Overnight Video: Auto-Tuned Weezer

9/14/10 11:09:41 am
re: #243 NJDhockeyfan It's both! re: #247 NJDhockeyfan Sounds like my experience at a "good Catholic college full of good Catholic kids". Such incidents are always attributed to "outsiders" at any school, public or private. Probably them Joos.

An auto-tuned anthem, with guest appearance by Weezer. %%YT=KucV8renOfI%%

Pamela Geller’s Fans, Part 3: Youth for Western Civilization

9/14/10 12:37:07 am
re: #233 eclectic infidel Those aren't the kind of friends you need. re: #71 Lidane But...but..it can't be in any way artistic or valid. It was written by one of them Joos! And a woomun at that! re: #92 brookly ...