Monday Evening Open

Every cup of coffee is like a magic show
5/10/11 10:32:08 am
Today: CBS News: Multiple killers involved in Long Island murder cases where remains of 10 people have been found near Jones and Gilgo beaches. Me: April 13 - we're looking for at least two if not three serial killers (at ...

Here’s your Monday evening open thread, which always goes great with a nice cup of coffee. (And by the way, LGF registration is currently open.)

Video: Rachel Maddow Goes to the NRA Convention

‘You can buy guns from a gas station’
5/10/11 6:18:26 am
Saw above that someone is visiting China in the near future. Have fun! Check your vaccinations and recommended vaccinations if you're visiting rural areas, the Great Wall is not considered rural. Take American cigarettes if you want to completely change ...

Univ. of Missouri’s Statement on Andrew Breitbart’s Videos: ‘Highly Distorted’

‘Definitely taken out of context’
5/10/11 1:48:31 pm
I'm gonna send this along to Maher. He had Breitbart on his show last week and let him say some really ugly things about the president. I was hoping he'd do some fact checking this week, but he didn't. The ...