

This was no “honor killing,” not even an attempted “honor killing” — and it had nothing to do with Brinsley’s Muslim faith. It was a spree killing, ending in a suicide.

A horrible crime, made worse by grotesque bottom feeders like Chuck C. Johnson who use it to spread hatred and divisiveness.

UPDATE at 12/23/14 12:50:26 pm by Charles Johnson

And now this despicable low-life is smearing the killer’s mother: BREAKING: NYPD Cop Killer’s Jamaican Mom Praises Polygamy, Hates Capitalism - GotNews.

Chuck Todd Has a New ‘Meet the Press’ Panelist: Breitbart “News” Crackpot John Nolte

This is your media on bad drugs
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If you’ve followed his career as a flame-throwing right wing demagogue and one of the most unhinged writers at Breitbart “News,” it’s an unpleasant surprise to see John Nolte now being invited by Chuck Todd to sit on the panel of Meet the Press.

He may not sound too crazed in this short clip, but…

Also see

Chuck C. Johnson Wrong Again: FBI Conclusively Links N. Korea to Sony Hack

Self-beclowned yet again
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All week long, right wing smear merchant Chuck C. Johnson has been ranting on Twitter about his goofy theory that North Korea had nothing to do with the Sony hack, claiming to have proof from “Sony insiders,” and demanding apologies from anyone who dared to suggest otherwise. A small sample of his dozens of boasting tweets:

Et cetera, et cetera.

If you’ve been following the sad saga of the Ginger Avenger and his long-running habit of shooting himself in the foot, you probably already know where this is headed.

Yes, that’s right — the FBI announced today that they have conclusively linked North Korea to the Sony cyber-attack.

Some of the evidence they cite in their statement:

Technical analysis of the data deletion malware used in this attack revealed links to other malware that the FBI knows North Korean actors previously developed. For example, there were similarities in specific lines of code, encryption algorithms, data deletion methods, and compromised networks.

The FBI also observed significant overlap between the infrastructure used in this attack and other malicious cyber activity the U.S. Government has previously linked directly to North Korea. For example, the FBI discovered that several Internet protocol (IP) addresses associated with known North Korean infrastructure communicated with IP addresses that were hardcoded into the data deletion malware used in this attack.

Separately, the tools used in the SPE attack have similarities to a cyber attack in March of last year against South Korean banks and media outlets, which was carried out by North Korea.

Hmmm. Who do we believe? The FBI’s investigators, or Chuck C. Johnson’s “anonymous sources?” It’s a real quandary.

We notice, however, that for every single recent breaking story, Chuck has claimed to have anonymous sources right in the middle of it. A cynical person might begin to suspect he’s just inventing these “sources” to inject himself into the news.

Michele Bachmann: I Outsmarted Progressives With Evidence-Based Arguments

Bachmann brags
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I can’t help it; when Michele Bachmann boasts about outsmarting liberals with “evidence-based arguments,” I just start to giggle uncontrollably. Every time I watch this clip I crack up.

Wingnuts say the darndest things.

Also see

Fake Outrage Alert: Alan Gross’s Lawyers Have a Photo of Che Guevara! Secret Commies!

Plotting the destruction of all that is good and true
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The right wing media is in unison screaming mode again, sliming newly-released American Alan Gross, because of course they are. A photograph of Gross in his lawyers’ Washington DC office after getting out of a Cuban prison shows photographs of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro hanging on the wall.

In the strange paranoid wingnut universe, this is proof that Gross and his lawyers are secret commies dedicated to the destruction of America.

Here’s the photo, posted by New York Times photographer Stephen Crowley:

And here’s a typical right wing reaction:

I don’t know why those pictures are on the wall, but if I had to speculate I’d say it might be because these lawyers were working on getting Alan Gross out of Cuba for the last five years, and hung the pictures as a way to keep the issue front and center.

That’s just a guess, of course. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because they’re plotting secret commie plots, and then circulating a photo that exposes them by mistake.

Chuck C. Johnson: “I’m One of Those Kids Who Was Bullied All His Life”

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Our pal Chuck C. Johnson is having a great run of publicity, and now he gets his own New York Times profile. The old adage is that there’s no bad publicity, but this article is … unflattering, to say the least: Sowing Mayhem, One Click at a Time.

If you’ve been following our posts on this viciously unethical and dishonest right wing hatchet man, you won’t learn anything new about Chuck from David Carr’s piece, but Carr does spend more time on Chuck’s many failures and incompetent mistakes than some of the other articles we’ve seen in the past week.

However, this one little piece of the profile was the most revealing to me:

In a phone call, he made it clear that he sees himself as part of the vanguard of Internet news, although he did add that some of what he is up to is a response to a lifetime of slights.

I’m basically one of those kids who was bullied all his life,” he said. He’s now extracting payback, one post at a time.

That cuts right to the essence of what could make a person develop into such a raging sociopath. He’s lashing out at a world by which he feels deeply wronged, getting revenge for every slight and insult and dismissal he suffered as a young boy by inflicting as much pain on his targets as he possibly can.

I know it’s a pat explanation, but it sure fits.

