the collapse

1chris hester
9/12/01 2:41:11 am
I don't have the ability to start a new thread here, so I'll add this to the newest post. A link from Webmonkey:
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I just heard a professor of structural engineering on NPR give his opinion on why the World Trade Center towers collapsed. He said (and it made sense to me) the impact of the airplane was not the deciding factor. Rather, it was the ensuing intense fire, fed by many thousands …


1Paul Smith
9/12/01 2:26:04 am
SCUM! .. I watched them dancing in the street like they had all just won the lottery! Digusting behavior. I have made a flash tribute on my site offering my condolances to the people affacted by this horrific event. ...
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everything changes today

9/11/01 7:14:06 pm
I think everybody is right to be concerned about the response from the American Govt. Decisions made under incredible emotional stress could worsen the situation considerably in the future. So many things will change from this appalling day...let us hope ...
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