Kobe Bryant is ‘The Black Mamba’

Scary basketball
2/20/11 2:43:51 pm
re: #478 Killgore Trout hurricane tracking! They can get Jindal to make fun of it like he did with volcanoes I DUN HEARD OF NO VOLCANO THOSE IS JES MADE UP YUK YUK

I’m surprised this excellent short film hasn’t already gone viral:

Rachel Maddow: Fox News Pimps the Antichrist

All the way out
2/20/11 9:08:31 am
re: #197 lostlakehiker No, it doesn't. You must've missed what I wrote here: littlegreenfootballs.com You're confused, methinks. We're talking about quantitative side of things here, not qualitative, so neither Solzhenitsyn nor Grossman are relevant. (Solzhenitsyn is known, by the way, ...