Award-Winning Journalist Chuck C. Johnson Falls for Another Hoax

Oops, he did it again
Wingnuts • Views: 42,173

Stand back, folks, professional smear merchant Chuck C. Johnson is at it again with another HUGE BREAKING EXCLUSIVE story smearing Rolling Stone writer Sabrina Erdely, his latest target: BREAKING: #UVAHoax Journalist #SabrinaRubinErdely Had “Problem Boyfriends” in College - GotNews.

The mandatory screenshot:

Sabrina Rubin Erdely, the disgraced journalist at the center of the University of Virginia fake rape allegations, “had a steady stream of problem boyfriends” says her family according to the Daily Pennsylvanian.

A profile of Erdeley, then going by her maiden name of Rubin, ran in a past issue of the Daily Pennsylvanian where she was described as a hippy who tie-dyed her Underoos.

“Sabrina was always off beat, a hippie before her time,” her mother told the Daily Pennsylvanian.

“According to her little brother, they were all emotionally disturbed,” reported the student newspaper at the time in a possible parody issue.

One of them was very seriously depressed and wanted to join the army,” Sammy Rubin said. He shaved his legs; he was sadistic.”

Described by high school buddies as “free wheelin’ and free lovin’” other of Rubin’s eclectic beaux included really short guys and dudes with massive grimy afros.”

GotNews obtained a copy of the January 22, 1993 student newspaper from a source after offering a bounty for this information.

Erdely’s past relationships with men are the first indication of a motive for why she fabricated huge parts of the fake rape case involving fraudster Jackie Coakley.

Erdely did not return past requests for comment.

And you’re not gonna believe this, but Chuck has apparently fallen for another hoax! I know! What are the odds?

Check the byline of his big BREAKING exclusive:

“Roy G. Biv” is a well-known acronym for the sequence of colors in a rainbow, but it also happens to be a pseudonym often used by the Daily Pennsylvanian for joke articles in the paper’s entertainment section — which happens to be known as “34th Street.”

Here’s one of those joke pieces about “Roy:”

Yes, award-winning journalist Chuck C. Johnson has been taken in by another prankster. Oh no… I hope he didn’t pay too much for this scoop. That would be a shame.

UPDATE at 12/14/14 5:38:57 pm by Charles Johnson

While I was writing this article, Chuck added the following to his ludicrous post, apparently beginning to realize he screwed up again:

Note to David Weigel: Oh, and by the way, we have no idea if this issue is a parody or not. It’s probable that it is. I mean Roy G. Biv? Come on now.

But the fact that this was a joke shows us something.

The Woman Chuck C. Johnson Falsely Identified as “Jackie” Is “Pursuing Legal Action” Against Him

Poetic justice?
Wingnuts • Views: 37,571


This video report by Touchvision has more details on right wing hatchet man Chuck C. Johnson’s identification of the wrong woman as “Jackie,” the purported victim of sexual assault in Rolling Stone’s now-discredited article. (For some reason they’ve disabled embedding for the video, so you’ll have to click through to YouTube to watch it.)

They’ve actually been in contact with the woman whose picture Johnson published, and she says she’s “pursuing legal action against Johnson” — which would be poetic justice for the sociopath who threatens to sue everyone who criticizes his dishonest tactics.

And we should point out that Johnson’s sleazy “correction” for his post still contains the photo in question, and he still insists “it’s very possible that it is Jackie.”

(h/t: Amory Blaine.)


Chuck C. Johnson Still Trying to Bully Politico With Lawsuit Threats

Wingnuts • Views: 37,482

Yes, he’s still ranting about suing Politico, folks.

I have to admit I’m hoping he really does try to sue Politico, because it will be fun to see him have to pay their legal bills when he loses. Which he will. But no real lawyer will take a bogus case like this, so it probably won’t happen unless he finds an attorney completely devoid of ethics.

Oh, and this one is a real jaw-dropper. The Ginger Avenger is now trying to picture his extortion threats to out purported rape victim “Jackie” as… kindness. This guy has some serious screws loose.

Stand Back, Chuck C. Johnson Is Going to Sue Politico

Wingnuts • Views: 32,362
Credit: LGF contributor “makeitstop”

Today, dear readers, I’d like to direct your attention to Politico’s profile of hirsute hate-monger Chuck C. Johnson, because even though it’s irritating to see this cretin getting media coverage, Jacob Silverman nails Chuck pretty well:

Is Charles Johnson a Digital Darth Vader?

I don’t know about the “digital Darth Vader” title, though. Chuck’s more like a digital Dark Helmet.

In any case, Silverman interviewed me as well for this piece, and here’s what I had to say:

Some people have little choice but to engage Johnson. Another man named Charles Johnson, who writes the political blog Little Green Footballs, is sometimes confused for his more inflammatory counterpart. “It’s like he’s damaging my brand with his behavior,” the proprietor of LGF said. Last month, Charles C. Johnson showed up at a Los Angeles apartment where the other Johnson used to live and tweeted a photo of it. The former resident was unamused: “He’s been so incredibly vicious towards me on Twitter that it’s hard to feel that this is just a harmless prank,” he said, describing Charles C. Johnson as an “egomaniacal bully and a malignant narcissist whose behavior borders on and sometimes crosses into outright stalking.”

If you had to guess, how do you think Chuck is reacting to this article? That’s right! Stand back, HE’S GONNA SUE.

In case you were wondering, the Internet has now been free of lawsuit threats from Chuck C. Johnson for just over 44 minutes.

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