Overnight Open Thread

754Fozzie Bear
5/06/11 10:54:38 am
On a more positive note, I love the anoles here in FL. There is one clinging to the screen outside my window, about 3 feet from where I sit. Periodically, he will do his little neck-flap-dance at me. I know ...

We disparage reason. But all the time it’s what we’re most concerned with. There’s will as motor and there’s will as brakes. Reason is, I suppose, the steering gear. — Robert Frost, A Masque of Reason

Republican Presidential Debate #1, Ron Paul Edition

Crazy Uncle’s comeback
5/07/11 9:34:00 am
re: #112 Simply Sarah yeah republican politicians LOVE to just say crazy shit while playing "fast and loose" with the facts, and then use said crazy shit as justification for their insane party-line policies

GOP Debate Sponsored by Oath Keepers Militia and John Birch Society

Conservative movement farther off the rails than ever
388Charles Johnson
5/06/11 11:08:10 am
re: #387 Slumbering Behemoth This was a Chinese spammer, leaving this comment as cover while posting spam comments in other threads. Now blocked.

WaPo Poll: The Birther Movement Collapses

Hope for the human race after all?
5/05/11 8:03:00 pm
Well, I think Trump gave the birther nuttiness a bubble-like peak which ultimately helped bring it low. It's now way below critical mass and cannot sustain itself. But the main point of my comment #49 was a pun.

Wingnut Blog Fail of the Day: ‘Bush Feels Slighted by Obama’

The outrageous outrage of the minute
5/06/11 3:01:20 am
The two critical aspects of US military power -- stealth and cruise missles -- were a product of the Carter Administration. It was Jimmy Carter who canceled the B1 bomber and used some of the funds to modify the B52 ...

Far Right Billionaire David Koch: Obama Deserves No Credit for Bin Laden

The far right steadfastly refuses to show a shred of decency
5/05/11 4:13:06 pm
Mostly, Obama's vision for America means the Kochs can't rape and pillage the rest of us, unabated. If the Kochs (and the GOP) are supposed to represent freedom and democracy and Obama supposedly represents socialism, I'll take Obama's flavor of ...