Klinghoffer Speaks for Maimonides

1,566Abu Boo Boo
7/24/09 3:22:43 pm
re: #59 Charles Actually, Darwin did use the term, though it was Herbert Spencer who thought it up.

Discovery Institute shill David Klinghoffer is utterly without shame. When he isn’t blaming Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution for inspiring every genocidal dictator in human history, he’s claiming that legendary Jewish physician/philosopher Maimonides was

Creationist Governor Featured Speaker at RNC Meeting

7/23/09 1:31:07 pm
re: #649 AndyMacOP Creationism/ID has ALREADY been put through the ringer of scientific inquiry asnd fallen apart. Which is precisely why it should not be taught in public high school science classes, and why we should vote against any true-believing ...