Amazing Spider-Man #41, October 1966: The Horns of the Rhino

451Fozzie Bear
7/15/10 11:06:32 am
Well, he wasn't responding to what I said, he was responding to what he knows in his gut that I really meant.

Tonight’s cover image from the Lizard Collection is another rare edition of The Amazing Spider-Man: issue #41, published in October 1966, featuring the first appearance of The Rhino. The Lizard Collection’s copy is in great shape, with some marks on the cover but with bright unfaded inks and white pages. …

Tea Party Leader Mark Williams: The NAACP is a ‘Vile Racist Group’

239Cato the Elder
7/14/10 6:17:24 pm
Once upon a time there was a country named the United States of Amnesia. Everyone who came to live there immediately forgot all his quarrels with other kinds of people, and the whole land lived in peace and harmony. Their ...