Overnight Video: We Gotta Stop Those Muslims

499Aye Pod
8/28/10 6:45:07 pm
re: #498 Spare O'Lake All I did was point out your blatant hypocrisy and fake concern for 'standards'. And you respond with the 'vile invective' that you falsely accuse others of. What a surprise. How does it feel to be ...

The most inadvertently funny country-western anti-mosque music video

Geller Rants Incoherently About Cabbie Attacker: ‘A Liberal Working for Park51’

8/26/10 9:23:04 am
What little evidence there is thus far suggests that Enright is at least a Tea Party sympathizer, since his Facebook page listed "Greg Ball," a northern Westchester/Putnam County Tea Party politician as one of his likes. Apparently the page has ...

Pamela Geller: Obama’s Treaties ‘Supercede the Constitution’

181(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
8/26/10 3:56:03 am
re: #82 RogueOne You are falling for Beck's co-opting of the Abolition and Civil Rights movements. Lincoln did not say anything close to what Beck was saying and Beck was not "paraphrasing" Lincoln, either. MediaMatters, however, did merely quote Beck. ...