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ausador11/25/2012 9:33:40 am PST

re: #155 darthstar

C’mon…you were taking jabs at Mitt Romney yourself last week. Admit it, it felt good. Just be honest. How does the GOP regain its fiscal responsibility credibility? IT DOESN’T! Taxes go up, the economy improves, and thirty years of Republican talking points go down the toilet. Unless, of course, you tie any economic improvements to delayed reaction to the Bush tax cuts after they’re gone…that’s the ticket.

The GOP fucked themselves when they agreed to sequestration as part of the last debt limit rise. They can’t win now…

1. The GOP caves and agrees to raise taxes to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” the republicans get crucified by their base for breaking the tax pledge. Obama gets what he wants, while TeaParty challengers to GOP incumbents in the 2014 primaries have a field day with their ads against the “Pledge breakers.” Some incumbents lose their primaries allowing the Dems to win against the new (weaker) far right candidates and pick up some of their seats in the general elections.


2. The GOP stands firm on taxes and Obama walks away from the table, we get to Jan. 1st and all the Bush tax cuts expire while sequestration kicks in with automatic budget cuts. Obama still gets his tax increase on the top earners while the GOP gets the blame for causing everyone elses taxes to increase too. The GOP tries to spin it as the Dems fault but while most voters are dumb they aren’t that dumb, it will be seen by most as more obstruction by the party of NO. The GOP takes it in the shorts in 2014 for stalling the economy and placing their idiotic “starve the beast” pledge over the good of the country.

Obama was playing the “long game” during the last negotiations to raise the debt ceiling and the GOP walked right into it. Obama can go play golf right now and laugh as the GOP struggles to figure a way out of the spot they helped him to put them in.