Overnight Music: Todd Rundgren, ‘Past’

7/01/10 9:52:14 pm
Geez! I step outside for a long (4 years, Charles?) breath of air and come back to find I'm STILL the mayor of the DeadThread. Todd has always had issues, but he is one helluva! singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/engineer/ (OK, what am I ...

Our overnight music: a beautiful live performance of “Past” from Todd Rundgren’s 2004 album

Sharron Angle Goes on Walkback

6/30/10 1:49:56 pm
Unless you pray loudly in public, and make loud protestations of your faith in public and attempt to make the tenets of your particular faith law then obviously you aren't a serious Christian. Nevermind Matthew 6:5-7 Jesus said we should ...