Overnight Open Thread

8/08/10 11:52:25 am
re: #452 Obdicut That is true. We got lucky to have presidents who were level headed and able to withstand pressures to do crazy things (Though Truman and Eisenhower were not soft on Communism.) Heading upstairs.

To a future world — inhabited, no doubt, by a less acute and understanding race of men — all this may seem a trifle strange. If so, that will be because the world of the future will have forgotten what it was like to live in 1929. — Thomas Wolfe, …

Professor Newt’s Distorted History Lesson

187Cardio (formerly JRCMYP)
8/08/10 5:44:34 pm
As a disclosure, as a grad student I studied medieval history under Ellen Friedman, Virginia Reinburg, Nancy Netzer and Robin Fleming at Boston College. Especially under Friedman, I studied Spain and Jewish medieval and early modern history. Under Netzer, I ...